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Tuesday 28 April 2020

What To Buy From Nike - Top Nike Items - What To Buy In The Nike Sale

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*Updated 20th November - Nike have 30% off on top of their sale prices at the moment, I think that's a very good day indeed. You can shop and browse online here. Use promo code BRIGHT30 for 30% off on top of sale at checkout! I get a lot of messages about leggings, trainers and general sportswear so I thought it was the perfect time to write my top picks from Nike in the hopes that it helps you with what to buy in the Nike promotion (and they have a sale on too!) so click below and shop my top picks. It's the perfect excuse to stock up on high quality, forever gym wear. I love Nike, their stuff is such good quality. I've done the browsing and the research and put this lust/wishlist together for you! Hope it helps.

 P.S, I've also got you covered if you're looking for the best sports bras to buy or best workout trainers! My guide to the best leggings. 


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List of the BEST selling Nike items:

- Adults Nike Revolution 5 Running Trainers - Affordable running trainers in gorgeous colours. 

- Nike Air Max Dia - Womens chunky trainer - the black ones are in the sale. 

- Nike Metcon 5 Womens Training Trainer - Designed for high impact training and weight lifting

- Nike Pico 5 - For kids! 

- Nike Vista Lite Womens Trainers - These are meant to be great for daily walks!

- Nike Downshifter Running shoe - affordable running trainers in all colours! 

- Nike Air Zoom Super Rep - Designed for high intensity, quick running and HIIT! 


Let's start with my quickfire list of the best things that are in stock, in the sale right now:

Nike Kids running shoes - Up to size UK 6 so you're in luck!

Nike Legend React trainers - breathable and durable running trainers with foam cushions, perfect for running and the colours are so nice. This white and pink colour way is my favourite. 

Nike Affordable running trainers - If you don't want to break the bank but want Nike runners 

Nike sports bra - The nicest sports bra I've seen from Nike and their highest support too 

Nike FlyKnit trainers - I love the purple and white and the pink ones, Nike's hero, lightweight FlyKnit trainers with support and lots of cushioning and springy when you need it. 

And Flyknit 2 - Think powerful running shoes, smooth, lightweight but look great too, contours to your foot but durable and supportive, apparently soft and responsive at the same time but super comfy.  

Nike Yoga luxe leggings and in a gorgeous tan colour too - Called the holy grail of Nike leggings, perfect to wear to yoga/pilates/barre or for a walk! Chic, athleisure. 

Pink sports bra - I love the colour and style of this gorgeous sports bra. 

nike revival sports bra

Nike Trainers - If you're gonna stock up on anything during the Nike sale, it's gotta be trainers. Whether you wear them to work out in, run in, go for your groceries in or, as fashion trainers, its worth getting them on sale.

If you read the best trainers for all budgets and all activities blog post you'll know I have worn a lot of Nike trainers over the years and for me, I don't think you can beat the quality of them. Whilst they're on sale, I just have to buy them as they last for years. I have grown up loving and adoring Nike trainers.

The Legend React just look SO good, I love white trainers, plus they're SO cushioned and helps they're in the sale. Great for running! 

Matt and I both love Nike Air Zoom trainers, which are currently in the sale, they are lightweight and great for both running and the gym, plus for him and her too. You can design your own Zoom trainers too online here colour wise if that's your jam! These are my absolute favourite colour in the Zoom trainers.

People swear by Nike Revolution for running and they are honestly so well priced for Nike, plus you can get the 25% off them today whilst they're full price. If you're looking for something soft, cushiony and comfortable from Nike, but super affordable, these are a great bet. I've had SO many messages from people telling me they've bought these and loved them for running. I much prefer this colour in the Nike Revolution trainers though but I do love a white trainer. For something a little more expensive than the Nike Revolution, these ones are meant to be good too for distance running.

Then they have their FlyKnit trainers which are out of this world and also in the sale, again great for gymming and running. I've had very good reviews of these. And Flyknit 2! I also like the colour of these Nike FlyKnits. 

I am a bit of a trainer snob, so if you're looking to get premium Nike trainers discounted whilst they're on promotion, I'd recommend these ones here - size up though as apparently they are very small fitting! Then these ones are specially engineered to support your stride, the science in them is wild.

Lastly, someone messaged me to say you can get cheap Nike trainers up to a size UK 6 here and here, great way to save money on good trainers.


Nike Fashion Trainers - 

Nike Blazer - look great with mini dresses or jeans 

Nike Air Max 90 - Gorgeous colour way and we love a comfortable chunky trainer 

Nike Air Force - These are fun! I like the pink too.


Nike leggings - I've received a lot of messages recently about the best leggings to buy and you cannot go wrong with Nike, I mean, I love GymShark, Fabletics and SweatyBetty too and personally wear their items a lot, but whilst they're on offer, Nike are worth stocking up on. I've had plain black Nike leggings in my wardrobe since I was 16 and they're still going strong!

Below are my picks for the best Nike leggings:

Affordable leggings - for the gym, running and relaxing in! Multi-taskers

Colour clash gym leggings - one of my followers sent me a pic in these and they're GORGEOUS.

Black running tights - premium running leggings which look fantastic

Nike yoga luxe - apparently the best, most popular leggings!


Black Nike Leggings: You cannot go wrong with black leggings, I find Nike do SUCH good ones, even just to wear around the house with a jumper over, to head to the shops and of course, to work out in.

Black high waisted running tights 

If you're after running shorts, these ones look epic. 


Nike Comfort: If you read my top loungewear clothes blog post you'll know I am all about comfort, I have fallen in love with these cosy, at home joggers from Nike and perfect with the 25% off too!

Beige fleece joggers 

Nike Sports Bras: A good sports bra will last you forever, here are some good high impact ones to grab whilst they're on offer.

High impact sports bra 

Medium impact sports bra - I wear these ones all the time

Medium impact sports bra - I have this one too and love it, love the colour way and it's affordable


Lots of love, Em x

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