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Thursday 14 May 2020

What To Buy In The ASOS Sale

backless jumpsuit

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*AUGUST 12TH UPDATE* 20% off extra on top of sale asos

Not gonna lie, asos has always been a fave of mine. It's one of those websites I've grown up with, from the days when they showed you how to copy a celebrities style, to now, one of the biggest retailers of all time. It's exciting and I just love them as a company, I was even lucky enough to visit their factory a few years back and totally fan girled. I spotted they've got a pretty epic sale on so I keep updating this blog post with their latest promo codes and sales (not sponsored, I wish, asos take all my money lol) it was where you got 20% off everything when you spent £100. It was perfect if you already had your eye on something or you were saving for one of the big brand names but now can get 20% off SALE prices today - maybe you just want some comfy clothes or new trainers. Open up, I've put together the best buys. If you were wanting something from asos anyway, you may as well do it with 20% off! Shop asos.

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Shop the best designer sales.

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Current dress of my dreams!

asos lace maxi dress

asos skater dress
My dreamy skater dress 

New polka dot dress of my dreams 


- This pink chiffon Love and Lemons dress is the Summer dress of my dreams! They have a cute yellow mini dress too. 

- I wore the black mini version of this for my birthday, I love this summer maxi take on this ruffle dress. 

- I love Ted Baker and this smock dress is so classic 

- This basic, every day wear cami maxi dress will go with everything 

- I'm in love with this luxe Bec and Bridge dress and this wrap version too 

- I know so many of you wanted my Puma Cali trainers, the best for LONG walks, they feel hard but they're so comfy. Extra 20% off them here in white, here in nude. P.S if they sell out, you can get them on PRIME for £33 here right now. 

- My top beauty sale picks have to be the Laura Mercier Caviar sticks, Mum and I love them! 

- Great chance to get an extra 20% off the already good sale on Nike running trainers too

- Not forgetting Rayban sunglasses! 

- I love this ASOS blazer 

- If you're looking for Adidas trainers now is your chance, they're so well priced online here 

loungewear set

What to buy in the ASOS sale

Loungewear - It's no surprise everyone is wearing loungewear right now, gorgeous sets that look premium but are comfy too? Sign me up. You certainly wont find me wearing tight, restrictive clothes around the house! If you read my best loungewear blog post you'll probably know by now that I am big into my comfy clothes, it's pretty much all I'm wearing right now and asos have an unbelievable selection. I love this skinny set, this knit set and this green set. I love this jumpsuit too, perfect for around the house but you can wear it out and dress it up in the near future. 

Shop ASOS loungewear.

Premium basics - Discount = perfect time to stock up on gorgeous basics which can be styled up or worn daily. I need these sandals, they will go with everything and of course, not forgetting essentials like bras, here's one of my favourite bra brands, worth buying at 20% off. Also things like Calvin Klein cotton bras or boxers, now is a great time. I buy Matt CK boxers every time they're on offer! 

Gym kit - Most people are crushing the home workouts and runs right now, so the perfect time to invest in good gym kit. asos have a HUGE activewear collection including their own range and top brands too, including Nike

Shop activewear collection

White mini dresses - So we can have summer at home! ASOS do the best little mini dresses - I'm here for the smock dresses (this one is gorgeous) and the trapeze dresses they do! I want this one! 

Shop the whole of the ASOS ski range 

Ski kit - I mean obviously no ski trips are going ahead right now, but ski kit is expensive and I was truly in love with my asos ski kit this year, a great time to grab it and get it reduced, you can get my skiing one piece or if you'd prefer a two piece ski set, my skiing trousers and ski jacket are back in stock. Side note: my Sweaty Betty ski thermals are 50% off right now too. 

Shop the whole of the ASOS ski range for him and her. 


Shop the top and similar / shop the skirt / trainers Adidas Stan Smith - All photos edited using EmsPresets photo filters - Ad my own product 

Trainers - If you read my the best trainers to buy blog post you'll know I am massively into my trainers. I use trainers for the obvious, running, long walks and the gym. I find I mix and match my trainers depending on the activity. Two of my favourite ever pairs are available at asos, the Puma Cali Trainers and my Adidas Stan Smith trainers. These two are literally life long, hero trainers that you can wear for 50,000 steps around New York (or your garden) and I always shout about it when they're on the sale. They're the kinda trainers I will re-buy and replace, because they're ultimate comfort goals. I do A LOT of sight seeing and walking and need my trainers to look good, I don't want my day to day trainers to look like gym trainers but I want them to work like gym trainers. With the Puma Cali trainers, I read that Selena Gomez wears these trainers - bang on trend hehe. I was gifted these years ago and they are the most flattering trainers ever, they're super flattering even for a wide footed girl like me, they actually look really narrow. Initially they feel hard but I wear these day in, day out and they're SO comfortable. I love wearing them with dresses too. I never get blisters with them either! You can get Puma Cali online here at asos and here and here too. 

With the Adidas Stan Smith trainers, they're SO good if you're wide footed, I actually have the superstar version of these trainers and the green stripe version, both look great with mini dresses, jeans or leggings and I actually bought a pair in New York once because my feet hurt so much from sandals, I've had them ever since. They'll never go out of style and they're unisex too. Cannot explain the comfort. Shop the range of Adidas Stan Smith trainers

york minster

Big brands on asos - I personally love buying asos own brand clothes, I think the quality is great and I have had A LOT of their items, but I think people seem to forget there are lots of big, favourite brands on asos and it's worth checking them out during sale period! Maybe you want something but it's full price over on their site, so why not try today with the 20% off? Here are my faves worth checking out for that 20% off.

& Other Stories - I love this tie front blouse 

Ray ban - I ADORE their sunglasses. 

Nike - You can even get Nike on asos, if you're looking for gym kit! Here's my blog post with the best things to buy from Nike. 

Topshop - Yep today I learnt you can buy Topshop via asos! 

Bec and Bridge - Literally the nicest occasion wear I have ever seen. What I would do for this dress or this one too. Wow. 

Love and Lemons - Another premium occasion wear brand, I wish I could own it all. 

All Saints - Yep they even sell AS via asos! You can read my All Saints leather jacket review if you missed it too. 

Free People - For all things boho and making me wish I was at Coachella. 

Shop my top picks and asos wishlist below for inspo:

Lots of love, Em x

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