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Monday 9 May 2022

Sali Hughes x Revolution Skincare Review

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There have always been the original bloggers/journalists/social media figures who really set the standard and for whom I have huge respect, I trust the things they say and I am genuinely influenced by the things they recommend. One of those people is the lovely Sali Hughes. I’ve read many articles of Sali’s over the years and I’m so excited as she has recently collaborated with Revolution to launch a range of skincare products which I am going to be reviewing today. Open up for my review of Revolution Skincare x Sali Hughes. 

I was lucky enough to receive the initial range of 6 products which comprises of 2 cleansers (more on that later as they are very different from each other), a serum, an exfoliating acid and 2 moisturisers. I believe there will be other launches coming down the line but for now I’m pleased to say it is a small but perfectly formed range. That's the thing with skincare, it's all about nailing down the best basics first. I immediately knew the Sali Hughes x Revolution range was going to be good when I read her list of non-negotiables when launching a skincare range; total control over concept, formulation and packaging as well as being 100% vegan and cruelty free, made in Britain, everything under £15, recyclable packaging (with solid PCR %) and no silicone ever. Over two years and hundreds of samples later, Sali Hughes x Revolution Skincare has launched, I can only imagine just how much love and care has gone into this range. 

The Sali Hughes x Revolution Skincare range is lightly fragranced so if your skin does not get along well with fragrance, it may not be the range for you, luckily so long as it’s a light fragrance I’m fine with it. I would add that this is not a strong fragrance and has a very light and fresh scent. It definitely adds a spa like, premium feel to the products. 

The first thing I’d like to say is the packaging is utterly stunning - simplicity springs to mind but the beautiful pastel colours give it an understated stand out touch, I personally love this packaging and it will look drool worthy in my bathroom. The Grandma in me loves that the product names are actually clear {I can barely see my phone in front of me without my contact lenses in, let alone fumble around and find the right products at midnight}. 

Let's start with the Sali Hughes x Revolution skincare cleansers. Let me tell you, easy to use cleansers are my go to products and, I absolutely love both. The Sali Hughes Revolution Clean Sheet Morning Cleanser (around £10) is light and refreshing gel which turns in to milk on use. I really appreciate this type of quick and easy to use cleanser on a morning to get my skin feeling really fresh and zinging and glowing before applying my face for the day. I find cleansing milks make my skin feel baby soft and this definitely does just that. Then there is the Sali Hughes Revolution Butterclean Makeup Meltdown Cleanser (around £15) and wow, personal favourite because I love anything that melts. I'm lazy but I want efficient cleansers and I find melts do just that. I am a sucker for a great melt it all away cleanser at night to take the day off and this one works on everything including eye makeup. It’s a rich and creamy cleanser and leaves absolutely no residue. If you get nothing else from this range, try this. You will be hooked. You guys know I am obsessed with Elemis Cleansing Balm and this is a great affordable alternative. 

Next up is the Sali Hughes x Revolution Placid 5 Acid Daily Exfoliant at around £14. We all know acids / exfoliants have been buzzing around for a fair few years now but finding a good one that doesn't irritate the skin can be quite the task. I'm massively into my acids {probably a little too much so} and this is great because it's a daily exfoliant, meaning it's more gentle yet has the power of salicylic, glycolic, lactic and malic acid. Think of a product that smoothes the complexion, evens the skin tone and of course, a dash of hyaluronic acid for moisture.  The Placid 5 Acid Daily Exfoliant is wonderfully gentle, gives me a very slight tingle but really leaves my skin feeling brighter and nourished. It's a powerful bottle of all the good stuff, but balanced enough that it wont irritate your skin. 

Onto the serum, I've used serums for years and I tend to know which kind of serums work for me {current favs are SkinCeuticals HA Serum and their Silymarin serum}. I am a sucker for Vitamin C, I was told years ago to use it for glowing skin and to be honest, I've looked for it in products for years since. The Sali Hughes x Revolution Must C Anytime Daily Serum has a nice light texture and sinks in easily. With a high concentration of vitamin C and hyaluronic acid for hydration the price of this serum is incredible and fantastic if you're looking for a potent vitamin c {15%!} that isn't going to break the bank. As we know, vitamin C is designed to hydrate and illuminate the skin, just generally giving a healthier looking complexion. It's something I swear by using every morning and I think this is probably the best affordable vitamin C on the market right now. 

Finally there are 2 moisturisers in the Sali Hughes x Revolution skincare range. The Sali Hughes x Revolution Cream Drench Rich Anytime Moisturiser (around £14) - I would describe this as rich but not heavy and I think it’s light enough for day. It definitely feels comforting on my skin, particularly on dry days, it's powerful enough to rid me of my dryness and the ingredients are fabulous: hydrators like squalane, ceramides, glycerin and hyaluronic acid work together to plump and quench, while niacimide helps soften the look of pores for a smoother surface. This actually is a perfect base for make up application too. Lastly, there is then the Sali Hughes Gel Quench Anytime Moisturiser (again around £14) more for combination type skins. Both of these moisturisers glide on and sink in beautifully, I would say the Gel Quench would be divine for warmer months whilst for me, the Cream Drench lends itself for drier skin days and colder months {or as a pre-foundation smoother}.

I expected no less from the Revolution Skincare x Sali Hughes collection. It's obvious just how much love, passion and care has gone into every element of the Sali Hughes x Revolution Skincare collection. It's difficult to find premium quality skincare and incredible ingredients at such a fair price. I also think Sali has smashed it because at a time when everyone is looking to claw back money in hard Financial Times these products deliver both on price and quality. They would make a perfect purchase for someone who is just starting out in the skin care world too.

Lots of love, Em x

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