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Saturday 14 May 2022

ghd platinum+ hair straightener pastel review

ghd platinum+ hair straightener pastel review

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It goes without saying that the last few years have been the toughest for so many people for multiple reasons and it may sometimes feel a little futile to get excited about material things when there is so much serious stuff to worry about, but I personally find that immersing myself in the latest new beauty products, technologies, new up and coming trends, foods etc keeps me distracted and focussed on a brighter future for all of us. I guess it's the little things that we should take that make us happy. 

For my fellow hair enthusiasts, there's something new to get excited abut, good hair days are here with the new pastel ghd platinum+ professional smart styler. Oh my gosh, this product is epic and I challenge you not to be in love with the new spring colour way when you see it. Open up for a review of the new ghd platinum+ professional smart styler. 

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ghd platinum+ hair straightener pastel blue

I am very proud to say that my Mum was one of the first people in Leeds to buy a pair of original ghd’s in 2001 when the founders of the brand ghd {ghd stands for good hair days} had bought the rights to a hair straighter made by an inventor in South Korea. 

My Mum happened to be having a new hair style in one of our favourite salons: Sassoon Leeds {where we still go to this very day!} when she was introduced to what her hairdresser then described as a revolutionary styling iron. The hairdresser went on to say they only look thin but they are so easy to use and do the best job she had ever known of any straighteners. When the business went from strength to strength and became a global business she relayed the story so many times to me when she introduced me to them. It’s safe to say that my  Mum loved ghd so much she bought some on her first pay day after that hair appointment and unbelievably still has her originals and still uses them today. Since then, I remember my Mum being so scared to be without her dessert island essentials, her beloved ghd that she would always have a second pair spare, incase one pair broke! I grew up secretly stealing them and using them before school when Mum wasn't looking. 

That story of course just highlights the beginning of a huge success story in the fantastic long term ghd business that are now cherished across the world and have become a household name, it's crazy to think we were some of the first people to ever buy a pair when you consider where ghd are now. 

Fast forward to today and the technology has improved so much and the latest ghd platinum+ hair straighteners have been produced in the most gorgeous pastel blue and finished with metallic lilac accents. The heat resistant bag is so pretty in the matching pastel blue with lilac edging and these styling irons simply look the best and provide the best styling experience I have ever known. ghd have only got better over time, with prettier patterns, new technology, incredible travel cases and something I love the most about ghd: just how much they do for charity too. 

I understand that it’s the ground-breaking ultra-zone technology that predicts the needs of hair based on thickness and styling speed that provides such excellent results with the new ghd platinum+ hair straighteners. As someone who has had damaged hair due to bad bleaching when I was about 15, bad extensions and just not taking care of it when younger, I am massively into any technology that means I don't have to burn my hair to a crisp. The ghd platinum+ hair straighters us an optimal styling temperature that produces lasting results without extreme heat is a welcome feature especially for me who suffers from dry and previously damaged hair. It's taken me years to grow my hair, I've grown my hair by using lots of very good hair growth products, seeing my incredible hair dressers at Sassoon Leeds for regular trims and I even quit using heat for a year {back on it now technology has got better that's for sure!}

Another thing I love about the ghd platinum+ hair straightener is that they have an automatic sleep mode feature which is very good for someone like me who is often dashing around and even more so is the fact that these babies have a universal voltage so I can use them where ever I happen to be in the world. It's like they were designed for busy people, dashing around! Finally the ghd platinum+ in pastel blue features a unique wishbone hinge which holds the heating plates in place and makes them easy to hold and easy to navigate through hair. I've got to say, the ghd platinum+ straighteners certainly pass the test. 

When curling my hair, I usually use a tong {you can watch a YouTube video about that below} but I actually grew up using ghd's to curl my hair too. There's a real knack to it but with the platinum plus I find the barrel is much easier to curl with, you don't get a square edge to your curls at all. I personally hold it to the bottom of my hair and then twist all the way up when curling my hair with ghds or hair straighteners. I find the curls last SO long. The Platinum+ is designed for super sleek hair but trust me when I say, you can absolutely curl with them too, of course, it's not as easy as a tong but if you want a multi-tasker you can make it work. 

My love story of ghd’s began way back and it is still going strong today and I cannot ever see a time when they will not be my favourites because they are world class and simply the best. 

You can shop the ghd Platinum+ hair straighteners via LookFantastic, FeelUnique or the white ghd platinum plus are currently on sale here. 

Lots of love, Em x

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