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Tuesday 28 July 2020

8 Of The Best Comfortable Summer Shoes - Plus Gucci Loafer Dupes And Chanel Espadrille Dupes

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Now if you guys have been reading my blog for sometime, you'll know I love writing guides, whether it's my guide to the best trainers, the best sports bras to buy, the best workout leggings or even the best fitness tracking watches. I was asked on Twitter to recommend some good shoes to walk in during summer, but not necessarily trainers and I totally understand, often when I am abroad or even in London, I will have a 30 minute walk somewhere to dinner but I don't want to wear trainers as I want whatever shoes I'm wearing to look good with my outfit, ensure I adhere to dress codes of restaurants but be comfortable too (as comfy and lovely as trainers are, they don't always pass the restaurant test), alas, this blog post was born. Here are my top comfortable Summer shoes, ones you can comfortably walk in, but they'll look great popping into restaurants etc too.
birkenstock arizona
 Birkenstock sandals online here - here and here.

Birkenstock Sandals - I couldn't talk about comfortable footwear and not talk about Birkenstocks. A lot of people ask if Birkenstocks are comfortable and the answer is yes, sometimes for some people they just take some wearing in and get better with time, for me they were always great. I'm still devastated I lost my most treasured Birkenstock sandals in Vietnam, don't even ask me how. I still need to replace them. Birkenstocks are the Dad sandals that got cool, they're chunky and on trend (still) but look so good with pretty much every outfit and last a lifetime (unless you lose them like me, myself and I). I actually think because they're chunky they look so pretty with a little white dress. The sole is really durable and quite spongey but hard at the same time if that makes sense, so I think they're just great to throw on and you can easily walk for at least a while in them. They're effortless. I am VERY wide footed, I am basically a duck and I've never had any issues with Birkenstocks... breathable, comfortable, wide foot friendly AND they look good too. They're unisex too, hooray.

- I like the Birkenstock Madrid, one band over the top and I adore these ones. 

- I also like (the most popular) Birkenstock Arizona, I like these ones as I like the golden buckle or you can get the same ones, the Birkenstock Arizona with the silver buckle.

- You can also get the whole range of Birkenstock sandals online here - here and here. I love the stone coloured Arizonas. 

Emu Australia Agonis Canvas Shoes - I saw these on Instagram and just had to have some. As someone with very wide feet, I love shoes that look narrow and flattering but they actually fit beautifully. These canvas plimsole shoes have a really nice base to them so they are great for walking, I have personally done two to three hour walks around London in them and they have been fine. I did get blisters the first time I wore them as they definitely need wearing in, but now they are totally fine. I think they are pretty because they have the lace up, but they don't look like trainers. It's my first ever item from Emu too. You can get them online here and here.

Chanel espadrilles

Chanel Espadrilles - I am now onto my second pair of Chanel espadrilles and part of me thinks they're the worst designer purchase ever, but the other part of me thinks they're the best. Hear me out: Chanel Espadrilles are SO comfortable, soft leather, mould to your feet BUT as they are espadrilles, they are not designed to get wet and I absolutely ruined mine by getting them wet so it's my fault. They also pick up smelly, sweaty feet VERY quickly so ensure you are wearing the right kind of little socks with them, (I recommend these little liner socks to wear with espadrilles). Espadrilles are not very good with wear and tear, you will notice the base will wear down quite easily, however, this year I have been much kinder to them and yes, I do long walks in them but not as much as I used to but you can absolutely, definitely, in nice weather comfortably wear them for long walks. I have to include them on here as I find my espadrilles are the perfect, classy Summer shoe, they go with everything, perfect for wide feet and they are super comfortable. Just take care of them, or buy dupes instead.

- You can get Chanel espadrilles online here

- If you don't want to spend lots of money on Chanel espadrilles but still want designer ones, there are so many other designer options which are cheaper: Gucci canvas espadrilles, Castaner canvas espadrilles, YSL leather espadrilles, Saint Laurent canvas espadrilles, Tory Burch leather espadrilles or Gucci leather espadrilles and all of these come in cheaper than Chanel espadrilles.

- You can get high street dupes of Chanel espadrilles online here

gucci loafer dupes

Flat Loafers - I love loafers, I don't think they'll ever go out of style and you can go for designer ones, mid-range ones or total affordable ones. Loafers were made famous thanks to Gucci and whilst I don't personally own any flat Gucci loafers, I do own two pairs of Gucci Marmont heeled loafer shoes which I'll tell you about below this as they are fantastic. I don't think you can go wrong with a smart pair of loafers to go with any outfit, whether it's a little dress with your legs out or with nice trousers. They add a classy vibe to anything and generally are very comfortable plus the 'flat' ones do have a small heel too for a bit of height. Below are my top loafers.

- Gucci loafers, because they're the originals. I've been told by friends they Gucci Princetown (the most popular loafers are) quite narrow though so check your sizing and go 1/2 size up. They look amazing and these ones are my favourite. If you prefer a back on your loafers, the Gucci Marmont loafers are a dream and online here too. For something a little less chunky, I rate the Gucci Brixton Collapsable loafers, online here too. They just look nice and narrow on the feet.

Dupes of Gucci loafers - If you are looking for flat loafers but you don't want to go designer, the best Gucci loafer dupes would be these Topshop loafers, The White Company loafers - currently in the sale, Jigsaw loafers - also in the sale, these loafers are so similar to Gucci loafers too and ASOS do great backless loafer dupes. 

Gucci Marmont Fringed Loafers
Off white denim skirt / Gucci Marmont Fringed Loafers online herehere and here. 

Gucci Marmont Fringed Loafers - For a comfortable option with a small but nice heel, go for the Gucci Marmont Fringed loafers. I know I just feel more dressed up/smart with a heel so these are the perfect mid-heel and honestly, they are SO comfy. I have two pairs of these and think they are great because you can walk around all day in them but still look good for dinner as they have a 25mm chunky heel. The fringe ones are an acquired taste, if you don't like the fringe, you can get the new Gucci Marmont GG leather loafers without fringing, which I actually prefer now, they look more classy! In white they are utterly divine and great for a nice Summer walk to dinner or meetings.

- Get the Gucci Marmont Fringed Loafers online here, here and here.  Selfridges also have them here. I'm a sucker for these ones with the bees and stars on!

- Get the new season Gucci Marmont Leather Loafers without fringing online here and here. 

- For a fringe loafer dupe, you can get them online here. 

slingback shoes

Slingback shoes - I don't think you can go wrong with a smart, simple pair of slingback shoes for Summer. I have always loved slingback shoes as I think they are so comfortable, breathable but smart to wear. You can get these slingbacks for only £10 in the sale too! Or if you prefer slingbacks with a little bit of something, these ones have a cute, fancy bow on them!

Adidas stan smith trainers

Dress online here and here / trainers - Adidas Stan Smith and here and here. 

Comfortable Summer trainers - Whilst this blog post is not about comfortable Summer trainers (you can read my blog post about the top trainers here), just incase, as a recap, the trainers I wear all year round for ultimate comfort and long walks abroad (we are talking 30,000 steps in NYC - the ones below have passed the test), with cute outfits are:

- Puma Cali trainers - you can shop the range of Puma Cali trainers here and here and here. You can also get them on prime and discounted online here, my exact ones.

- Adidas Stan Smith - On the Adidas site and online here and different colours here and lots on ASOS too.

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Lots of love, Em x

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