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Sunday 8 November 2020

Gucci Belt Buying Guide - Gucci Belt Sizing Guide And Review

Ad affiliate throughout - One of my most asked questions is 'what width should I buy in a Gucci belt?'  so today I thought I would write up a blog post reviewing the sizing and different styles of Gucci belts in the hopes that it helps you decide which Gucci belt to buy. Gucci Marmont belts came into fashion and they're here to stay, years down the line, they are a great designer staple. Whether you decide to go understated with a small Gucci belt or big and bold, there's an option for everyone. Hopefully my Gucci belt buying guide and Gucci belt sizing and review will help you decide which Gucci belt to buy and no, you're not too late to the trend to get a Gucci belt as lucky for us, they keep bringing out new designs and sizes in the belts. 

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- You can shop a whole range of Gucci belts online here at Gucci, I find their customer service outstanding, free gift wrapping + free shipping

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- Gucci belts at SSENSE 
- Net-A-Porter have a whole range of Gucci belts online here too 
- Selfridges also have some Gucci belts 

Do Gucci belts go on sale?
No! I have never seen a Gucci belt on a Black Friday sale or Christmas discount, I have never seen Gucci belts discounted at Bicester village or any designer outlets either, this is because it is a best-selling, current season product. 

Are Gucci belts unisex? 
I often get asked if men's and women's Gucci belts are the same, I know men's used to be cheaper but now, they're literally the same so yes, I'd say whilst Gucci belts used to be more catered towards women, they are honestly the same and there's no price difference now! 

Different types of Gucci Belt: 
There are so many different types of Gucci belts, it's no wonder people are getting confused, so I thought I would talk about the different types of Gucci belts in the hopes it helps you make your mind up. 

Generally people tend to go for the 4cm Gucci Leather Belt With Double G, this is the original and most popular Gucci belt, with a large buckle, but it isn't too 'in your face' and a nice, wide leather belt, it fits within jeans but with a little squeeze. I'd say the next popular is the 2cm Thin Gucci Belt With Double G, perfect if you're looking for a skinny Gucci belt, and one that looks amazing paired with dresses too around the waist. I think this is such an under-stated piece.

2cm Thin Gucci Belt With Double G - £250 - This is now my favourite Gucci belt, I think it's understated but still obviously designer. I actually love a thin, smooth leather belt and find the buckle here isn't too big. If you don't want something 'in your face' but want something designer, this is the perfect Gucci belt for you. I personally find the 2cm looks great as a waist belt too and goes through all belt loops as it's the perfect size. Of course, it comes in many colours but I do love the antique brass hardware and the neutral colours. The width of this Gucci belt is 2cm, so it works really well as hip or waist belt. 

3cm Gucci Leather Belt With Double G - £295 - If you're looking for something a tad thinner than the 4cm but a little bigger than the 2cm *state the obvious* then go for the new 3cm Gucci leather belt - it fits through smaller belt loops (my 4cm does fit through belt loops but in SOME jeans it a little bit of a squeeze and would probably look better as a 3cm) and it's slightly cheaper too but still has a nice big, shiny buckle and doesn't have the same look as the thin belt. Of course, as with all Gucci belts you can choose different textures, hardware colours etc. I personally like the brass look as I find brass is warmer than silver, but if you prefer silver for your wardrobe palette you can also get it in silver too. 

4cm Gucci Leather Belt With Double G - £330 - The most popular, famous and original Gucci Marmont belt. This is available in 10 different variations, whether you want a silver buckle, a gold buckle, smooth leather or textured leather. I personally have the smooth leather belt with Double G buckle with brass hardware. The £330 Gucci leather belt is 4cm in width. You can get this in a range of colours but I love it in brown for Summer as I feel it goes really well with blue jeans and lighter coloured fabrics and white shirts, or black as a forever, every day piece. I personally like the 4cm if you're looking to make a statement, the thickness is great, I find it fits through belt loops with a squeeze and sits nicely as a chunky belt on the waist if I add another hole (it depends what size you go for, waist wise - but I use mine for both). I originally went for this one because I wanted a medium sized GG buckle, I love that it's in your face without being bigger than my head. My exact Gucci belt is this one, the 4cm wide leather belt with double G buckle, online here and I have had it for years, it gets better with age. My favourite way to wear it is with a full black outfit. I think it adds such a gorgeous, luxe touch. 

Gucci Wide Leather Belt With G Buckle, 4cm - £295 - You can get the wide leather belt, with a 4cm width for £295 if you're looking to save some £ on your Gucci belt, if you go for the textured look. I actually quite like the textured look, particularly in the brown leather with the gold buckle! 

7cm Wide Gucci Belt - £715 - This is the biggest, chunkiest Gucci belt. Imagine something that could knock someone out, yep, that's this. Fit through belt loops? No chance, not with a 7cm width! This is definitely 'in your face' if you're looking to make a statement!

Unique Gucci Belts: Some people probably feel like the original Gucci belts have been overdone and want to get something a little more unique, I personally LOVE the original Gucci belts, but I've got to say, I am head over heels with the beautiful, unique, limited edition style Gucci belts. It goes without saying that the smoother, more original belts are more 'future proof' and forever, as they're not trend led pieces but I honestly think these unique Gucci belts are so beautiful and different. 
Gucci Belt With Pearls

Gucci Belt With Pearls - £325 - There's no doubt this belt is utterly stunning. I think this might be my favourite colour way too. Who knew I'd wear a light pink leather belt? As I said above, I think the neutral shades are great to be worn in Spring and Summer, whereas the black belts are forever-proof. This comes in other colours, so you don't just have to go for light pink leather. It is 2cm width and can be worn as hip or waist belt.

2.5cm Gucci Torchon Leather Belt and 4cm - £325 - I think this is such a classy take on the original Gucci belt, I love the gold tone and the texture on the buckle. This is 2.5cm width which I think is the perfect mid-size. You can also get the Gucci Torchon Leather Belt with a 4cm width too. The white one is so gorgeous for Summer. 

Gucci Leather Belt With Snake - £450 - If you're looking for something a little unique and different, you can try the Gucci Leather Belt with a snake buckle, yes, really! It's quirky but fun! The serpentine motif is inspired by Gucci products from the 70's, if history is your thing! This is 4cm width and can be worn as a hip or waist belt. 

Gucci Web Belt 4cm - £285 - If you love the Gucci colour ways I think you will love this belt, the Gucci Web Belt would make such a lovely gift - I'm a sucker for their red and green colours. This one is made from green and red cotton canvas and has leather detailing too, it's nice if you're looking for something a little different than the all leather look. 

Gucci belt sizing guide: 
I am always asked about sizing for Gucci belts, it's a very personal thing but I personally always size up (I am a size UK 6-8) and it's better to have one too big and add extra holes in my opinion.  People ask if Gucci belts run small and I would say yes from experience. I have always sized up as I said! I find a size 70 is very small but good for the waist, 75 is perfect and 80 is good with jeans and a baggy tucked in. This is just my personal opinion. 

The Gucci website says: Gucci belts are measured from the end of the buckle to the center hole. Sizing may differ based on where the belt is worn (at the hips vs on the waist).The size suggestions are based on a belt worn on your hips.

I hope this helps you with finding your perfect Gucci belt style and sizing!

Lots of love, Em x

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