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Friday, 29 September 2017

Easy, Healthy, Yogurt Recipes!

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When I was at University, I always tried to focus on finding delicious but nutritious snacks. My trolley in the supermarket would usually be rammed with the same things every week, cottage cheese, oats, bananas, spinach and my favourite yogurt, Onken. I was reminded of Onken the other day when I was watching TV on demand (Made in Chelsea, guilty) and noticed an advert about new personalised yogurts. The advert certainly worked and I fell for it and suddenly remembered how much I loved Onken at University, needless to say, the next day, I'd bought a tub and felt nostalgic. whilst tucking into it. Today I wanted to show you a few of my favourite health recipes using yogurt. I feel like I'm getting back on it this month with my health, finally back to my David Lloyd spin classes and I’m trying to fuel my body with filling, good snacks. Read on…

personalised onken yoghurt

The main ingredient: Onken! 

This September, for a limited time only Onken yogurt is running a campaign inviting the public (yes you, reading right now) to handpick their very own flavours, for their chance to WIN their handmade YouGurt with their name on. So the advert I told you about, where you can get it personalised, well, that could be yours! You need to apply by Saturday though! So be quick.

Everyone across the UK and Ireland have the chance to create their very own bespoke and personalised pot of Onken by combining three delicious fruity ingredients on at the virtual Onken Yougurt factory, flavours include; rhubarb, pumpkin, mint, chilli, cherry, strawberry, agave, pineapple, coconut, mango, peach and carrot. Altogether there are over 200 flavour combinations! I went for agave, peach and rhubarb. What colour would you go for? 

Now, it’s time to get onto my favourite ways to eat yogurt, because it genuinely is something I’ve been eating for a long time and there are so many different things you can do with it (although I’ve been known to sit in the bath with a tub and just eat it all, it’s so good!) … 

So, let’s start.

The perfect snack whilst you're in the bath, watching TV, post-gym, pre-gym, mid-day snack, dessert or breakfast! See my recipes below and the way I eat yogurt. 

Yogurt with fruit - Strictly speaking, you can eat this yogurt entirely by itself, it doesn’t really require any kind of fruit adding to it (it’s fruity enough!) but, I find if I want to make it feel like more of a meal, I’ll throw in full strawberries, blueberries and chop some banana up for a nutritious and fruity breakfast. Add chia seeds and pumpkin and sunflower too for an extra boost. You could even add a sprinkle of matcha tea or cinnamon for a metabolism booster. 

In a smoothie - You can always put Onken into your smoothie to thicken it up. My go to smoothie is blueberries, a scoop of Welleco chocolate protein powder, spinach, kale, almond milk and why not get your fruit from Onken? Add a scoop or two in for creaminess! 

Yogurt with granola - For extra crunch or more of a healthy dessert, I like to layer my Onken with sugar free granola on top, it tastes like a healthier version of cheese cake without all the sugar. 

Yogurt ice pops - One of my favourite recipes (who says we can’t eat ice pops during the colder months!?) fill out a container with Onken and then freeze, after a few hours, pop them out and you’ve got delicious yogurt ice pops. You can also try coating a banana in it and freezing it! Dip the banana in granola or dark chocolate too if you fancy! If you decide to freeze the yogurt in a bowl, it turns out just like ice cream, blend some fresh strawberries in it for strawberry ice cream. Alternatively, if you just freeze bananas and strawberries, then blend them and drizzle with yogurt, you've got very fruity, natural ice cream with a delicious sauce over the top! 

The perfect pancake dip - I make my healthy three ingredient pancakes and then coat them with yogurt! The perfect pancake dip, that’s for sure! Plus it’s quick and easy. 

healthy pancakes

So, there we have it, just a few ways I eat my yogurt in a healthy, balanced diet. Now, fifty lucky winners will WIN their handpicked handmade YouGurt every day in September. You can pick your own three flavours at and watch your unique creation come to life through a personalised video then at the end of the video you will see whether you’ll receive a real pot of your own creamy YouGurt or not. If you win, your YouGurt will be handmade with your name printed on the pot, and delivered to their doorstep. I need to get another one saying Em! 

Good luck!

How do you eat your yogurt? Do you enjoy it? Have you ever made ice-cream from it? 

Lots of love, Em x

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*I worked with Onken on this but as always it's 100% my honest opinion. 

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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