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Thursday 2 July 2020

The Best Sports Bras To Buy

Sweaty Betty Union Jack sports set

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After the success of my best leggings to buy and the best workout trainers to buy blog posts I thought it was time to write a blog post on sports bras as it's something I get asked about a lot! As most of you know, I work out a lot and have done for years and years so I've tried a lot of sports bras. I am going to write about the sports bras I personally have had the most use out of and like the most. Hopefully you're going to find this useful, I also spotted the Sweaty Betty sale aka perfect timing to talk about this and get a bargain too!

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What I look for in a sports bra: For reference even though I certainly don't look it, I am a DD so I do need a supportive sports bra, I also have quite a wide back so I find comfort is key. I am someone who really enjoys going for walks in my sports bras too (way comfier than actual bras, yuck) AND doing really high intensity workouts like burpees and HIIT so I have put these ones to the test over the years and find them really good. For me, I like to go for a medium to high impact sports bra so hopefully one of these will work for you too. If in doubt, I just click high or medium impact on websites and pow, those bras are gems. 

A good sports bra or good gym kit in general will last you a really long time, some of my sports bras have been in my wardrobe for years and have been through some seriously rigorous workouts! It's worth investing in, I once worked out in a jersey bra and I've never had breast pain like it! It just wasn't supportive enough. 

sweaty Betty sports bra

white sweaty Betty sports bra
Outfits by Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty Sports Bras - Let's start with a brand I have been wearing for years, one I buy from a lot when there's a Sweaty Betty sale on (that would be, right now!) I personally love a zip up sports bra, I find the zips never fall down on these ones and they are SUPER supportive. I just love how they hold me in and they look really good too, they're very durable. For high impact, no zip up, you've got the Stamina sports bra, does what it says on the tin and the Victory sports bra. Two really good, forever sports bras that will be in your wardrobe for years and you can literally run for miles in them or burpee for hours... 

If high impact isn't your thing, this one is literally the prettiest sports bra I own, designed for vinyasa yoga, definitely more of a jersey, comfortable sports bra and not for anything high impact but it looks so lovely and could definitely be worn just day to day too abroad or something! It's just lovely looking. 

Nike sparkle gym kit

Nike Sports Bras - A good sports bra will last you forever, I have some good high impact ones from Nike that have been in my wardrobe for years. Let's be real, we know they use the creme de la creme of science so you can't really go wrong with a good Nike sports bra. 

High impact sports bra - this one feels really supportive but looks good too. Some high support ones look a bit too robotic almost and a bit much. 

Medium impact sports bra - I wear these ones all the time, it's actually made from almost 75% recycled materials which is cool?! It feels thin to touch and as if it wont do much but I find it literally sucks my boobs flat to my chest and just holds them there. It does the job for me. This one is also similar too, I have this one and wear it to spin a lot. I find it's sooo comfortable and soft as you just put it on in one go without needing to fasten anything at the back like a bra, so no uncomfortable things digging in when you're doing abs! 

Highest impact sports bra - This is Nike's highest impact sports bra. I love how bra like it looks with the cups, I think it's a very flattering look and looks like it's all in one piece too. They say this is their highest impact bra. If your size is out, try online here too. 

gym shark seamless
Whole gym kit is GymShark

gym shark seamless

GymShark Sports Bras - Okay I remember getting my first outfit from GymShark and being SO impressed. They were known for their bootaayyy leggings and to be honest, I never really vibe them haha, then I discovered their Energy Seamless range and it was a game changer, you can see me wearing the Burgundy set at the top. Okay, so GymShark sports bras... I find their Racerback Bras are very good for medium to high impact, they hold you in but look really good too, just a simple bra but the backclasp is like an actual bra so it feels very supportive. If you want a medium supportive bra that's a zip up at the front (I personally find it way comfier having something at the front than the back) then GymShark zip up bras are great and more affordable than Sweaty Betty. 

If you are looking for a super high impact sports bra, the one I wear the most at the moment is from GymShark and it is their Apex bra, it is actually like a proper bra and I've never felt something so supportive. Eve more so thank the zip up ons! 

If you want something that looks nice, their wrap over seamless range goes on in one swoop and has a really comfortable feel, but I would say is still medium impact. 

Check Out Her Norks - If you're wanting to give back, Check Out Her Norks are fantastic, I have their cross over sports bra in black and can confirm it was amazing for a high impact workout! Money goes towards womens charities which is so important and close to my heart. 

fabletics gym kit
Fabletics Sports Bras - If you read my Fabletics gym kit review blog post you'll know I've tried it all... their high impact sports bras are epic for my hiit classes. You can watch a recent haul review video to see me trying them on in action if that helps... my favourites are their zip up bras which you can see above, they are super high impact and then their high impact training bras with the clasp at the back, they look so good I often just wear them with shorts around the house, they hold everything in so well. I also love their halterneck jersey style sports bras but as more comfortable tops, I personally wouldn't do burpees in them but they look amazing and are better for say yoga, pilates or barre! Shop Fabletics

reebok pure move bra

Reebok Sports Bras - Reebok is a brand I rarely see mentioned anymore but it felt wrong to write this blog post and not discuss an old favourite, that's still in my wardrobe, the Reebok PureMove sports bra. It's incredibly lightweight and feels so thin, I thought it would never hold me in but it does, the bra has motion sense technology and feels so lightweight. It's designed specifically to feel like second-skin and is very minimal but honestly just like all the others, I've trialled it in hardcore conditions! I have it in black but would prefer a different colour so happy to see they do white ones now too, also spotted you can get it in the sale here too. 

So there we have it, I will add more as and when I try them on and think *ooo yes that's a fantastic sports bra* but for now, the above are the ones in my wardrobe that I am wearing day in, day out for home workouts and the bras I have been wearing for gym classes and wearing into the ground over the last few years. I hope you find this useful! 

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Lots of love, Em x

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