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Friday 20 November 2020

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him - What To Buy Men For Christmas

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One of my most asked questions this month is: when is your Christmas gift guide for him going live? Do you have any Christmas ideas for my brother, boyfriend, Dad, or just men in general? Yes, yes I do. Sit back, get this bookmarked as I will be adding to it and let's get shopping. The good news? Black Friday sales have landed early so you're going to be able to get most of this discounted.  I did already write a Christmas gift ideas for everyone guide with ideas for everyone too if you missed it and of course, my Christmas gift ideas for her guide Please do share this guide far and wide in the hopes that it may help someone else looking for present ideas! For now, let's talk about what to buy the men in your life for Christmas... shock horror: we've got more than socks. Don't miss: The Best Things To Buy On Black Friday and the best Black Friday promo codes in one list! 

{Hamper / food} - I mean I've gotta say, a hamper or any kind of food is the best gift ever, am I right or am I right? Whether you do an at-home-cheese board, make your own grazing platter or send someone a luxury grazing platter from a lovely independent company (I love Berry and Brie and The Grazing House: think insane cheese boards, meat boards, breakfast boards: you name the brief, they can do it). There are so many fun food gift ideas I get very carried away. I'm a sucker for a hamper,  Selfridges hamper (the cheese and gin hamper is great shout - to be honest, Selfridges have hampers for everyone, every taste and actually every price range too - my Grandad would LOVE this cheddar and chutney hamper) or a Harrods hamper. I always think it's nice to make your own hamper too: grab a good bottle of alcohol, add in some snacks, and tadaaa - a personalised hamper, with all their favourite things in. You can get some really fun American candy here if that's their jam. 

I recommend buying THIS Selfridges hamper and filling it with all the goodness your heart desires. Matt is happy as long as we've got Cadbury Chopped Nut inside there and some ketchup - seriously, he's easy to please. If that's sold out, grab one of these personalised Santa sacks! 

I like food a lot and always buy it for people as gifts so there are a lot of goodies out there, to keep it short and sweet with some more of my faves: postal delivery brownies and cookies/cookie dough/ALL THINGS OUT OF THIS WORLD try The Good News Baker, I bought some for my friends and they were blown away, their packaging for Christmas is a dream too. 

For my Yorkshire friends and actually, anyone else because you'll be pleased to know, Savvy Baker does postal orders too, if you want to order some slutty brownies, you've got The Savvy Baker a very good stocking filler idea. I discovered small business Biscuit Bunny Bakes and have sent so many people letterbox, personalised biscuits - way better than a card and SO yummy too, I just love supporting them! I know Matt would freak with excitement if I got him this Christmas Pudding biscuit and the Paddington biscuit set from Biscuiteers as he is head over heels in love with that brand. 

Wanting to buy someone more healthy food? For fitness lovers or even just chocolate lovers in general, or someone who wants protein bars: Misfits bars - vegan friendly chocolate bars but very low in everything too (low calorie, low sugar but high protein) and such a good snack - don't forget to use promo code EMS20 at Misfits for 20% discount! I buy my brother and Matt Misfits bars in bulk.

For premium tasting (but affordably priced) luxe, Swiss chocolate, you need to get some Rhythm108 choc cookies and M'lk praline bars (they're vegan friendly for any vegan gift recipients or gift recipients with dietary requirements and 46% less sugar too, you wouldn't know, they taste divine and are so luxurious too!!! I am utterly in love with this brand) my whole family are obsessed - I highly recommend the hazelnut cookies and the MYLK bar, it's like praline slab that would make the best gift, they do such affordable but luxe gift sets on their site too - promo code EMS20 gets you discount at Rhythm108 too. 

Times are weird at the moment so you could always buy a voucher for your favourite, special restaurant or make some 'I OWE YOU' vouchers, I would book Matt a table at STK as he just loves it for steak and Mac and cheese - a great date night or meal out and a way to support restaurants too. 

