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Sunday 26 April 2020

5 Wellbeing Tips When Staying At Home / Habitat Outdoor Furniture Review

rattan sofa

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Mindset wise I keep reminding myself that we are not 'stuck' at home (although I know it may feel that way), we are lucky if we are able to stay safe in our homes so I am really trying to enjoy being at home and get the most out of it. I rarely spend much time at home because I am usually travelling so I am trying to remain positive and I guess, enjoy this little *pause* in life. I'm receiving a lot of messages asking for my tips on how to stay motivated and positive during this time so I hope this may help you. I've always loved Spring and whilst this year I've been looking at the blossom trees from afar, this lockdown has finally given me the chance to get my garden in shape, something which has actually made me feel super positive, having a nice little space to sit in. I have a lovely garden in Yorkshire, I am fortunate enough to have lots of space there, so it was always strange adapting to city life in London where you pay a premium for literally a block in the outdoors but I am grateful for what I have and felt I need to start using it because fresh air is SO good for the soul. 

Today I am going to show you my new little sanctuary outside and also talk about my top wellbeing tips when staying at home during this period in the hopes it makes you feel positive. I hope it helps you if you're maybe feeling a little lack-lustre or uninspired/unmotivated, oh and I can finally show you and talk to you about my new garden furniture with Habitat. PS. Habitat have also written up 6 tips to balance your mental wellbeing at home too! 
nasty gal loungewear

1. Ensure you're getting fresh air and vitamin D - It's a total basic but it's so true and I'm starting with this because I think it's so important. There's a reason fresh air is so good for us, to me, a little bit of time in the fresh air feels like therapy, even just waking up and seeing the sunshine peering through my windows instantly lifts my mood. If you can, go outside and get some fresh air and hopefully, a little bit of sunshine too. I've been having my morning smoothie in my new outdoor space, sat on my gorgeous sofa. Maybe you fancy doing a 5k run, a 10k run or maybe you just want to take a nice walk, I personally like to go for a walk around the block and listen to a podcast because I feel like it really inspires me, but you may want to completely switch off and leave your phone at home! Going outside is a great way to re-energise and honestly, if they could bottle up fresh air and sell it, I reckon someone would become a billionaire pretty quickly for the high it gives you! If you aren't able to go for a walk but have outdoor space, use that instead, it's so lovely to just take a moment, pause and sit outside, I love reading books outside on holiday but it's something I never do in the UK! I need to change that. 

2. Stretch it out/stay active - It doesn't have to be an intense workout, a 5K run or a boxing class, how about just taking your towel/mat and just have a morning or afternoon stretch or wiggle. I've been popping my gym mat in front of the sofa outside and focusing on my breathing, it instantly makes me feel so much calmer. If you don't have outdoor space, your lounge will do or even when you wake up in bed in the morning! I love an intense workout, so I am not saying not to do that, it's completely up to you and what your body needs but it doesn't always have to be intense. 

habitat rattan sofa

3. Organise your space and spring clean - Nothing makes me feel better than an organised house, granted though, my house is usually a mess as it is my space of work, my filming studio and currently my gym. Plus, erm not to mention, one very messy boyfriend added into the chaos, but I am personally using this extra time to try and get things organised once and for all, for me that meant getting my rubber gloves on and getting stuck into the garden outside and trimming the plants down! I am someone who believe it or not, likes things to be minimal and one thing I really want to work on is having everything locked away, behind cupboards as I don't like clutter being left out! I then have to declutter behind the cupboards too, as I then know there is mess behind them as well! Lucky for me, the garden is clutter free for now and I guess that's why it feels like my little sanctuary right now. I find when my space is cluttered, my mind feels cluttered too. I got this gorgeous rattan sofa from the outdoor furniture section of Habitat but to bring it to life I think I might add a garden table next! 

green velvet cushions

4. Relax - You don't have to fill your days with back to back hobbies, learning Spanish or baking banana bread (of course, you can if that's what keeps you motivated, I know it works for me!) but one thing I think we all need to do more of, is relax, so whether that's grabbing an extra 10 minutes with your morning coffee or smoothie and sitting and watching the sunrise or giving yourself time for a nap (can confirm my sofa is great for napping) then take it. We are always go go go and your body actually needs rest too, so listen to it and nurture it by giving it the sleep it needs. 

5. Do something you've always wanted to do - Like I say, this could be catching up on your sleep because so many of us are sleep deprived, but it could also be something like launching that business you always wanted to launch, doing a me and organising your garden finally, redecorating your patio,  building that garden furniture, organising your make up collection, finally reading that book, learning a new yoga move or, as I say, just catching up on sleep. I am someone who likes to be busy all the time so I really am trying to either spring clean, do a workout, get some fresh air or work on a business I've always wanted to launch, but equally this is not a productivity contest, I am balancing this out with long lie ins and really trying to get my body back to full health by allowing myself to catch up on much needed sleep! 
rattan modular sofa habitat
L shaped modular sofa

green cushions

habitat velvet cushions

terracotta plant pot habitat

Now for a look at my outdoor garden furniture from Habitat (I want to go and read a book out there this week with a fresh smoothie!), we have a very small space in this our London home (I chose location over space oopsie) but we worked with it to make it our little sanctuary. I am desperate for a gorgeous, outdoor dining table but that will come in time. For now, we want comfort! I love how inviting and welcoming an L shaped rattan sofa is so knew I wanted something that looked smart but was super comfortable too. I love the versatility, it's something I can mix up with a table in the middle for breakfast al fresco or somewhere we can kick back with our feet up and read a book too!

I am massively into my neutrals but wanted to really brighten up the grey so opted for these colour popping cushions to compliment the greenery, the quality of them is incredible. I deliberately have left things long/overgroown behind because I like to feel like I'm in a little bit of a jungle! I do need to get some plants to go inside my pots though. My next challenge? Finally set up that vegetable garden I've always wanted to!

Lots of love, Em x
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