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Saturday 24 October 2020

The Best Alcohol Advent Calendars In 2020 - Virgin Wine Advent Calendar and Virgin Gin Advent Calendar

virgin wines advent calendar

Advertorial post -
Tis the season for advent calendars and today I wanted to review what I think is the dream advent calendar, A WINE ADVENT CALENDAR! Yes, really… on top of that, I’ve got a gin advent calendar to review too. Here are two of the best alcoholic advent calendars in 2020. If you’re looking for a fun advent calendar you can share with a loved one or an advent calendar which can make the perfect gift, look no further. Alcohol advent calendars are a little bit quirky and also different from the beauty advent calendars. Open up for the best alcohol advent calendars in 2020, a review of the Virgin Wines Wine Advent calendar

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The Virgin Wines Wine Advent calendar is already the nations number 1 favourite advent calendar and it’s back and re-invented for 2020! Yep, a wine advent calendar, really! 

The Virgin Wines Advent Calendar 

So what do you get inside the Virgin wine advent calendar:

- 25 days of premium names
- Exclusive wines
- Collection of wine varieties from around the world
- Full sized bottle for Christmas Day (worth 19.99)
- You can choose from all red, all white or a mix
- Worth over £120

I love red wine and did a little sneak peak, I’m very excited to try the Australian Shiraz.

I think a wine advent calendar is a great advent calendar for any wine lovers, or, maybe you’re new to wine and want to try some different types of wine... it would also be a great way to host some lovely wine tastings during the festive season with the wines inside the box. This is a great advent calendar to send to a wine lover or lovers as a gift or, you could share with your house mates or other half! It really is the gift that keeps on giving and I love that you can choose from all red, all white or a mix - meaning you can tailor it to the recipient. This is actually something I would buy as a gift that keeps on giving for my couple friends this Christmas.

I LOVE that you get a bottle for Christmas Day too, many advent calendars don't give you a gift on the 25th but with this wine advent calendar, you get just that! 

The wine advent calendar costs £89.00 but you can reserve it before it sells out for £10! You can get it online here.

The Virgin Wines Gin Advent Calendar  

Gin is a trend that’s here to stay and I’m okay with that, I know a lot of people love gin subscription boxes and I see the gin advent calendar as even better than that! A new gin, every single day? What an amazing alcoholic advent calendar, it means you can build up your collection of gins and maybe even find a new favourite. 

So what do you get inside the Virgin gin advent calendar: 

- The premium gin advent calendar includes:
- 24 different 5cl bottles of premium craft gin
- From over 20 different producers
- Surprises too!
- Limited edition gins

I’m personally excited about the Sloe gin, perfect for cold nights and one I've never tried before.

To conclude, I love the idea of alcoholic advent calendars, I think they make a great gift for someone who's difficult to buy for, a fun, daily gift that keeps on giving and they give people the opportunity to sample and fall in love with a completely new gin or wine they may have never tried before! Who knows, you may find a new favourite. 

Shop both onlinehere. 

Lots of love, Em x

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