{Fragrance} - My boys love a good scent (who doesn't?) it's such a lovely, luxe gift and I don't really think people buy themselves fragrance. Matt's favourite scent every year since the day it launched is Jo Malone Orange Bitters (online here too) it's basically like a winter/autumn cocktail in a bottle and it's unisex too, day to night and it's one I definitely share with him. I don't know anyone who doesn't like it. I've also spotted Matt wearing Molton Brown Costal Cypress recently, he has a bottle on his desk (most gorgeous bottle too), it smells like a fun, breezy adventure. My brother loves Spicebomb by Viktor and Rolf  and I always think it's a safe bet, always best to grab Spicebomb in a gift set as you get really good value for such a luxury, cult item - online here and  here. I have loved All Saints fragrances since they launched and noticed they have a gift set for just £17, with all their scents in the sale at the moment - so well priced. I remember at work once (I worked in Menswear) we were all in love with someone who wore Bleu De Chanel (online here too) it's seen as the 'best mens fragrance year;, after year... it is delicious. For utter luxe: You've also got Tom Ford, Space NK now stock so many luxe scents and I know Matt adores Tom Ford too. Tom Ford Ombre Leather gift set is in the sale currently or you can get a gorgeous Tom Ford Noir Extreme gift set too. You can get some ridiculously affordable mens fragrance steals online here if you're looking under £25. 

{Underwear} - Judge me because it's oh so cliche buying a man underwear for Christmas but sometimes you've just gotta give the man what he wants. I buy Matt new Calvin Klein underwear every year, for birthday and Christmas because guess what... he gets wear out of it every day, boom! A useful gift. If you're wanting boxers in the sale, Coggles is usually good when it comes to sales. If you just want to scrap CK underwear all together this year and really shock him, grab some Tom Ford boxers whilst they're on offer. I also think these Paul Smith and Ralph Lauren ones would make a great gift too. You can also get them online here.  It might sound like a dull gift but I say it's practical: Matt goes through so many boxers and socks so actually always asks for them, he loves Adidas and Nike socks and I tend to bulk buy them. 

{Male Grooming} - Now I love nothing more than getting the men in my family topped up and into their beauty regimes. I lobe buying people gifts they're going to use every day, so things like a hamper full of favourites and bits and bobs: Batiste dry shampoo, shower gels, deodorants - last year I bought Matt Nivea deodorant in bulk because it's one of those things we always run out of, I mean, in 2020 you could just buy someone bulk toilet roll and I think they'd be happy. 

Now I love my luxe grooming and Matt has become *ahem* accustomed to it too - to be honest the luxury mens grooming gifts I gift every year don't really change as these are cult favourites. Of you're wanting to do some luxe male gifting, you really cannot beat stocking up on Molton Brown Black Peppercorn body wash, some Molton Brown Re-charge Black Pepper Sport Muscle Soak or Elemis Aching Muscle Soak (the runners in my family adore this so much and I buy it every single year). The Molton Brown gift sets this year, as always are utterly divine but I think I might buy all the men in my life the woody and aromatic cracker, it's fun and quirky but also means they get to try a few different scents. 

An affordable stocking filler? Get an exfoliating soap, invigorating, affordable but SO good. 

Skincare wise, I've trained the men in my life up, even my Grandad is into his skincare. I am very proud indeed. They love Clinique Mens (great gift sets) and I usually buy my brother a new Decleor Oil every year or get him a top up of the mother of all moisturisers: Kiehl's Ultra Facial cream (use EMKIEHLS for 25% off) - it's good for cold climates so perfect for his ski trips but it's really lightweight too.  I really love the Elemis men's gift sets every single year too - usually they come in good travel cases, perfect for someone who likes to travel and their men's range is really good.  My brother uses the Elemis Shave Gel. This year I've seen some amazing men's gift sets from L'Occitane too, if they're anything like the girls gift sets? We are onto a winner. My brother and step dad would love the shaving gift set. Now this is a random one but there's method in the madness: I think Matt would be devastated if his opened his stocking and didn't have an Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream in there - this is Matt's no.1 lip product and we also love it for dry skin on ski trips too. It's basically a multi-tasking everything balm, it really is a hero, magic product for everyone. Naturally, you also cannot go wrong with The Kiehl’s gift sets... I'm definitely getting my brother the Men's grab and go essentials set, purely just for the soap alone, he will love it. 

{Male Haircare} - If you don't want to go product focused, why not just support a hair dresser or salon and book your Dad/Grandad/Step-Dad/Boyfriend/Partner, whoever it may be, in for a treatment of their choice? Buy them a gift card to their favourite barbers or salon and then let them be pampered once things are safely open again. You're supporting the industry but also giving someone the best gift of all: pampering (and let's be honest, men love it too - who doesn't?). 

Other haircare gifts... Matt and my brother are utterly obsessed with Redken and Fudge hair products but what about hair tech? Yup, you guessed it: the boys are Dyson obsessed. They both started out by stealing my Dyson Hair Dryer... now? they steal my Dyson Airwrap, it has revolutionised my life, I dry and style my hair within minutes - do not be fooled into thinking this is only for females with long hair, Matt loves it for drying his hair to perfection and I have a funny feeling the new copper one is going to be on my brother's Christmas list this year so he has one of his very own. You can get the Airwrap in copper online here and here.  If Dyson isn't within your budget or you are ghd loyal, don't forget the ultimate, original hair brand... the ghd hair dryer - always a winner. I've loved ghd for as long as I can remember. 

