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Tuesday 17 May 2022

The Best Trainers To Buy - Trainer Guide

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Hey guys, if you’ve been here for a while you’ll probably remember my blog post about the best trainers to buy. It's now a few years on from that and I thought it was probably time to write an updated blog post about the best trainers so you can bookmark it and come back. You can see if I’m still loving the same trainers or maybe some newbies have made the list! If you’re looking for good trainers for running, the gym, weight lifting or just long walks around cities, this is the blog post for you. I workout daily and I walk daily so I switch my trainers up a lot, over the years I’ve genuinely trialled and tested so many pairs so I hope you’ll find this useful. Tie your laces and strap in!  

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revolve nanette dress

Puma Cali Trainers - BEST FOR LONG WALKS - It was time to say goodbye to my Adidas Stan Smiths {the trainers I have worn for years for sight seeing / fashionable walks - you can get incredible Disney ones here and my Farfetch discount code EMFF gets you some extra discount too} and switch over to something all white. If you're ever wondering what trainers I am wearing, you'll probably find me in my 
Puma Cali trainers. T
hey’re good trainers if you’re looking for something that looks good whilst you’re walking around a city, in a cute dress or nice jeans for example, or, they make leggings and a baggy jumper look more ‘athleisure’ than ‘I just did a run in functional trainers’. I’m forever trying to find good trainers that I can smash my steps in, but actually look good with my outfits when I get to my destination and want to have a nice lunch. These have a really nice chunky base so they’re super flattering, I find they almost elongate my legs when I’m wearing cute summery dresses as they look quite narrow - even though I have such wide feet, these are so comfier. I actually read Selena Gomez wears these trainers and they really are the most flattering trainers ever, I'd say they look more flattering than my Stan Smiths because they're a little less wide looking and I quite like the narrow look. My feet are wide and you can't tell in these trainers. They look a little smarter than Stan Smiths in my opinion and I love the chunky sole so they seem to elongate my legs. I would say they are actually very hard to touch and feel as if they'd hurt but I never get blisters with them so they feel very comfy on the feet. I wore these every single day on my previous New York trip and you can regularly find me doing 20,000 steps in them. Once they're worn in slightly they're just beyond comfy. You can get Puma Cali online here and here too.

Size wise I just wear my usual size UK 6.

You can shop the range of Puma Cali trainers here and here
You can also get them on prime and discounted online here, my exact ones.

Veja Esplar trainers -  BEST FOR WALKING AROUND CITIES - I got my exact Veja Esplar trainers here. If you’re looking for a beautiful pair of trainers to do daily errands and dry walks in then these are for you. A really lovely summer shoe worn with nice jeans or dresses / skirts. Veja gets confusing because there are so many different types, I’d recommend the Veja Esplar. They mould to your feet and unlike the Pumas, they look very delicate on the feet rather than that chunky look so if you're wanting that narrow look but without a chunky sole, these are much lower. If you’re looking for a logo pair these look great too as they're a really highly regarded brand. Veja trainers have blown up over the last few years as the sustainable cool girl go to trainer. Incredibly sustainable, made from the highest quality materials, you can watch my full video about them on YouTube. Now I maybe wouldn’t do 40,000 steps in these as I don’t want to ruin them because they’re expensive but these are amazing if you’re looking for day to day trainers that are cool, sustainable and go with pretty outfits. I have been walking around San Fran in them and can promise you can do 20,000 steps with then very comfortably with no blisters! My only issue is the tongue does dig into my ankle after a few hours and it rubs so I do have to wear proper socks with them. 
You can get them online here, here and here.

