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Tuesday 17 November 2020

Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendar 2020 Review + Chocolate Christmas Gift Ideas - Hotel Chocolat Christmas Gifts

Advertorial - Tis my favourite season of all, Christmas! I’m a sucker for all seasons to be honest but there’s something about the twinkle of Christmas lights, seeing parcels beautifully wrapped, eating my first mince pie of the season and of course, all the Christmas movies... honestly, I am just here for some positivity and sparkle this year. Another reason I love Christmas? Advent calendars. If it’s a chocolate advent calendar you’re after this year, this is for you. I love a beauty advent calendar but I like to have a traditional chocolate advent calendar too. Every year my Mum spoils me with Hotel Chocolat so today I am reviewing the Hotel Chocolat Grand Advent Calendar and some more of the Hotel Chocolat's Christmas collection. Open up for an exclusive Hotel Chocolat promo code too. 

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Easy gift ideas for everyone

I have a so many favourites from Hotel Chocolat as I have been a fan ever since they got a store in Leeds when I was in school! Every year my Mum buys me the Oysters and Champagne praline set and their delicious chocolate buttons, plus, anything cute and Christmas themed but honestly, their advent calendar this year is the best of everything put together. 

Hotel Chocolat Grand Advent Calendar Review -
It really is grand and far too good to share to be honest! I’m sad to say mine didn’t last until December the 1st as I wanted to give a real review of the Christmas chocolate inside Hotel Chocolat’s Advent Calendar. 

This advent calendar really doesn’t do things by halves, you will open a door of utter luxury every single day, including double truffles, a decadent cinnamon bun chocolate, caramel supernovas (two so you can share). They also have festive chocolate slabs, selector packs and even mini crackers inside, plus some luxury hot chocolate and even cacao gin. 

I am honestly utterly obsessed with this advent calendar, it is by far the best chocolate advent calendar I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating and unfortunately *sharing with my boyfriend* hehe, no, but seriously this makes such a lovely gift to share. It was a pleasure opening and eating it together, I only wish we had the will power to wait it out. I am definitely going to be buying a *ahem* second one, to start on the actual 1st December. 

This would make an amazing present for yourself, for your partner or for any chocolate lover. If you buy it for someone who lives with you, you'll get to share it too. 

My favourite items from the Hotel Chocolat advent calendar? The salted caramel chocolate puddles - I demolished them, utterly divine... then the cacao breakfast tea, I have become obsessed with this and of course, the caramel snowflakes. I also LOVE anything praline and I was happy to see some praline treats inside.

I was SO impressed with the size of the items in Hotel Chocolat's advent calendar, you get a lot of bang for your buck with this, and really feel as if you’ve had a proper chocolate bar rather than a teeny taste. I liked the inclusion of the salted caramel cocoa vodka liquor and cocoa gin too, I first discovered these when I ate at Hotel Chocolat’s Roast and Conch restaurant, I’ve been hooked ever since. I think by adding luxury alcohol to the chocolate advent calendar, it makes this a really adult friendly Christmas gift too, as well as giving people to opportunity to taste a side of Hotel Chocolat they may never have tried before. 

At £68, this is more on the expensive side for a chocolate advent calendar but on the affordable side in comparison to the beauty advent calendars! If you split it with someone you live with, it’s only £34 each, considering it includes many full sized items and enough chocolate to get you through Christmas (unless like me, you choose to eat it over one weekend) then it is actually so reasonably priced for such a luxe product, remember, Hotel Chocolat use such good ingredients too, you really do get what you pay for. 

You can use promo code EM10 for money off your Christmas gifts this year and free delivery on items over £40. I know I’m going to be stocking up on those salted caramel puddles and billionaire shortbread!

If you’re looking for a Hotel Chocolat advent calendar that’s more affordable, you can also get their standard advent calendars for only £12! The hardest choice? White, dark or milk chocolate! I love that Hotel Chocolat have price ranges and items to suit everyone, they even do vegan chocolate now too. 

Hotel Chocolat Merry Christmas Everyone Christmas Hamper - Another perfect chocolate Christmas present, the Hotel Chocolat Merry Christmas Everyone Hamper. I always buy the sleekster and the H boxes as gifts for my family and Matt’s family for Christmas (time to purchase some more for this Christmas) but this really is divine, a hamper including boutique bubbles and more. If you've read my Christmas gift guide you'll know I love buying people hampers, whether that's buying luxury ready-made hampers or making up my own, so of course, this massively appeals to me. 

Inside the Merry Christmas Everyone Hamper? My favourite are the caramel snowflakes - chunky, delicious chocolate and it’s festively shaped yay! I love that this includes a bottle of prosecco too, I think it’s a really lovely touch, who doesn’t want chocolate and prosecco together whilst watching a Christmas film? You also get the most delicious chocolate Christmas trees too, let's just say they didn't last long either. 
In true Hotel Chocolat style, it’s special and thoughtful and also includes the new Hotel Chocolat Winter Puddings H-box - imagine Christmas desserts in chocolate forms: gooseberry crumble, cinnamon bun (personal favourite) and even their chocolate take on the Eton mess, the 'Christmas mess', plus many more. This Christmas hamper basically contains everything you could need for an indulgent festive evening, to share or not to share. It’s a dreamy chocolate Christmas hamper and I'm here for it.

Like I always say, you can always put your own hampers together, Hotel Chocolat do beautiful gift bags and I always find myself putting little parcels together; I'd be stocking up on anything salted caramel, festive themed and of course, some delicious pralines.

Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Gin - Another dreamy chocolate Christmas gift idea? Hotel Chocolat Cocoa gin, I cannot wait to make some cocktails with this during my birthday month, December! This is such a fun stocking filler for adults and a really nice chocolate-themed gift. For someone who loves gin, I’m sure they haven’t tried cocoa gin before, or if they have, this is sure to be their new favourite. Even the bottle is divine, I can't wait to use it as a vase once the gin has gone haha. 

My top Christmas stocking filler gifts from Hotel Chocolat? 

A big box of hot chocolate because the home of chocolate is obviously the best place to get the best hot chocolate... I’m also a massive sucker for anything themed and the little posse of penguins is SO cute, I almost want to buy one for my boyfriend right now (we once went to see some penguins together hehe), I also LOVE the Christmas Pick me up set, a total dream for chocolate lovers, full of festive cuteness AND it’s only £12! 

If you really want to impress this Christmas, the Mini Chocolat Christmas crackers are a dream because yes, party hats are fun but Hotel Chocolat inside a cracker? My Grandad would be jumping from the roof with joy! I think I may have to buy a set this year just for him. 

Hotel Chocolat have smashed it this year with their dreamy Christmas characters (the penguins and reindeers are just TOO cute to eat *almost) and then adult friendly gifts such as cacao gin make a luxurious but quirky gift. Of course, their originals are always there, don’t fix what aint broken, with the salted caramel buttons and their famous H-Box full of favourites, whether you go festive or traditional. 
It's fair to say, there's something for everyone at Hotel Chocolat this year. Now, time to get my shop on! 

If you’re looking for festive Christmas gifts OR a chocolate advent calendar, use promo code EM10 for discount at Hotel Chocolat.

Lots of love, Em x

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