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Monday 4 May 2020

My Baking And Healthier Snacks Recipe E-Book - Healthier Easy Recipes

healthy ebook

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Hi guys hope you are so well! Over the weekend I finally launched my recipe ebook eek! I am so excited to finally have it live and ready to go, honestly I have wanted to make this for you forever. I can't believe how many of you have shared creations you've been making already! As most of you will know if you've read any of the recipes on my blog or seen them on my Instagram over the last few years, I have loved baking for years. This isn't just a jumping on the banana bread hype train kinda thing during lockdown (however, those who have found their love for baking and banana bread thanks to lockdown, I salute you hehe).

I have actually grown up baking, making a mess in the kitchen and I definitely get this baking love from my Grandmas. For me, baking is like therapy. None of us want to be in a position where we are living through a pandemic but a silver lining from lockdown that I am prepared to take is that I have more time to finally bake! It's something I saved just for weekends before, but now, I've been whipping up things most days haha! I've been wanting to launch my own little place with all my favourite recipes (and exciting new ones) for quite some time and I thought, ‘come on girl, use this time to do something you’ve always dreamed about', and that’s what I did! It was already in motion, but we picked up the pace a little! I thought I would write this blog post in the hopes it answers any questions you may have about my baking e-book and to give you some more information! Thank you so much in advance for your support. #EatWithEm

PS. I've added my favourite baking ingredients and you can buy them online too!
healthy granola recipe

The idea behind it? All my easy, healthier recipes (I say 'healthier' because it totally depends how much chocolate chips/peanut butter etc you choose to put in, but the recipes in this book don't use big glugs of oil, white sugar or butter like many traditional recipes do) in one easy place nice and neatly. 

My idea is they're all super easy to whip up, no faff, no fuss, hardly any measuring and weighing and you can mix and match to make them to your taste but make them so quickly too. I really don't like faffing around, I like to grab stuff that's naturally in my kitchen anyway, throw it all in and go. 

Vegan? Plenty of options for you! Hate bananas? I got those substitutions for you! Actually love sugar? That's totally fine too, add it in! I LOVE my red velvet cake and caramel brownies, it doesn't mean I'm not going to eat them, this book is just there if you want 'healthier' options of classics and like I say, feel free to add salted caramel/double cream into them!

I decided to put all my hero favourite recipes in one place, the things I have been making and snacking on for years, so yes, my banana bread and pancakes are in there, including variations of cookies, muffins and of course, more pancake variations so you can be the queen or king of brunch hosting! I personally like to bake up a banana bread and my healthy flapjack or oat bats to nibble on throughout the week and grab and go and right now, I am addicted to the muffins.

So, that’s my chatty stuff over, let’s get down to business. Here are some of the questions you have either asked me already or ones that I anticipate you will ask me:

healthy French toast recipe

- Summarise the e-book for me? - Easy, no faff, no fuss, quick yummy, healthier sweet bakes, dishes and snacks! Including breakfasts, juices, cold snacks and more to fuel you throughout the day.

- How do I actually get your ebook? - You can get my ebook online hereIf you like my photo editing filters too, you can get 15% off my edit packs when you buy the e-book, this will automatically be applied at checkout. I really appreciate your support!

- How much does it cost? - I've priced the e-book at £9.99. I have tried to price it fairly and reasonably while taking in to account the work and love from not only myself but also, my team members that has gone into this, plus of course, behind the scenes costs such as the price of the software used to create it, the on-going website costs used to host it etc. Doing this has taught me so much and it's definitely made me appreciate how well priced books are now I know how much work goes into them and the large teams behind them! The recipes work out at around 18p each which isn't too bad right?

- I downloaded it on my iPhone straight from the download link, where has it gone? - If you’re using mobile Safari, you should see a little download icon in the top right hand corner of the screen, tap this to view the ebook. In Chrome, you can choose ‘Open in’ and then ‘Files.’ Save the PDF to your downloads folder in Files and then go to the Files app on your iPhone and it should be there.

- What actually is an e-book? - It's an electronic, digital book. It just means when you download it, it will come as a PDF that you can read on your electronic devices, rather than a hardcopy in paper form. I personally like saving mine to my iBooks on my iPhone or the files section, or keeping it on my desktop on my computer. I know my Mum uses hers on her iPad. It means anyone worldwide can buy it and receive it instantly and there are no shipping costs too!

- I'm not from the UK, can I get your e-book? - The book is written in English but you can download it in any country, we have already had orders from Australia, Canada and America and it is so exciting to see.

- Are there savoury recipes inside your e-book? - I have had a few messages asking about my special pasta recipe, but I wanted to launch my 'sweet' e-book first because it's those healthier brunch style, healthy snacks I grab on busy mornings and the things I whip up the most. If this does well who's to say my famous chilli con carne, guacamole, avo on toast and one pot pasta wont be in a savoury e-book near you soon?! If you're interested in this, let me know.

- Will you be releasing a hardcopy version of the book? - I wish! I don't have plans to just yet, I don't have a publisher so have chosen to do this in e-book form to make it better for everyone and quicker! I still have SO many amazing, healthy, yummy, sweet recipes in my locker so who knows where they may end up in the future, if someone wants to turn this into an even bigger hard copy book so we can display it in our pretty kitchens, I am game but for now, it's e-book only. I'm so grateful people want a hardcopy version!

- How many recipes are in the ebook? - In total there are 55, this is a mixture of muffins, brownies, cookies, pancake variations, sweet loafs and also includes my banana bread, my waffles, my granola, juices/smoothies, cookie dough balls!

