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Friday 8 May 2020

The Best Gym And Workout Leggings Plus Best Every Day Leggings

marble leggings
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Hey guys hope you are so well, my inbox on Instagram has been out of control (in a good way hehe) recently with people asking me for recommendations for the best leggings so I thought today it was time to talk to you about that! I am going to be talking about the best workout leggings (squat proof leggings, of course) and sweat proof leggings for workouts plus just really lovely leggings for day to day wear because who doesn't want to wear leggings with a comfy jumper over the top? The best thing is, most of these leggings double up, let's call it athleisure, you can wear them to pilates or for a run but also, wear them with a nice jumper over the top too. We love a multi-tasking wardrobe item. P.S, I've also got you covered if you're looking for the best sports bras to buy or best workout trainers

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nike leggings

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Plain Black Leggings For Day To Day Wear: Growing up, leggings were a total staple for me (and that has not changed, just the way I style them has!), I have tried pretty much every high street pair you can think of. I'd go to 6th form/Uni wearing black leggings with a crop top *lol* but now I prefer to wear my black leggings with a nice jumper over the top. I love it because you can wear them with trainers for a casual look or wear them around the house and be super comfortable but I think leggings are so flattering too. I struggle with bloating so I find leggings are amazing for me, I often wear them out to dinner with a gorgeous top over and no-one would know I'm wearing STRETCHY high waisted leggings. Winner winner, chicken dinner. I think it's good to find a solid pair of black ones, then look into coloured ones after for your workouts so hopefully the below will help you.

Topshop - They seem to have totally scrapped their plain waistband leggings but you can still get their black leggings here with a small waist band for a really good price (you can cover the waist band with your top or choose to have it out, for me because I wear long stuff over my leggings it doesn't matter anymore if there is a branded waist band!) I've always grown up wearing Topshop black leggings as they were really affordable but didn't show my knickers! 

Nike - I wear my Nike jersey leggings for day to day use, as well as workouts, you know you can trust in the science behind Nike leggings so they're all gonna be awesome. I'd say I actually wear my jersey Nikes more on a day to day basis than for working out in! You cannot go wrong with plain black Nike leggings. If money was no object, I'd go for these sculpt leggings from Nike, every single time when it comes to Nike. Multi-taskers because you can wear them to yoga, pilates, barre AND to the supermarket ha, plus they look great with a lovely chunky white jumper over, these are great too as no logo so you can dress them up too and no-one would know you're wearing gym leggings, they are as the name says: luxe. For a mid-range version of the luxe leggings, that gorgeous luxurious finish, made for workouts and wearing day to say as well, go for these luxe ones. I actually love them in all different colours too. For affordable, all day wear black leggings, you can wear with a jumper or for a workout, go for these ones from Nike. Or you can get them well priced online here too. I have them and LOVE them. Yes they have a little logo on but who cares. I personally think Nike are great for not showing sweat, black ones are obviously the best for this. I get a size XS in Nike leggings. 

P.S if you like patterned workout leggings, these ones are in the sale today and these ones too.

Sweaty Betty - Both Mum and I both have a matching pair of Sweaty Betty black leggings that we wear all the time with a jumper over, for supermarket trips, long countryside walks, you name it, plus great for actually exercising in too. Sweaty Betty doesn't come cheap but wow, their leggings are insane, the quality is out of this world. I have had pairs in my wardrobe for literally 5 years and they're still going strong. They're super soft, lightweight and sweat wicking too. Again, the quality, science and testing that goes into SB is phenomenal. We go for these contour ones. Once you've found a good pair of black ones, then you can play around with the colours and mix them up for workouts! Some of my ultimate, very different but absolutely gorgeous leggings from Sweaty Betty are these mesh ones, I just love the wet look of them. I always recommend waiting til there's a sale at Sweaty Betty and you're in luck, here is the sale section! I feel like they're the best for non-sweat too. I get a size S in SweatyBetty leggings. I also have lots of XS but I find S comfier. 

gymshark energy seamless
Shop Gymshark Energy Seamless collection

Gymshark - I don't personally have any jersey leggings from Gymshark for day to day wear, but my favourite GymShark leggings ever for working out are their seamless range, you've got these seamless ones, with no real detail on them so you can get away with wearing them day to day too and out and about, they're a gorgeous high rise fit and SO stretchy and comfy. Their Energy Seamless collection utterly divine, a little more patterned with the holes but probably the most flattering leggings I have ever worn, I love the red colour. Then lastly, their geo seamless collection, just a different pattern but still look absolutely gorgeous and are SO comfy. I have worn these to many HIIT classes, squat proof, flexible and sweat proof. I just love them.  I get a size S in GymShark leggings. 

Fabletics - I've been wearing and loving Fabletics for YEARS now and the quality is just out of this world. Their Cashel leggings I wear ALL the time with jumpers and to brunch, their items are so on trend, I literally check their site every other week haha. Their seamless range is just divine for workouts too, to be honest I could happily live and breathe all things Fabletics, most photos you see me on Instagram I am wearing their leggings, I literally LIVE in their kit (epic sports bras too but that's a whole new blog post). I find Fabletics do such good workout-to-brunch-to-pilates outfits, all their outfits are so on trend and it's the kind of gym wear you just put on to go to brunch in, BUT it really is technically good too, with a lot of testing. They look good but are epic in the workout and functionality department too. I get a size S in Fabletics leggings, again, I have XS too but just prefer S. You can read my whole blog post about the Fabletics VIP membership review and how it works.

Other Notable Good Legging Brands: The marble leggings at the top of this post were from a brand called Varley, I absolutely LOVE their items, they fit so well and are very premium but you can tell. I adore their prints and patterns over say, plain black leggings. You can shop Varley online here and here. I couldn't talk about leggings and leave out the Adidas pair I wear all the time, you can get them online here and here. I have loved Adidas for years but don't wear much of their kit anymore, that soon changed when I rewound these leggings in my wardrobe and haven't stopped wearing them for workouts, running AND to wear day to day as they are so comfy and look great too.

Click below to shop all my favourite leggings! 

Lots of love, Em x
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