Use Farfetch promo code EMFF for 10% off at Farfetch including Veja 
If you don't mind canvas version over leather, they have 50% off them here 
Miami Beach boardwalk

Adidas superboost trainers

Adidas Ultraboost Trainers - BEST FOR LONG RUNS / ALL ROUNDERS - Okay we are going WAY back here but if I had to run a marathon tomorrow, I would pick these in a heartbeat. I got these trainers over 8 years ago and dug them out recently for some longer runs (we're talking 10 milers+) and they are the most amazing running shoes. Basically I was on a press trip in Barbados and I asked some of the incredible runners which trainers they wear for marathons and they all said Adidas Ultraboosts! My step-dad is a really keen runner and always tells me I need good running trainers, now I'm no expert but I am telling you, Adidas Ultraboosts have been phenomenal for me since day one for very long runs.  They are expensive but IMO they are worth the investment as the technology that brands like Adidas use is incredible. They're the perfect level of support and bouncy / lightweight but don't give me blisters. For me, the black and purple ones aren't really my colour of choice so I went and bought myself some white ones. Yes white trainers stain easier but I personally think thy look better on me. I bought my Adidas Ultraboost trainers here and have had them for years now.

They do say to size up by .5 in these, they are relatively snug but not too noticeably.

You can shop the range of Adidas Ultraboost trainers online here. 

Cheaper Alternative To Adidas Ultraboost - GREAT ALL ROUNDER - If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Ultraboost, that look beautiful and feel like running on clouds, I highly recommend these ones. They come in lots of colours but I went for the bright white, the Adidas lite racer CLN shoes feel like clouds and made my burpees feel SO easy! They are super comfy. I've trialled on long Summer eveningt walks, burpees, cycling and more. They are a really good all rounder that look good too. 
You can get them online here too. I got my standard size again, super comfy. 

nike trainers

Nike Trainers - BEST FOR ALL ROUNDERS - It would be rude to do a blog post about the best fitness shoes and not talk about Nike trainers. I feel as if I have trialled and tested so many pairs of Nike over the last 10 years. I was always super loyal to Nike as I don't think you can go wrong with them. Back in my athletics days I always wore Nike. There are so many Nike favourites of mine so here are my top trainer picks from Nike if I had yo choose. Firstly; Nike Air Zoom trainers, lightweight and great for running and the gym. You can design your own Zoom trainers too colour wise so you can get something that suits you. My boyfriend loves his too, they're a really good unisex trainer. Similar to Adidas Ultraboosts, Nike Air Zoom are really good for running. For a more affordable Nike trainer, the Nike Revolution are sworn by. People rave about them and the new ones are made from 20% recycled materials so you're giving old a new beginning which I think is lovely. If you're looking for something soft, cushiony and comfortable from Nike, their FlyKnit trainers are out of this world, again great for gymming and running. They are basically the most tested trainers from Nike, they are incredible stable, durable and bouncy. I feel like I need good support and FlyKnit's have always been amazing for me. Lastly, someone messaged me to say you can get cheap Nike trainers up to a size UK 6 here, great way to save money on good trainers. The technology that goes into testing Nike trainers is amazing so I always trust in their products, I like my trainers to be good for running and the gym, I find Nike do the best all rounders. 
If you are wanting comfortable, day to day wear Nike trainers [which you could throw on for the gym if you needed to then go for brunch] I got the Nike Tanjun trainers and they are ultimate comfort goals for walking around all day in. You can get them online here and here.

Adidas Stan Smith trainers
 Shop the top and similar / shop the skirt / trainers Adidas Stan Smith - All photos editing using EmsPresets photo filters 

Adidas Stan Smiths - I touched on these earlier but if you're looking for a sight-seeing shoe and don't want the the Puma Cali Trainers then these are a really good shout for sight seeing and long, all day walking: whether it's Barcelona or New York. I love to do everything on foot and over the last 10 years I've had two pairs of these as I just think they look really nice with shorts and skirts. Nowadays, I prefer my Calis only because I prefer all white but the Stan Smith trainers are of the comfiest and nicest looking pair of trainers I've ever worn plus they are super comfy for wide feet like me. I feel they're a real wardrobe staple. 

For me size wise I've always gone for my normal size but I'd say these do actually stretch a little but size UK 6 has always been fine for me. 

Shop Adidas Stan Smith and here and different colours here and lots on ASOS too. 

Lots of love, Em x

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