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Friday, 25 August 2017

Using Music To Get Me Through The Day Efficiently

Music is something that’s been in my life forever and it’s something I’ve never really talked about too much. We all listen to music, on our radios, on our phones but how often do we talk about it? From the days of MySpace where we’d put a song on our profile to reflect our mood and the days where I’d sit and giggle all night long with my friends to the latest hits, or those times I’d make up ridiculous dance moves to a Britney song. Music has really been there through my whole life. Right now, there are a lot of ways music helps me through my day and I wanted to talk about them in collaboration with Light* & Free and Spotify. From working out, being productive and more, don’t underestimate the power of music to get you through the day.  P.S, whilst I've got you, click here and sign up to my new newsletter. It goes out every Friday morning full of random bits and bobs just for newsletter subscribers. I'd love to have you!!!
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Music to get my day started: First and foremost, nothing changes my mood in a positive way more than music does. I put the Spotify app on my phone when I’m brushing my teeth, doing my make up, cleansing my skin - you name it. It just pumps my mood ready for the day ahead and the right soundtrack gets me so giddy. You’ll usually find me in the shower blaring out a Beyonce song. Nothing is more mood enhancing. I love so many different genres of music and 'Banana Pancakes' is a song that always makes me happy on a Monday morning for some reason.

Danone light and free
Music to make me productive: After eating breakfast and getting ready, I sit at my desk,  Light* & Free in one hand, laptop in the other. My ultimate playlist is always Spotify’s UK top 50, I love feeling up to date with music and it just powers me through my day. I’ll often find some power ballads to push through any hard deadlines. I honestly find music makes me so productive, headphones in, world out. I can type away and just focus on the task in hand. My top tips for productivity? Good snacks, good headphones and a good to do list! Read about my favourite healthy snacks. 

Music to make me move more: The biggest way I use music is definitely at the gym. If you’ve read any of my blog posts about fitness and health, you’ll know one of my main tips is to find a great playlist and use it in your workouts. I use a playlist I created on Spotify called ‘squat playlist’, it’s full of the kind of beats that just make me run for that last, hard minute, or the kind of tunes that make squat and forget I’m even exercising. I love losing myself in the music when I’m working out. I honestly cannot work out without music. Read about my updated exercise routine. 

Music to get ready for date night (or a date night in!): I love using music as a way to get ready for date night, or, a girls night out. I always tend to go for an RnB playlist as it just gets me in the mood to have a delicious dinner and cocktails. If date night out isn’t for you, music for date night in always works too! 

Music on a roadtrip: As most of you know, in June, myself and Matt hired a beautiful Jeep and drove down the West Coast of America, it's safe to say we used music for hours and hours when driving. We drove hundreds of miles and music seriously made those non-stop 6 hour journeys much more enjoyable! Incredibly, the Jeep had an aux cable meaning I could play my Spotify playlists right from my phone. What a dream. 

Music when traveling: If you've read any of my recent travel essentials blog posts, you'll know that I swear by a good playlist for traveling. I cannot recommend this enough if you've got a long haul flight! 

So there we have it, I thought I’d talk you through a few ways that I use something from everyday life, music,  to empower me and make me feel productive, energised and motivated! Let me know what music does to you and let me know if you’ve tried Danone’s Light* & Free yoghurts, my current ultimate mid-day snack!  Find the link to their hub here. 

How does music get you through your day? What's Your Favourite Playlist? Who do you like listening to?

Lots of love, Em x

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*This was a collaboration between myself and Light* & Free but as always, it's my honest opinion.

Light* & Free: 0% Fat 0% added sugar** - *Over 30% fewer calories than most full fat fruit yogurts **Contains naturally occurring sugars

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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