- I don't like banana/I'm allergic to bananas - If you can't eat bananas, don't worry, often in baking bananas are used as a vegan substitute for eggs, they are also lovely and ripe and bring a nice flavour but also bind recipes together where there are no eggs. My recommendations if you can't use bananas are to substitute 1x banana for 1x egg if you eat eggs, if you do this version, make sure you add extra sweetener to make up for the loss of sweetness from the banana. If you don't eat eggs, try apple sauce instead and add in a flax or chia seed egg - there are recipes for all of these substitutes in the book and more info about this too.

- Some recipes say raw cacao and others say cocoa - is there a difference? - Okay, so the raw cacao tastes more bitter (not in a bad way though) and will certainly deliver a deeper more chocolatey flavour when the recipe is cooked, it is a natural, amazing product, a quick Google will tell you about how fab it is. If the recipe ingredients that use cacao are too strong for you but you like the deep chocolatey flavour then feel free to just lower the amount you use in a recipe. On the other hand, while the recipe will be less chocolatey with cocoa it will taste sweeter so it really is up to you based on taste. Cacao also absorbs more liquid so you may need to loosen recipes with a little more water/milk when using this in preference to cocoa. I personally choose cacao in most of my recipes simply because it goes a long way and it is a good source of antioxidants, protein, fibre and iron while tasting so nice.

- Which waffle maker do you recommend? - Waffle makers aren't expensive and will make your brunch experience A PLUS hhaa. This mini one is affordable and here's a more premium version.

- Are there vegan options? - The majority of the recipes can be easily made vegan, I couldn't put the VE symbol on them all as lots of the recipes use honey or dark chocolate. If you are vegan, simple swap out honey for agave syrup, maple syrup or a vegan sweetener of choice. As long as your dark chocolate, or, any chocolate is vegan, then this works too. For the eggs, you can substitute these for chia or flax eggs, apple sauce or bananas or even olive oil. It's super easy to adapt all these recipes.

- Can I do substitutions? - As above, it is really easy to make these recipes work for you and your dietary requirements or simply whatever you have in your cupboards. The book is full of adaptable recipes to suit your taste! I saw someone add Reese's Peanut Butter cups to the cookie dough loaf, that is TOTALLY acceptable, I saw someone use hazelnut butter to make peanut butter cups instead, and what a dream that is! You can add blueberries into the banana bread or you can add milk chocolate buttons, make it your own, get creative but don't forget to share it with me on Instagram and Twitter hehe!

- What if I don't want it to be healthy? - You can make these recipes however you wish, you can always make them sweeter, add more chocolate, switch out the dark chocolate to white chocolate or Cadbury Buttons (I've gotta say, I melted a packet of Cadbury Buttons into the one bowl brownies AND THEY WERE UTTERLY DIVINE) go wild - it doesn't have to be healthy all the time! We all like a different level of sweetness too, so some days I top my pancakes with honey and blueberries but other days I drizzle chocolate sauce all over them! We buy our chocolate chips in bulk from this brand.

- I don't have buckwheat or spelt flour, help! - It may taste slightly different but if you don't have the exact flour, you can always blitz up some oats in a blender and use oat flour (you can buy oat flour too), or just use whole porridge oats, OR any other flour you happen to have in your house. Also, for reference I buy my buckwheat and spelt flour on Amazon. I also found a make your own bread kit online here with flour and yeast! My recipes don't need yeast but for any other baking you may!

- Which ingredients do you recommend and where do I buy from? - Right now I tend to get as much stuff as I can from Amazon! I've been buying this peanut butter in 1kg bulk, affordable with no added nasties! Plus this acai berry powder too! This acai berry powder is smaller and cheaper but really good! These choc chips are SO tasty but I also get these choc chips in 1kg bags which bake very well! For raw cacao I love this one! 

- What if a recipe mixture is a little dry? - I always recommend adding a little extra milk to loosen the recipe if needed or you can add a splash of coconut/olive oil or more nut butter. As our recipes try to be 'healthier' we don't ask for loads of oil so if it is a little dry, add a bit more in!

- I'm gluten free, can I use this book? - I am not a specialised dietician and with allergies you should ALWAYS seek help from a professional or a doctor, if you have coeliac disease, ensure you switch the ingredients out for certified gluten free ingredients.

- Do I need a NutriBullet or blender? - You don't at all, I used to make these recipes at Uni with nothing, then I upped my game with a £20 hand blender which changed my life. I do find for pancakes and waffles a Nutribullet or similar blender really helps with the consistency though. I now have the most insane Kenwood mixer (online here too) and use it for my loafs, it is a game changer BUT remember, you can still get some elbow grease in and mix away using a spoon and a bowl! P.S, if it's a coffee machine you're looking for, espresso shots hello... you can find all the top coffee machines on my blog too.

- What are your favourite recipes from the book? - SO many of them are my favourites it's hard to choose, the chocolate pancakes on a Saturday morning, the vanilla cookies literally every day ha, the cookie dough balls, the choc balls, the banana peanut butter choc bites, the flapjack to grab and go, the cookie dough loaf and of course, my banana bread! I could go on and on ha.

- I'm hosting lunch, what should I whip up from your e-book? - Definitely make some juices for your guests (my favourite is the chocolate peanut butter smoothie) and a selection of pancakes, put them on a table with a topping station and let people decorate and stack their own pancakes high!

You can grab my recipe ebook online here! Or below by clicking 'Add to Cart.'

Thank you in advance for your support it means the World! x

Linking some of my fave ingredients online below.

Linking some of my favourite baking items below too - I highly recommend silicone muffin tins or muffin cases for making muffins! They slide out way better AND you can make peanut butter cups in them too!

Lots of love, Em x
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