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Thursday 5 May 2022

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Nuit Eau De Parfum Review

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Many of you will know how much I love to travel. It was always my dream when I was younger to explore the world when I could and I’m proud to have achieved at least a little of what the world has to offer with many more trips to come! There are so many things I love that go hand in hand with travel such as seeing beautiful scenery, relaxing and taking in fresh air, sampling delicious food and of course taking time to pamper and try new beauty products. There's something about packing my suitcase full of new beauty bits that gets me so excited. When I travel, I always try choose a new holiday scent, I feel like taking a new scent on vacation is a sure fire way to never forget that trip. As soon as you're home, you spray the scent and it instantly evokes memories of those memories again. It's magical. That's where my review of Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess eau de parfum comes in. Every time I smell this perfume it reminds me of my first ever trip to California as this perfume was proudly in my bag with me. Today I am reviewing the brand new Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Nuit fragrance, as well as discussing the entire Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess fragrance collection. In my opinion, Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder is the scent of Summer. 

If you haven't smelt any of the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess range then where have you been? I demand you go and smell right now. To me, it brings back the happiest memories as soon as I spray it. I’m particularly excited about anything with a coconut fragrance anyway and anything with the mention of bronze in it - the smell of coconut alone can take me back in my imagination to dreamy holidays, beaches, gentle lashings of waves, hot days and warm nights and this does just that. Coupled with the fact I genuinely used this every day on a 5 week road trip, it's a real memory provoking scent for me. 

The name itself is enough to tell you that Estee Lauder bronze goddess has an emphasis on Summer. 
Estee Lauder have a number of perfumes, the Bronze Goddess range includes a fragrance collection including the Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skinscent which is a scent containing creamy coconut, warming amber, sandalwood and vanilla and it smells delicious.

Then you have the original and my personal favourite: The Estee Lauder  Bronze Goddess eau de parfum (around £60 for 50ml) has a more intense scent using bergamot (but it doesn't smell too lemon like whatsoever), warming amber, frangipani, jasmine and vanilla which are again combined with creamy coconut. The bottle is beautiful as it’s dipped in a rose gold colour and looks incredible in any home {or handbag}. For me, if you could bottle up the scent of a sandy bum, margarita in one hand whilst the sun is setting, add a sprinkle of sensuality: that is what this smells like to me. 

As if all of the above isn’t good enough, there is also a new limited edition Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Nuit Collection for use in the warmth of the twilight hours, so you could use your Bronze Goddess by day and turn it up by switching to Bronze Goddess Nuit for evenings of glamour, date nights and sunsets. 

I’m wild about the Bronze Goddess Nuit Eau de perfume (around £60 for 50ml). I love sexy fragrances and with bergamot essence and petals of Ylang Ylang mixed with Jasmine, night blooming Orchid notes, coconut notes together with Dark Tonka and creamy Cashmere Woods this is a fragrance which is sensational. It essentially to me is like the older sister of the original Bronze Goddess fragrance, still evoking those holiday memories but with more of a date night scent to it. This is the most divine evening fragrance. 

PS. If you want to trial the Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder range of scents without buying an entire bottle, I highly recommend starting with the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Creme De Soleil, the first product that introduced me to this range. It is scented just like the original Bronze Goddess fragrance and stays on your skin all day long. It is absolutely stunning for summer. 

I hope you’re impressed with this stunning range of luxurious Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess fragrances and of course, the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Nuit perfume which is a welcome edition to the family -  dreamy, sensuous, and summery and will certainly be packed in my luggage the next time I’m away! Do shop around for the best deals because I know for sure that Estee Lauder have a promotion on this range right now. Enjoy! 
Lots of love, Em x
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