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Saturday 14 November 2020

Kiehl's Christmas 2020 Review - Beauty Christmas Gift Ideas - Kiehl's Holiday Collection

Advertorial post - Tis the season for Christmas gifts eek! I asked on Instagram if you have been getting ready to Christmas shop and so many of you said yes, already woohoo! I know some people start Christmas shopping in October and some people like to Christmas shop a week before… so you can always bookmark this page and come back! I like to be organised but to be honest I don’t like storing it all in my house so I’m definitely a last minute kinda gal when it comes to Christmas, although I did go home recently and start putting Christmas hampers together for friends and family as it’s a mammoth task every year and I vowed to be better this year. Today I want to talk you through my top picks for beauty Christmas gifts from Kiehl’s, it’s the perfect time to get lots of favourites in very special Christmas editions or, gift boxes. If you are looking for Christmas gifts and stocking fillers, here is my guide and review of Kiehl’s Christmas gifts, this year with artwork by Maïté Franchi. 

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P.S In true Kiehl’s tradition, tis the season of good will and when you purchase the Collection For A Cause gift set £ from each sale will go to their charity partner, Just Like Us, who are are working to make UK schools a more welcoming place for LGBT+ young people. I think this is fantastic and another reason I adore Kiehl’s as a brand, they do so much for community and charity. In terms of eco friendliness, if you saw the Kiehl’s 2020 advent calendar you’ll know this is Kiehl’s greenest holiday yet, packaging is made with 100% recyclable, FSC certified materials using zero plastics so you can be happy knowing you are helping the world buying gifts from Kiehl’s too.

Limited edition favourites  - For major Kiehl’s fans out there, it’s the perfect excuse to top up on some old favourites with gorgeous, limited edition packaging. You can read my blog post here about the best Kiehl’s products to buy, but I would highly recommend these stocking stuffers: 

Limited Edition Creme De Corps - If you read my best body moisturisers blog post you’ll know I think a good moisturiser makes such a special Christmas present, moisturising is a nice time to just relax and have a little self care and I feel like we only really buy ourselves affordable moisturisers, this one makes such a good gift. Kiehls Creme De Corps body cream really is a hero product. It’s a whipped, cloud-like body cream and I always say it is just like putting fluffy marshmallow clouds all over my body! It is amazing for super dry skin and I always wake up feeling soft even 24 hours after application. It smells like heaven and is a favourite with my whole family. Shop Kiehls Creme De Corps Body Cream.

Limited Edition Midnight Recovery Oil - This product entered my life in 2012 and it never left. You can really mix this product into your skincare to ensure it works for you, so you might want to add a drop of something to this *I like to mix it with my SkinCeuticals* or pop this on over a moisturiser. The best way to describe Midnight Recovery Oil is basically 8 hours sleep in a bottle - just a few drops on your skin and the oil replenishes the skin as you sleep - science wise, it helps to supplement the natural overnight recovery process, so you wake up and skin looks more rested and restored. I struggle with sleep and my skin usually shows it but not when I use this, wake up and your skin feels fresh and radiant - the bonus? The Midnight Recovery Oil is 99.8% naturally derived. It’s so calming on the skin too. Shop Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil.

Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream - I always get this for my brother as he gets dry skin and this is just the most perfect product for winter skin, this is the perfect winter face moisturiser, as it’s designed to provide 24 hour lasting hydration (2.3x more moisture) in the extreme cold, -4 and wind chill, it was my saviour when I lived in Canada in -30 and my brother uses it on ski trips, I have copied him too haha. Not only is it great for ski trips and visits to climates like Canada, but even central heating and air conditioning which make my skin so dry and itchy! This is a total hit for sensitive skin. Shop Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream. 

Limited Edition Scented Scrub Soap - An affordable but truly luxe stocking stuffer, at only £12 this is a scented exfoliating soap for the whole body and I just love the packaging, collect all three gorgeous scents. I personally love the lavender one as I think it’s great to scrub myself from head to toe with it in the bath and then fall asleep after! Shop Limited Edition Scented Scrub Soap. 

Limited Edition Butterstick Treatment - Another affordable stocking filler, with the cutest festive packaging, I love the untainted lip balm super hydrating made with coconut oil, it makes the lips look so much softer and melts right on. My boyfriend goes through so many lip products! I just think the packaging is so premium and a pleasure to pull out of my bag. Shop the Limited Edition Butterstick Treatment. 

Kiehl's Christmas gift sets - Here are my top Kiehl’s Christmas gift set picks: 

Then it’s time for the gift sets, I personally love buying gift sets for Christmas because it means the recipient either gets to be stocked up on their favourites or, gets to try something new, not to mention the gift boxes themselves are utterly gorgeous and great to keep little bits and bobs in after!

Hydration Essentials - £28 - At £28 this is a total bargain, featuring so many of my top Kiehl’s products, a hydrating gift set from head to toe. Inside the set you get a cleanser, cream, body cream and a hand cream! You also save 10%.

Facial Favourites For All - £44.50 - Great for the skincare lovers or, someone looking to get into skincare, including a deep pore mask, the calendula toner, calendula face wash and the Ultra Facial Cream.

Men’s Grab and Go Essentials - £37 - Definitely a gift for my brother as he is massively into his skincare, I got Matt into his skincare a few years ago and he also loves Kiehls. This is great to introduce the man in your life to Kiehl’s or build him the perfect vacation travel set, including face wash, shave cream, moisturiser and their body scrub soap which is SO lovely, you might want to steal it.

Power Packed Essentials - £89 -
I love this set because it comes with a reusable travel bag, total bonus for anyone who loves to travel! This is great for anyone looking for a powerful skincare routine, powerful strength line reducing concentrate, vitamin C eye serum and their super multi-corrective cream - this perfect anti-ageing.

So there we have it, there are SO many Kiehl's Christmas gifts to choose from, whether it's a forever favourite, something new someone is wanting to try OR one of the special gift sets. If it was up to me? I'd be gifting Creme De Corps, the bar of soap or lip balm in every stocking and of course, getting some of those essential gift sets! 

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Lots of love, Em x

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