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Monday 6 April 2020

Fabletics Review - Fabletics Leggings - What To Buy From Fabletics + How Does Fabletics VIP Work?

fabletics leggings

Advertorial Ad - It's no secret I adore Fabletics, in fact I have now been wearing their products for nearly two years. I had never heard of them before but the minute I put their leggings on, I knew it was love (and can I just say, a testament to the quality of their products, I still have their items from two years ago in my wardrobe and wear Fabletics a fair few times a week for very intense exercise!). Today I thought I'd do an in depth review of Fabletics as a brand as I get lots of questions about them. It means I can talk to you about the Fabletics VIP program too. If you are wondering about Fabletics, hopefully this blog post will help you and, it's a nice re-introduction to one of the best activewear brands out there.

fabletics green set

Who founded Fabletics? Fabletics is a global active-lifestyle brand designed with every woman in mind (I just love their ethos). It was co-founded by the beautiful Kate Hudson in 2013 and the idea behind it is to combine fitness and fashion to make women feel confident at the gym but also, out of the gym too. I find myself wearing Fabletics to brunch, to the supermarket, on my walks, it doesn't just have to be worn at the gym because it's so on-trend I want to wear it every day. I love this because often gym kit is too nice to just be worn in a sweaty gym, I can confirm Fabletics works for everything and particularly the sweaters look great with jeans too, although I live in leggings right now haha.

What makes Fabletics different?  Fabletics offer premium quality activewear at an incredibly accessible price point and they bring new collections out every month, I mean that sure keeps me excited ha.

Fabletics sizing? How is it? Fabletics sizes range from XXS-3X - I personally go for a size S because I like to be super comfy and find the sizes are just standard sizing, nothing is too big or too small, everything just fits perfectly and actually the majority of things I own are super stretchy or high waisted which helps with my bloat!

Why are things often sold out? I often find things are sold out quickly so if you want something, grab it and it's because well, firstly the items are SO good, but also, full new collections are released on the 1st of every month, and smaller capsules are released later in the month!

What are the prices of Fabletics like?  The prices are epic, you can either buy things as a regular customer, or sign up as a VIP member and get special deals such as 2 leggings for only £24 (£80 value). I like that there's the option to do both but obviously it's way cheaper to become a  Fabletics VIP member.

fabletics shorts

What is a Fabletics VIP Membership? Fabletics basically have a VIP program, it's very simple and offers great deals. The two most important ones, are definitely 2 leggings for £24 (INSANE RIGHT?) or 50% off your first outfit (you can buy outfit sets on the website, I would like them all pretty please!) When you become a VIP member, after your first purchase, you get special prices of 30-50% less than regular customers.  At the beginning of the month, you can choose between buying something or skipping the month by pressing a “PAUSE“ button in your account. If you don’t visit the website and skip the month by the 5th (so not buying anything, and not pausing), Fabletics will book the equivalent of 49₤ on the 6th and put it as a voucher "credit" in the customer's account so you can buy something else later. With this credit, the member can then pay for the next order – it works like a voucher. Everything is explained very simply on the website so for more information on Fabletics VIP membership head over to the Fabletics website.

What is the quality of Fabletics like? I tell everyone about Fabletics, people always ask me where the gym kit is from when I'm wearing it because it is SO good, the softest, comfiest but highest quality items, as I say, I've had them in my life for over 2 years and have put them through some seriously hard workouts, their high impact bras are particularly good for running and their seamless leggings keep me feeling so comfortable and confident. They're even better because of the price though! You can get an entire outfit for HALF the price of most traditional retailers

fabletics leggings

What should I buy from Fabletics? I love their seamless leggings as they're like a second skin and so flattering but very stretchy and comfortable, fully squat proof of course. I also ADORE their cashel leggings as they're high waisted and keep me comfy and cool, very good for yoga and running abroad and then their high impact sports bras are epic for my hiit classes, not forgetting their hoodies which just come in the most gorgeous styles - I LOVE their ones with twists at the front and find them so flattering, see above! Most recently I've been wearing the leggings you see above, super good for sweaty workouts!

So there we have it, feel free to ask me any questions you may have about Fabletics but I've trialled and tested them for years now and just love the way they fit, feel and perform!

*This is a paid for advertorial with Fabletics. 

Lots of love, Em x

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