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Tuesday 15 September 2020

5 Best Hair Products For Growing And Strengthening Damaged Hair

best hair growing products

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Lockdown was weirdly kind to my hair, giving it a proper rest for the first time since I came out of the womb pretty much. I didn’t colour my hair for over 20 weeks, considering I usually colour it every 1–012 weeks, this was a much needed rest for my bleached locks. Over the years, I’ve had to learn the art of being kinder to my hair, goodbye full head of bleach and extensions, hello au natural, shorter hair with highlights. Am I happy with my hair length and strength? Getting there. Is it where I want it to be? No. Is it better than what it was? You cannot imagine how much stronger my hair is now. I’m not saying my hair is perfect, far from it after a traumatic few years of damage and reactive alopecia however, my hair is growing, it is stronger and hairdressers say it’s in good condition now, I’ll take that. Over the years I have written so many blog posts on the best hair growth products an d the best hair strengthening products. I thought I’d do an update today with the top 5 best hair growing and strengthening products I love. 

The good thing about all these brands I've mentioned is they work from within, rather than just coating the hair in silicone and making it 'feel' shiny. 
hair growth products

Olaplex - Olaplex is your best friend and there’s a reason everyone talks about it. Olaplex products repair, protect from heat and strengthen the hair too so it's a really whammy of everything you want in a product. Ultimately, they’re famous for their hair repairing products and became famous after hairdressers swore by them in their salons. Olaplex is known to reduce breakages and dramatically improve the health of the hair and I have honestly heard this from so many people. You're probably wondering which products are the best from Olaplex? (I was confused too) if you’ve got the budget, just get the whole range and take it from step 1 all the way to step 6 at home but when I run out *it's not cheap*, I would say the top two are the Olaplex Bonding Oil which I discovered at Space NK, it's basically a highly concentrated, weightless repair styling oil, pop it onto damp hair and it helps get rid of frizz, offers heat protection and is reparative too. For the number 1 Olaplex product though, go with the creme de la creme,  Olpalex No.3, it’s the original and best selling hair product by them, a targeted treatment cream for damaged hair and split ends. It restores the structure for healthier, stronger hair... my hairdresser once told me it actually rebuilds the structure of the hair and if that's true, then wow, there's a reason everyone swears by it. You cannot go wrong with a hair mask.

Redken Extreme - Next up is Redken Extremea haircare range I use every week without fail and a brand I have been using for SO long now. Again, if you ask anyone with platinum blonde hair or previously damaged hair what they use for fixing the condition and strengthening their hair, they'll likely say Redken Extreme. I know so many people who swear by this. So which are the best products from the Redken Extreme Range? I personally love the shampoo and conditioner alongside the strength builder hair mask in their Repair set, the strength building shampoo is currently only £12 on sale, it uses a protein complex to rejuvenate weak, brittle hair and also minimises breakage and split ends, the science in the Redken Extreme range is out of this world, it really is designed to fix your hair basically. I love the anti-snap leave on treatment too, it's so powerful, it rebuilds the surface and strengthens the hair from the core, it smoothens the cuticle and protects against brushing and heat styling too. I also LOVE and use the Redken Megamask regularly, I pop it onto my hair and then wash it off after 10 mins. The mask is meant to leave hair super strong, deeply conditioned and is definitely one of the best hair masks for strengthening the hair. PS. They just brought out their new Length Shampoo and the results for hair growth in 3 months are insane. I cannot wait to keep trying. 

Pureology Strength Cure - I first discovered Pureology Strength Cure in Canada, I needed something to fix my hair and that's where the love affair started. I like the miracle filler treatment, it basically covers each strand of hair in goodness. Pureology is just a wonderful brand and their Strength Cure products have always been faves. 

Kerastase Resistance - Mum and I have been fans of this for years and years, since our hairdresser at Sassoon recommended it. This range uses Ceramide R and Pro-Keratin to help strengthen and restructure hair fibres from within - basically it is designed to replenish the proteins too and fix the hair from within, similar to Redken Extreme but a little more expensive. 

Moroccanoil - I have a friend who has the most luscious hair and she puts it down to Moroccanoil, every time before she dries it. I think with oil you have to be cautious not to use too much but a tiny bit through the ends (meaning you don't run out quickly - bonus) definitely works and Moroccanoil is the creme de la creme when it comes to hair oils. If you want a super duper mask you can leave it on over night and then wash it off but your hair will feel a little heavy as it needs a fair few washes to get it out! Epic product. 

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Lots of love, Em x

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