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Wednesday 6 May 2020

Favourite Beauty And Skincare Products During Lockdown

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Hey everyone, firstly, I hope you are well and safe, that's what matters the most right now. You might be getting your happiness from going for runs right now, eating or making banana bread, having a nap, keeping busy or just doing a face mask, whatever little thing it is that's making you happy right now, take it! There's no right or wrong here. I've really toned down my make up regime during lockdown, aka, barely applying make up but focusing more on replenishing everything, using good hair masks, face masks, having the time to moisturise and do lots of home workouts. I've been applying make up and doing my hair maybe once a week, the days I've got photo/video shoot days or Zoom client calls ha *side note, most of the time I look like a sweaty, potato so please don't feel you need a whole beauty routine during lockdown, it's what works for you* but also, I get pleasure out of a good face and hair mask and a nice pamper so I've been enjoying indulging too. I just thought I'd write a little round up of the top beauty products I am loving right now during lockdown. 

Don't Miss:

The Multi-Tasker Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream -
I've been applying this every single night before bed, I have no idea why but my lips kept splitting and bleeding when I wake up and this has fixed it. I've been using this product for YEARS, at least over 10 years, I first discovered it in duty free in an airport! It's a multitasking balm that helps with everything from split ends, to dry lips, super dry skin, dry cuticles and more. It's always been a hero product for me and even Matt steals it and uses it. If we've got a problem, we usually Eight Hour it first haha. You can get a smaller version here. 

Body Wash - I never use the bath at my house in London so have been having longer showers and really enjoying them. I swear by the L'Occitane Almond Shower oil, it literally hydrates my skin all day long and smells so good *perfect if you can't be bothered moisturising after too* plus the Ren Atlantic Kelp And Anti-Fatigue Body Wash, it literally takes me to the ocean, the smell is so incredible. To me Ren is such a calming, therapeutic brand. I just want to wrap myself in all their products. 

Tan above is Fabulous Mist by Vita Liberata and you can get the silk pyjamas here. 

Fake Tan - I have only tanned twice during lockdown but when I did do it for myself, I actually felt amazing! It's a personal thing, I just feel good with a tan. I worked recently with Vita on an Ad but this isn't an Ad, I am truly obsessed with this product so cannot stop shouting about it. The tan I am OBSESSED with right now is the new Fabulous Mist by Vita Liberata, I love how quick it is to apply and the fact it's fully transparent and didn't ruin my bedsheets. I literally applied it all over my body, let it dry for 1-2 mins and then reapplied (I did about 6 layers as I wanted to be super dark) one week later it's still perfect and it's so affordable too! 

Body Moisturisers - Usually at this time of year I prefer to use body oils I find whipped cream style moisturisers can be quite thick, however, I've been embracing the cosy loungewear life so have been lathering the Kiehl's cloud like moisturiser all over my body before bed. Kiehls Creme De Corps smells incredible, a whipped mixture of honey and soy. It's been a favourite for me for YEARS when it comes to luxury, winter moisturising but hey, it's made it's way back into my life during lockdown too, whatever the season. It's like applying a squidgy cloud and I wake up and my skin still feels soft! It's incredible and is such a rich, luxurious product. For a more affordable but equally epic dupe try my holy grail Neutrogena Hydroboost whipped body cream. I am obsessed and have been for years now, the best £4.99 you'll spend! (Again, we work together on an Ad partnership but this isn't sponsored, I truly love their products). If you usually during this season prefer more of a light oil/lotion, I've also been using Molton Brown's new Milk Musk body lotion, it feels SO lightweight on my skin and that smell, incredible. 

Face Masks - It's no secret I love a face mask, I am forever mixing them up and putting them on, during this period I've been upping my face mask game as I've had a bit of extra time to let it sink in before my showers. I've found myself using Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask - I feel like it just makes my skin glow, but it's nice and gentle, plus you all know how much I adore the Fresh Soy Cleanser so to be honest, I love anything from Fresh and my friend told me such good things about their Youth range. I've also been using the new Erborian Milk resurfacing mask, it's really soothing but makes my skin feel bright too. You only need a little bit to go a long way as it's highly concentrated. Everyone knows I love Korean skincare brand Erborian and this just makes me love them even more. If you're looking for a quick but highly effective face mask, Neutrogena's Hydrogel face masks are £3.50 but mega powerful! 

Hair Mask - It's always been a routine of mine to multi-task and sit with a hair mask and face mask soaking in post-work out before my shower. The hair masks I've been using this month? Redken Extreme Fortifying Mask, because I am trying to treat my hair as well as possible whilst I can't see my hairdresser. The Redken Extreme range is perfect for damaged or colour treated hair. I've also accidentally dyed my hair lilac using this Kerastaste mask because I accidentally left this on for too long, BUT it made my hair feel so soft and I actually love the lilac colour now haha. I also LOVE Maui hair, if you're looking for an affordable mask. Lastly, Drunk Elephant launched their haircare range EEEK and their tangle spray is amazing, it makes my hair feel shiny and soft, but not heavy. 

topshop bow front linen top
Shop the bow top / shop the skirt / hair done using The Dyson Airwrap and Kerastaste mask 

Dyson Airwrap - I couldn't talk about hair and not talk about my new hero, the Dyson Airwrap. I don't know how I did my hair without this? I love having tonged hair but cannot always be bothered to do it, particularly during lockdown. I've looked like a sweaty slob most days haha. The Dyson Airwrap, which I'll film a full review of ASAP, literally can take your hair from fully drenched and wet, into bouncy curls! It dries, it curls, it smooths. I've been using it without the attachment to dry my hair smooth, I've also then been taking it from wet to curled in about 3 minutes! It took me about 5 minutes to get the hang of. My boyfriend uses the brush head attachment on it every single morning to dry his hair smooth too. WE ARE HOOKED. On days I haven't been washing it, as I've really been trying not to wash it too much to give it a break, I've been Batiste dry shampooing all over, followed by the Airwrap for a 5 minute style! UK online here and US online here. 

Face Products - Last but not least, on my face! I've barely been doing anything to be honest, but when I have, I've been starting my day with SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF Gel - SkinCeuticals has changed my skin. This brand is epic beyond belief and I love this daily gel - followed by either IT cosmetics cc on the days I actually wear make up (gives me such a gorgeous glow and the coverage is nice and buildable, I love the factor 50 element of this too) or the BareMinerals Rescue Tint! Another product I've loved for years! Keeps my skin so hydrated. 

Phew so there we have it, hopefully this helped you if you're looking at some new skincare or make up, I know I am getting a lot of skincare questions over on Instagram! You can read all about my top beauty products of the last year if you missed that! 

Pre-lockdown I filmed a chatty video about my favourite beauty products, catch it below if you missed it.

Lots of love, Em x

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