{Trainers or footwear} - My boyfriend, brother, Grandad and step-dad all wear trainers, pretty much every day and a good pair of trainers is a forever gift. It's a good gift that will be worn into the ground and loved and enjoyed! You could go for something practical and sporty like a good pair of Nike trainers for the gym/day to day use.Oh go wild with designer trainers, Gucci trainers (my personal fave on men) or go for Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen (my brother loves his so much). All Saints have such a nice selection of men's shoes in the sale, their white leather trainers are gorgeous and I also bought Matt some suede Chelsea boots too once. You could get some smart shoes, these Ted Baker ones are nice... for Matt's birthday I treated him to some luxury Church's shoes and he loves them but they're so precious, they're only for special occasions! 

{Fun But Useful Gifts/Gadgets} - Okay there are so many fun gifts, a lot of them are kitchen based as it means they'll come in handy (a big selection here) but I'm thinking  a toastie maker (cheese and beans inside a toastie = yes please - toastie maker here too), a pasta maker (then you can both use it together) or I always think a George Foreman grill is a good idea too. I LOVE the look of this portable blender, such a good idea. I think buying someone this waffle machine would make you very popular during Christmas haha, can confirm it is amazing as I got one! I also think this sparkling water machine is a cool AF gadget. How about a fun popcorn machine too? This would look so good. For a heavy duty gift, go for a Corkcicle bottle - keeps cold things cold and hot things hot - they look SO cool too, we love ours so much. 

{Coffee Machine} - Our coffee machine is Matt's pride and joy but we need to get a smaller one and a prettier one for my new kitchen - a good coffee machine will last a life time and is such an investment in the long time. There are SO many good ones out there. This Smeg coffee machine is affordable, small but mighty. I'm currently looking at De'Longhi ones. If you're looking for a different gift for a coffee lover, how about some fancy coffee mugs? We love the glass ones... you could always get someone coffee beans, Matt always says a 1kg bag is never enough so I always try stock him up with premium coffee beans. I also like the idea of buying someone a Keepcup, so they can make their coffee in the morning and take it with them. You can also get these really fun coffee stencils! 

{Useful Tech}: My family are very techy - we love all things Apple  and anything to do with camera technology. Every year John Lewis have lots of quirky tech bits. I am always a sucker for the Selfridges tech section and I know my brother is too. I discovered this insane portable pocket projector which I think is an amazing gift for anyone who loves tech, maybe if someone just got a new home for example. I think things like a shaver or electric toothbrush - online here make great gifts, or a new camera - online here), an Apple Watch - online here  - particularly a everyone is loving home workouts now or even ann Amazon Alexa, or a MacBook Pro (online here) or an iPad (online here). We got Matt the new iPad for his birthday and he loves it. I LOVE the Aeroskull home speakers, I think they're such a coo gift too. For budding photographers or just people who love to capture the moment, I think these polaroid gifts are so special and fun too. Of course, don't forget Apple AirPodsI think I'll get Matt some this year.. you could alternatively look at a pair of Dre Beats which I actually think are way cooler. 

If you're looking for some photo editing filters, look no further than my very own {Emspresets} here - transform your Instagram or blog photos in just one click, you can transform any photos whether taken in London, Madrid or the Maldives! Great for anyone who wants to edit their Instagram photos or just up their travel photography game. 

You could always look at booking someone into an SEO course, a Google analytics course, a photograph course, video editing course - whatever the person wants to pursue, you could help with something useful and educational like that too.

{Comfort} - I bought Matt some men's Ugg slippers and they haven't left his feet, such a good gift - also online here. I also love the idea of a cosy dressing gown - love these ones  and you can't go wrong with The White Company robes too. Ralph Lauren - All Saints and of course, Nike do nice luxe joggers. 

{Bags} - I love the idea of buying someone a forever bag - totally versatile, really useful and it's generally a forever piece. You could go designer with it, like a Burberry one or a Gucci backpack - if you're looking for something more reasonable you could get a Roe Menswear leather backpack *and support a small business too!* or Ted Baker do lovely leather holdalls. The hardest bit is to decide do you buy a holdall, a backpack or, a crossbody bag. Matt loves crossbody bags and got one recently... this Prada crossbody is so nice and the Gucci crossbody is lovely too. I really like leather holdalls like this one and these ones too. 

