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Monday 19 October 2020

The Best Body Moisturisers To Buy - Top 11 Body Lotions And Moisturisers

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I got an email the other day asking which luxury body moisturiser someone should buy as a gift for Christmas and that got me thinking, isn’t it time I write up a guide to the best body moisturisers? Firstly, we're getting closer to Christmas and some of you may be thinking about Christmas presents (a lovely body lotion makes such a good Christmas present for literally anyone on your list, we all need to moisturise) but secondly, I'd like to think 2020 is the year of self-care: go and run yourself a long hot bath and get ready to lather your body in something lovely afterwards. I’ve upped my moisturising game recently, I've always been a body oil kinda girl but I think they're more Summer friendly. You can read my blog post about the best body oils if you are a body oil kinda person. I feel like body moisturisers and lotions have more oommfff and definitely give better results, an oil soaks in quickly but a moisturiser gets in deeply and feels more firming I guess. Open up for my blog post featuring the best body moisturisers and the best body lotions, perfect if you're looking for something new for yourself or, as a gift for someone else. Here is my guide to the best body moisturisers and body lotions to buy. Bookmark this and come back closer to Christmas if you're looking for Christmas gift ideas. You might also like: 
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Kiehls Creme De Corps - There's a reason this is an all time best seller, it’s like a whipped cloud on your body, imagine the most decadent, good-enough-to-eat moisturiser, this is made with Shea Butter and Jojoba Butter and honestly just sinks into my skin like a marshmallow. It smells like heaven, not too sweet but utterly divine. A little bit goes a long way as it is very rich and will keep you hydrated the morning after too. I love the whipped texture. I buy it for my Mum every Christmas. It's also suitable for sensitive skin which is a total bonus as I find lots of body moisturisers irritate my skin with their scents. I would say this is a total hero for dry, winter skin, this will fix it! 

Good for: Christmas gift, rich, decadent, intensive dry skin, 24hr + hydration, scent you'll become obsessed with. Shop online here and here. 

Laura Mercier Soufflé Body Creme - Utterly divine, the Laura Mercier Soufflé Body Creme is as indulgent as even the name sounds. Another product my Mum and I have adored for years, we love the vanilla, the almond or the creme brûlée one. It's like a whipped cream but feels light on the skin, it makes your skin look luminous with added vitamins and rice bran oil, grape seed and honey and vanilla to deeply moisturise and calm irritation. The formula is incredible and the scent is like a sweet, indulgent bakery. You'll want to eat it all up. Even the packaging oozes luxury, it looks beautiful in my bathroom. 

Good for: Luxury gift, light weight, decadent glowing skin. Shop online herehere and here. 

Jo Malone Body Creme - It would be rude to talk about luxury body moisturisers and not talk about Jo Malone, of course, Jo Malone products make the most perfect gifts, to yourself or someone else, the packaging alone is to die for.  I know the gentleman who emailed me asking for body moisturiser suggestions for his wife for Christmas ended up buying her a Jo Malone body creme. I think Jo Malone body cremes are luxuriously rich and conditioning, they sink into the body straight away but use jojoba seed, cocoa seed and sweet almond to hydrate, nourish and protect the skin - obviously Jo Malone are famous for their fragrances, so of course, it will leave your body beautifully scented all day long.  

Good for: Luxurious gift, light weight, quick sink in but rich hydration. Shop online here. 

Neutrogena Hydroboost Whipped Body Balm - At only 4.99, this is the most affordable out of my list but it has to be included because honestly, it feels so premium and the science that goes into this product makes it exceptional indeed. Imagine putting a cloud on your body, this is it. It has such a different texture, cloud like/whipped marshmallow meets balm?! But it works, it feels so indulgent and I always wake up the next day and still feel incredibly soft all over. It uses advanced facial hydration to body care, meaning it's really treating your skin in the correct way. It's such a treat. 

Good for: Affordable body care that works, 24hr + hydration. Shop online here and here. 

Molton Brown Body Lotion - I'd be lying if I said I wasn't utterly obsessed with Molton Brown body oils, I am, head over heels but, of course the team at Molton Brown do incredible body moisturisers too.  If you want to move away from the whipped, indulgent formulas which I know can be quite rich / take a while to sink in, Molton Brown is for you, equally as luxurious and nourishing as the others but they are enriched with fast-absorbing oils so they sink straight in (which I love) and give your skin that intensive TLC quickly, plus of course, they have the best scents. 

