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Monday 20 July 2020

5 Ways To Be Motivated To Workout At Home

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I started lockdown feeling hyped to do home workouts, I impressed myself to be honest as I've always been a real gym bunny, loving my classes at the gym as they inspire me, push me and motivate me so much so I shocked myself for the first few weeks of lockdown, training most days with live workouts and absolutely smashing them. To be honest, I've had no other option so in my mind, I just had to get it done. I always felt a workout wasn't hard enough unless done in the gym but I totally proved myself wrong. If like me, you're now 18+ weeks into no gym and some days lacking the motivation to work out from home, I feel you and I am here for you. One of my most asked questions on Instagram is how do you stay motivated to work out?! So I thought I'd pop a quick blog post together with 5 ways to get motivated to workout at home. I know gyms are soon to re-open but I understand if you have anxieties about going back to enclosed indoor spaces.

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PLAN A ROUTINE - First things first, just like you had a routine pre-lockdown, eg, booked onto a spin class or booked into a Blaze class, holding you accountable so you know you had to go to it before or after work, you need to be doing the same during lockdown and get into a workout routine. For me, I've found it works best if I wake up, put something baking in the oven from my healthier ebook (cheeky plug hehe - Ad own product) - do any urgent emails/work and then whilst it bakes away, I do an hour workout session, it means when I'm done my breakfast is ready and it's got me into a nice little routine. If I don't do my workout at 9/10am, it takes me all day to get the motivation to do it. I'm personally someone who just works out better on a morning but I cannot work out too early either as I struggle with sleep so it's got to be the perfect morning time for me. Some days I have so much work to get through first and like to reward myself with a workout, it feels good doing the workout eventually but it takes me so much effort and mental strength to actually crack on and do that workout so I do find it better to just smash it out in the morning then get on my day. On an evening we go for a long walk when it's quiet, remember NEAT is important too - so this is movement that burns calories without really meaning to, it could be gardening fore example - you don't have to just smash a solid HIIT workout every day, long walks burn calories or short fast walks, plus fresh air is so good for you. Find what works for you, just some form of movement!

NEW GYM KIT - I know it sounds totally silly but I do find new gym kit inspires me to workout and move more, I want to take my new trainers out on a run, I want to trial my new leggings, I feel better in new, fresh gym kit. I feel like when I've spent money kitting myself out, I need to get my moneys worth, it means the cost per wear is basically free then and makes me feel less guilty for spending my money. I've written a lot of posts to help you with this, I've done the research so you don't have to: the best workout trainers, the best leggings for workouts, the best sports bras to buy, PLUS, lucky you, there's a Nike sale on right now. It's worth stocking up on high quality, decent gym kit whilst there's such a good offer on then you have NO excuse not to take your new runners out!

HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE - There are many ways to hold yourself accountable so figure out what works for you, pre-lockdown I held myself accountable by writing down every single day I worked out in a diary, it meant I didn't overtrain and I didn't under train, it was good to see it on a week by week basis. I also booked into classes meaning I had to go. So what can you do to hold yourself accountable now because I get it, this is the challenging part. You can write it in a diary and tick it off every time you have completed a workout - trust me, it's satisfying and it's even better looking back at the end of the month and being like WOW, I DID SO MANY WORKOUTS - you can join a leaderboard on an app such as Strava, Nike, Garmin etc and then you feel as if you have to post when you worked out, you can sign up to a fitness challenge (I've heard things like Couch to 5k are good if you want to start running) or, as crazy as it sounds, you can PAY for classes it means you’ll actually do them! Hooray!

GO LIVE - Whether it’s Zoom or Instagram live workout, stick to that new routine and try and do it 'live'. I find going live at the exact time with a trainer means I get out of bed and do that live, rather than spending hours mulling over it, it really keeps me focused. I honestly have to lock myself in a room and mentally set myself up to do workouts sometimes but if there's a class on at 9am, I have to do it there and then or I miss it. I am a member of David Lloyd and their app has been fantastic, they did have a £4.99 offer on for non-members and they do Blaze classes virtually at set times, some are live but some can be done whenever it works for you. I've found them really handy as Blaze are my all time favourite workout classes! There are so many free workouts you can do on Instagram and YouTube, I have lots on my channels too! It's about finding someone who works for you, I always love The Body Coach as I think he's so motivating.

WORKOUT WITH A FRIEND - If you live together or are isolating together and are able to do so, get a running buddy or a workout buddy. It makes working out a lot sweeter! I used to always go to the gym or classes with my boyfriend and it meant we had to go, now we try do our live workouts together so we both do it! It's way more challenging when he doesn't do it with me! You can always virtually remind each other or FaceTime a friend whilst working out! I like running but I hate running alone, I would love a running buddy to run with!

DO SOMETHING YOU ENJOY - It doesn’t have to be HIIT, it might be long walks, pilates, dancing, get on Youtube and try a few things, see what you like! I think it's all about trial and error. It could be a run, it could be a bike ride, it could be going to your local safe tennis club (I know David Lloyd courts are back open, hooray and we really need to get down to it!) You will stick to a routine easier if you actually enjoy it and it will feel like less of a chore. Make sure you're mixing up your workouts though so your body doesn't plateau and get bored/used to what you're doing! I am missing my weights from the gym so I am ensuring I am adding weights into my heavy HIIT sessions now and wow I have missed how hard weights are!

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Lots of love, Em x

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