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Saturday 9 May 2020

All Saints Leather Jacket Review - All Saints Leather Jacket Sizing, Balfern Jacket

all saints beige leather jacket

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Hello guys, hope you are so well, you may have noticed I've been doing lots of reviews on my blog, yesterday I wrote about best leggings to buy, then the best trainers and today I thought it was about time to finally write about the best All Saints leather jackets to buy and do a review of All Saints leather jackets in general. I thought it was the perfect time to review the jackets and answer any questions you may have whilst they are on sale (an extra 20% off the sale price this weekend only)! 

PS. For my US readers, Nordstrom have an All Saints sale here. 

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I think it makes sense to put my video review above for you first because I talk in depth about All Saints jackets here too and may answer your questions, but I thought I'd also write some key facts in this All Saints jacket review blog post too just incase this helps you more.

all saints leather jacket

All Saints jackets in general:

I worked at All Saints from the age of 16 until I was 21, so I had a lot of experience and training in their jackets whilst I was there as a staff member. They were always a best seller. I remember thinking back then they were really expensive, but now, leather jackets can go up to so much more money so I actually think for the high quality and long lastingness (these are a 'forever' wardrobe piece) the All Saints jacket is actually a great investment, particularly if you work it out on a cost per wear basis (eg, I wear mine most days in Winter so it's basically free now, ha).

Back then, All Saints leather jackets were the creme de la creme and the absolute top notch best you could buy. If I saw someone in one, I'd immediately notice and be like yup, that's an All Saints jacket, dang you look good. The only ones I think that come close now are Acne leather jackets and of course, a Saint Lauren leather jacket but at 5x the price point. I still think they are such good investments and even better now as they're not expensive at all in comparison to some other premium jackets.

Quality of All Saints leather jackets:

Take it from a customer, they are so soft and beautiful to wear, in my opinion they actually get better in time as they fit with your body and almost mould with it. I have had mine in my wardrobe for years and years and so has my boyfriend, we just love them.

Sizing of All Saints jackets: 

I have a few All Saints jackets and have had them in my life for years, we are talking nearly 10 years some of them. They stretch a little bit, but not that much. After a lot of wear, I haven't noticed any of mine massively stretching, it's a small stretch. I'd personally always advise sizing up in an All Saints jacket if you are in-between sizes, so for example I am between a size 6 and 8 and for me, it was perfect to size up so I can stretch my arms and wear chunky knits underneath, I can also zip a size 8 up too, although I personally would never wear a leather jacket zipped up. I also always get asked about the arms of All Saints leather jackets, I did find on an 8 the arms fit a bit nicer too rather than having too much wrist out!

Similar colour jacket here / dress online here 

All Saints Balfern Jacket -  I can't write a blog post about All Saints jackets and not talk about their most popular, all time best selling jacket, the All Saints Balfern Jacket (currently in the sale) and you can get it in a neutral colour here too. I think the reason it's so nice is because they are just so soft but look so chic and classy. You can also get them in so many gorgeous colours. I personally love the reds, nudes and blacks.

If you're after a neutral coloured leather jacket for the warmer months, I love the Riley leather jacket which is currently mega reduced. The Elva jacket is a little more neutral - on the warmer side, than white and a touch softer and less structured, a lot more like mine at the top of this post.

You've also got the Dalby jacket in a nice soft red colour. You can get my black jacket in a few sizes here.  It's well worth grabbing them in the sale. Last time I checked this black one which is similar is also in stock.

all saints balfern jacket

How to style a leather jacket: 

If you're worried about how much wear you can get out of a leather jacket, do not fear. You can literally style it up in so many ways. I wear mine on nights out or dinners so I remain warm when I am in the line to get into somewhere or stood with friends in the smoking area for example (I don't smoke). I personally like to wear mine with all black jeans, I think it looks amazing and really classy wearing all black, so I love black jeans with a matching black leather jacket.

With my neutral leather jacket, I love the monochrome look, with gorgeous black jeans OR, go all white for a spring look with my white jeans and nude jacket. This white crew jumper would look so nice under the jacket.

I also LOVE wearing my leather jacket with a mini dress, I think they look so lovely, the girlieness of a summer dress with a gorgeous leather jacket. Current dresses I want to wear with my leather jackets, this gorgeous little shirred mini dress and this white mini dress

You can shop my outfit ideas below: 

How much wear can you get out of an All Saints leather jacket?

In the UK, we don't get the best Summer so the best thing about leather jackets? They're actually all season round, you really can wear them in spring and summer too, particularly in the evening when it gets a little chilly! I'd say for winter, just chuck on a jumper and a scarf underneath (love it with my Burberry scarf) they are actually really warm and insulated, particularly if you layer it up underneath.

All saints neutral leather jacket

Dupe of an All Saints leather jacket: 

Right now I've never seen All Saints jackets so affordable and I am a big believer in if you want something, you may as well get it because otherwise, you'll spends so much money on dupes, when you could have just got the real deal. However, I am asked all the time for dupes and similar versions of my All Saints leather jacket at a cheaper price, remember, they're priced the way they are because of the craftsmanship, expensive material etc, HOWEVER, if you're just after something that looks similar or maybe you want faux leather, here are some quality, lovely but affordable dupes. Here is a good dupe, real leather jacket and here is a good faux leather dupe. Side note, they're definitely not cheap but I once also got a Topshop Boutique real leather jacket and wow, it was good!

Shop my favourite leather jackets below in the sale and outfit styling ideas!

Lots of love, Em x

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