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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Why Hydrating The Skin Is Important + Simple Waterboost Range Review

 Simple Waterboost Range Review
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As someone who travels a lot, hydration is one of the things I look for the most within my skincare. If I’m not travelling, I’m usually between climates in the UK (one day it’s hot, the next day we’ve got rain) and it’s not good for the skin. Today I thought I’d review the new Water Boost range from Simple and talk about the importance of skin hydration.
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Let’s start by looking at what dehydrated skin actually looks like:

Dehydration lines

There are so many lifestyle factors that make the skin dehydrated, things such as stress, pollution, rushing around. I guess that’s why I’m so into my skincare, as a way to say sorry to my skin for the stress I put it through.

I get really tight, dry skin and I know it’s from the change of climates. It’s best to deal with this before it happens by hydrating the skin. I love a dewy finish which is why I think hydrated skin is important.

Our skin is composed of approximately 20% water and when our skin lacks water, the outer layer of the skin becomes dry and uneven.

The new Simple Water Boost range has been developed with skin-essential minerals, plant extract and nothing harsh: it binds itself to skin deep down for long lasting hydration that can’t be washed away. I’m pretty rubbish at drinking enough water and I know I always say this, but I’m back in my rhythm of always carrying a litre bottle of water around with me to ensure I’m hydrating from within too.

simple waterboost

So, let’s look at the products in the Water Boost range:

simple hydrating boost

Simple Water Boost Hydrating Booster (£6.99) - This is Simple’s first ever skin booster which enables long-lasting hydration. It’s personally my favourite product from the range and is definitely a hero for travel (with it being under 100ml) and is perfect to put on post flight, pre-flight, when you wake up and when you go to sleep. It includes ingredients such as Pentavitin and the formula is multi-tasking. It has targeted relief for specific dry areas and also contains a potent blend of skin-loving ingredients to deliver a long-lasting and on-demand water boost to reverse the signs of skin dehydration. You can use this as a primer to kick start the day, mix it with your daily moisturiser or apply as a treatment to dehydrated areas. The booster contains a powerful plant extract that has the unique ability to bond with skin cells, acting like an invisible plaster to lock in moisture and increase skin hydration, whilst helping to prevent future skin dehydration and sensitivity. See this as your handbag/travel essential. I am a sucker for a multi-tasking product. 

simple micellar cleansing water

Water Boost Micellar Water (£4.99 for 200ml or RRP* £6.99 for 400ml) - I’ve been using the Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water and love it, now Simple have introduced a new cleansing Micellar Water to its Water Boost range. The formula has been developed to remove make-up and impurities whilst instantly rehydrating skin. I personally do this as a first step, pre-face wash. It means I’m double cleansing then.

Like the booster, this is also formulated with a powerful plant extract, and it works like an invisible plaster to lock in moisture and increase skin hydration by mimicking the natural occurring moisturising agents found in your skin. The micellar cleansing bubbles glide over skin, attracting make-up and impurities without leaving skin dry and tight 

Water Boost Facial Gel Wash (£4.99) -  Last but not least, you’ve got the lightweight Water Boost gel wash, another favourite. It feels so light and soft on my skin and really refreshing too. Again, it’s infused with skin-essential minerals and a unique plant extract, so this formula instantly rehydrates your skin. My skin feels amazing. 

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So there we have it, a little look at the new Water Boost range by Simple, why I’m loving it and now I’m well on my way to natural, dewy skin! Shop the Simple Water Boost range

Have you used Simple skincare? Do you like the sound of this? Is your skin dehydrated?

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Lots of love, Em x

*I worked with Simple on this, as always, it's 100% my honest opinion.

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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