{Cooking Course} -  I always think booking something like a culinary course would be amazing, or even bread making! Matt and I love Masterchef, it would be my dream to pay for him to do a Masterchef style cooking class or a Bake Off Day. 

{Fitness}-  Obviously I have mentioned 
Nike trainers and fitness tracking watches but I always think something like a gym membership (I am personally a member of David Lloyd and I have been for years - it would be the gift that keeps on giving), or you could gift someone personal training sessions or boxing classes for example... or buy them a new gym bag stocked full of all the gym kit and accessories such as Corkcicle bottle they may need!

{Menswear} - I love buying versatile menswear, I used to buy the boys vouchers but now I like to think I've got a good eye and always buy them something they usually end up loving. I recommend wardrobe staples like an All Saints leather jacket Reiss jacketReiss rollneck, forever jackets such as Moncler or Belstaff. I am utterly obsessed with All Saints knitwear,  I adore this merino wool roll neck - it would look good on your Grandpa, Dad, boyfriend or brother! 

{Arlo Jewellery} If you are wanting to buy someone jewellery this year, look no further than unisex jewellery brand Arlo London - they do amazing 925 sterling silver pieces, signet rings and beautiful pendants - really well priced for the quality too and helping an independent brand. 

{Roe Menswear} -
 I have to talk about my boyfriend's brand - independently owned, luxury menswear brand Roe. I have said it a lot but I have personally travelled across the world with him looking for the highest quality fabrics. I describe the quality as a Reiss and Burberry mix and just think every single piece is divine. I've watched the items be crafted in the factories (made in Britain) and I am so impressed with each item. You could always start with an introduction to the brand by going for a more affordable leather wallet, a backpack or a luxurious quality t-shirt, or go full luxe with their trench coats. Anyone who is into mens fashion will love Roe menswear. 

{Designer Items} -  There are lovely little intro to designer items you can get which make a lovely forever gift, such as a designer card holder (y
ou can get card holders online herehere and hereor if you wanna spend less, just go for something made from top quality leather like Aspinal or Ted Baker. Every year I think you can get nice men's designer t-shirts... (I like Gucci or Givenchy) or how about a timeless, Burberry scarf? Lastly, a Gucci belt because I think the smaller one looks so good on guys! If you think Gucci is overdone, there are loads of nice men's belts here too. 

{Gym} -  If the recipient is into the gym, how about gym clothes or gym trainers? You've got Gymshark, Nike and Adidas all with so many options, whether it's loungewear at home, outdoor running kit, gym tracksuit or running trainers.

{Drinks} - You cannot beat a nice bottle of alcohol,  Johnnie WalkerGrey Goose or Hendricks always go down well in my household! I LOVE alcohol during the festive season and the nicer the bottle, the nicer the drink haha, I am a sucker for a nice bottle. I've always wanted personalised champagne bottle too, I think that's a lovely way to make a beautiful bottle more keepsake and special. Also, Matt and I love Malbec so you can't go wrong with a fancy bottle of red too. You could make it really special by adding some special glasses in with the items too, I am obsessed with Soho Home and think these glasses would make an amazing gift or this special gold bottle opener. 

{Experiences} - I've already touched on the idea of going to a restaurant or a barbers for example but I LOVE gifting experiences, whether it's a luxury hair cut, a massage or taking someone out for a picnic. The list is endless, I think that's why I love fun companies like  Berry and Brie and The Grazing House - you're creating lovely, personalised experiences. Think of things here like a wine tasting class, pottery making (I so want to do this!!!), a sourdough course, a cake making day... fun things you can do together, whether it's with your Dad or your boyfriend! The world really is your oyster. I love buying my Mum and Step-Dad vouchers so they have to go and actually spend time together, just the two of them! Don't forget lovely things like booking a hotel for the future, something to look forward to - it's an easy gift but something everyone will love. We booked my whole family a trip to the Cotswolds in the most insane Manor House last Christmas - we had the best time ever and it made such a perfect gift for the whole family. 

I will keep adding ideas to this gift guide but I really hope you found it useful! 

Shop my Men's gift recommendations below: 

Good Sites For  Mens Gifts:

- All Saints - online here 
- GYMSHARK - online HERE! 
- Nike - online here 
- Adidas - online here 
- Reiss - online here 
- Coggles - online here 
- Ted Baker online here
- H&M - online here 
- Apple - online here
- Amazon - Online here 
- Roemenswear - Online here 
- ASOS - online here

Lots of love, Em x

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