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Monday 10 August 2020

The Best Healthy Snacks

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I’m a snack queen, it’s no secret. I'm always snacking. On Instagram stories @emshelx I will often show my favourite healthy snacks but I thought I’d document it on a blog post so you can bookmark it and come back to, this is not to say I don’t enjoy my pizza, my Cadbury’s, my Galaxy because I do and yes I snack on crisps and cheese, but if you are interested in my fave healthier snacks this should help! I’m not going to sit and pretend I snack on lettuce all day because I don’t, but it’s about balance and moderation but hopefully this blog post will help you with ideas to stock your cupboards full of healthier snacks. 

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Remember: One persons idea of 'healthy' may be different to another persons idea of healthy, for some people they may deem 'healthy fats' as healthy, some people may deem them as 'fats', some people may deem 'low calorie' as healthy, some people may deem 'refined sugar free' as healthy... it really is a personal choice. For me, it's about balance. I love my healthy fats from my avocado, my peanut butter but I also love my starchy carbs like bread. My idea of 'healthier' items, tend to be things lower in calories, lower in sugar but also items that use more natural products, so I tend to look for palm oil free peanut butters, naturally sweetened items (if I want proper chocolate, I'm going to grab Cadbury or Galaxy) so some items I buy or bake use say peanut butter which may be higher in calories. When looking for healthy snacks, I look at saturated fat, sugar content and the ingredient list as something with coconut and peanut butter will be higher in saturated fat and sugar, but they come from more natural sources. I hope this makes sense! 
healthy flapjack recipe

Healthy Bulk Baking - I’m sure most of you know by now that with most of my healthy snacks, I bake them in the morning from my healthier recipe ebook. I'd be lying if I didn't put that in here. I tend to wake up, whack the oven on, bake something, then do my workout whilst it bakes. It's the way I've always been, even throughout Uni! It's cheaper to buy ingredients in bulk and bake healthy stuff yourself. I particularly like making my healthier, easy vanilla cookies, healthier choc chip cookies or healthier flapjack. Not to mention my pancakes for a very quick lunch! The flapjack and cookies are perfect to snack on for breakfast, lunch, in-between or on to go and you can eat the whole tray... plus everything in my e-book is super quick and easy to bake too, that's why I put it together! You can get my ebook here for lots of healthy snack options. If you are wondering where to buy items from the ebook, I have done a whole blog post answering questions and linking healthier baking ingredients too. Check it out here. 

Apples - I love snacking on apples but strictly only when they’re chopped up, I know weird but they genuinley taste nicer. Apparently it's something to do with the oxygen?! In all my weekly shops I ensure we are stocked up on apples...the good, high quality type of apples though so I actually eat them. I love Pink Lady apples, I just find they taste nicer. You can make apples taste even better by adding a scoop of almond butter or peanut butter (linking my current fave, affordable peanut butter with no palm oil) to each slice, thank me later! Or you can always puree your apples up and use it as apple sauce as a natural sweetener in recipes too. 

PHD Smart Bars - When I say we are obsessed with these, we are utterly obsessed. We love them so much we even took them skiing up a mountain with us and I definitely have one in my hand whilst writing this blog post too. I buy them in bulk from Amazon and legit cry when they run out, that's how good they are. My favourite flavour is the peanut followed by the cookie followed by the white choc but honestly I’ll take any. They do a vegan version and I am ashamed to say I have never tried them! You can get the 32g version or the 64g, if I eat 32g I always just end up having two. They’re the perfect chocolatey snack that are low in sugar, low in calories but high in protein. You feel like you’ve eaten a toffee crisp bar. I get asked a lot about a protein taste but these taste barely protein like at all. I would say they make an amazing dessert, because they do but also, I often have them after my lunch. I suggest buying them online here and here as they're cheapest

Misfits Vegan Chocolate Protein Bars - For a chocolate snack that tastes like chocolate, you can barely taste the powder of the protein - these are insane and great because they’re vegan too! I think these are epic protein bars because the ingredients are natural so you're putting natural ingredients into your body. One of my followers pointed out she can’t eat nuts, they don’t have nuts in all of these either (check the flavours). They’re super low in sugar, actually they use zero refined sugar, low in calories calories but high in protein. They fill me up so much and also feel like a yummy dessert too. I have at least one per day. My favourite is the salted caramel or hazelnut whilst Matt loves the peanut butter. I rave about these a lot because they're so good. Whilst you’re on the site (cheapest place buy is here as you can get 30% off if you stock up on bundles and order more stuff) get their greens powder, it’s amazing inside smoothies!!! Shop Misfits Chocolate Protein Bars, don't forget to use promo code EMS20 at Misfits for 20% discount!!! 