Good for: More affordable luxurious gift, intense moisture but fast absorbing and divine scents. Shop online here and here. 

Sol De Janerio Brazilian Bum Bum Cream - This product is famous around the world when it comes to body moisturisers and there's a reason for that: it's powerful and smells INSANE. There are SO many things I could write about this, it's infused with guarana which is an Amazonian vine with 5x the caffeine of coffee to help provide an energising boost to the skin, it also includes 15 essential amino acids, antioxidants and minerals, it is designed to tighten the skin and nourish it. If you could bottle up a holiday, this is what it would smell like. 

Good for: Tightening/firming the skin, full of powerful natural ingredients, if you like the smell of holidays! Online here and here. 

Ren AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum - I'm Ren obsessed so I was very excited to try this product. This is totally different to any of the other products I have mentioned as it is more of a targeted serum, but it deserves a feature as it technically works as a moisturiser. It's designed to bring out the skins natural and healthy glow, it exfoliates gently and rejuvenates too. It's formulated with lactic acid to help even out pigmentation as well as pro-biotic extract to minimise water loss. It also is enriched with sodium lactate to help smooth and firm the skin. This is great for flaky or dry skin. 

Good for: If you like clean beauty products and brands that give back to the world, you're looking for more of a targeted product and something that will both firm and smooth.  Shop online here and here. 

L’Occitane Almond Body Lotion - The whole of L'Occitane's almond range is out of this world and their Almond Body Lotion is no exception. Designed to make the skin look firmer, softer and have satin-like sheen, this is a best selling miracle in a jar... I love it because it melts so fast into the skin so no waiting around and the packaging is so opulent, making it the perfect gift too. Rather than just hydrating, it helps to tighten the skin too and they have done trials over a 28 day period where 85% said skin looks firmer, with 100% saying the skin feels softer. It uses walnut seed and almond extract to help stimulate cellular renewal... not just beauty but there are powerful brains within this product too. I am always blown away by L'Occitane products and this range is my favourite scent wise too. 

Good for: A luxurious product that is designed to firm AND hydrate the skin, but it actually sinks in quickly too, a divine scent and makes the perfect gift too. Shop online here and here. 

Skyn Iceland Arctic Repair Cream -
This is the first body product from Skyn Iceland, who's skin products I have been using for years (they've got me through many flights). I got through the tub in rapid time, it really is divine for winter skin. It is luxurious, sinks straight in and is designed to repair the skin, so perfect for cracked/flaky or dull skin. As with all of Skyn Icelands products, the ingredients are great, with nourishing phytonutrients, antioxidants and things like Arctic algae and Gooseberry extract - there's also oatmeal to soothe and arctic oils, rich in fatty acids to nourish and protect against environmental and stress pollution. They source these from some of the coldest regions on the planet to help the skin, one of the only brands I've heard of doing this... Skyn Iceland really do go above and beyond. What's more, the jar is 100% recyclable made from sugarcane! 

Good for: Eco friendly beauty lovers, natural beauty lovers and great to repair cracked dull skin. Shop online here and here. 

The Body Shop Body Butters - You know what they say, if it aint broke, don't fix it... It would be criminal to do a blog post about the best body moisturisers and not include The Body Shop's body butters. I have grown up with them and my Mum used them throughout both her pregnancies. I dream about their shea butter. Shop online here. 

La Mer The Renewal Body Balm - Last but certainly not least, the most expensive of the group, La Mer The Renewal Body Balm, an absolute pleasure to use and so different in texture to any of the others, kind of like a full body version of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Protectant, this is a melts-into-your-body style balm. This is described as a miracle broth, discovered by Dr Max Huber, The Renewal Body Balm is world-renowned and is the result of 12 years devotion to unlocking the powers of the sea, found in the giant sea kelp in the pristine waters of Vanouver. It nourishes the body and instantly makes the skin glow from top to toe. My body just drinks this up. 

Good for: Ultra premium, dreamy balm like texture, lovely natural ingredients. Shop online here and here. 

So there we have it, I hope you found my bog post with the top 11 best body lotions useful, whether it's to help you find a new body moisturiser or if you're looking for a lovely gift for someone who deserves a pamper! 

Lots of love, Em x
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