Rhythm108 - I could talk about this brand all day long, a small business who were inspired by Switzerland and trust me, it shows in their chocolatey *but healthier* snacks. They are a natural, wholesome and plant based company, their products are vegan, organic and gluten free plus low in sugar - my personal favourites are the m*lk and hazelnut truffle tablet, imagine divine-praline-style-melt-in-your-mouth-chocolate, then the super coconut bar, imagine a bounty tasting chocolate bar (but 45% less sugar) and don’t even get me started on the sweet n salt almond bar… SO good, criminally so. I also love their Tea Biscuits, I found them first in Costa actually and I love their double chocolate hazelnut flavour the best. Their items are full of goodness and good ingredients PLUS make great gifts too. You can get 20% discount at Rhythm 108 using promo code EMS20 too! Hooray, stock up and thank me later. Shop Rhythm108

Protein Powders - I get asked about protein powders a lot! I personally don’t like to have a protein shake as a snack as I definitely prefer to eat my foods solid however, I am trying to get more protein in and often, I add protein powders to my smoothies or my baking, or even my Greek yoghurt... it does taste like a milk shake when added to oat milk too! There are a few protein powders I use and love and I get asked all the time so I am going to link them here. Firstly is Misfits protein powder in chocolate, it’s great because it’s vegan, low sugar and high protein, I use this so much in my baking - it's also really well priced too. Don't forget to use promo code EMS20 at Misfits for 20% discount! Often so many protein powders are rammed with bad ingredients and a lot of sugar, I love that this isn’t. Next is PhD Nutrition Smart Protein Powder in Peanut Butter, again, it's so low in sugar and calories but tastes so yummy in baking or shakes. It's great to add into the peanut butter and choc smoothie from my ebook for extra YUM. Lastly, the one my boyfriend makes into a milkshake most evenings is Bulk Powders Protein Isolate Powder. 

HippeasEveryone knows I’m Hippeas obsessed and have been for years. These puffed chickpea crisps taste like Wotsits, when they’re on offer I buy them in bulk. I often just grab a bag as a lunchtime snack or pre-dinner snack but they're even better as a Hippeas sandwich! They use good ingredients and are low in everything too. Shop Hippeas

Easy Peel Satsumas - I love satsumas, one of my favourite things to snack on by far at the moment! They are yummy and sweet and fill me up too. I love getting the small 'easy' peel ones. I often eat one straight after another haha. 

PopchipsAnother crisp brand I’ve been buying for years! Oven baked crisps, they’re utterly delicious. Popped not fried, meaning I have more room for actual fries, ha. I always buy them when they’re on offer. They’re even better topped with sour cream or guacamole! Shop Popchips

Properchips - Another crisp brand I discovered, Properchips, SUCH yummy crisps and made from lentils! I am obsessed with lentil crisps. Try these ones dunked into Nush Almond Chive dip. That's actually how I first found this brand, SO good. Shop Properchips

Bananas - Someone wrongly told me years ago that bananas are ‘sticks of sugar’ they were wrong. I'm so annoyed I even listened. A quick Google will tell you that bananas are full of goodness and they keep me going all morning. You cannot beat a banana, we always ensure we have them in the house and mainly I use them in my baking! If I have somewhere to be in the morning and don't have time to bake I will always grab a banana. My new favourite thing to do is slice a banana, fill it with Peanut Butter - ManiLife is the yummiest - and then add in fruit, a little sprinkle of chocolate (I like adding in figs) and let it bake away... 20 mins later and you've got such a yummy, warming snack. 

Olives - I LOVE snacking on olives, I'd always buy the garlic Halkidiki ones from Tesco on my walk home from the gym at Uni! We usually buy a brand called Olly's Olives, they're SO good and I love something garlicky to snack on. They do good little snack packs too. 

Greek yoghurt - One of my fav snacks at the moment is just a bowl of Greek yoghurt with a splash of agave and then I add in some berries. I've actually started blending this together in my Thermomix and it's like a yummy, thick smoothie bowl with added goodness of fruit. The Thermomix has honestly changed my life, it chops, it blends, it blasts... it is INSANE and makes my healthy breakfast ideas SO much easier. So satisfying and perfect in summer! 

Livias Kitchen - I first discovered this brand in Selfridges and fell in love. I wouldn't say Livia's is low calorie, but, they do yummy, chocolatey snacks which only use natural ingredients, they are generally naturally sweetened with things like coconut nectar, dates etc. Livias Nugglets in cookie dough are my favourite! 

Deliciously Ella Bars - If you want to mix it up from protein bars and on days when I don't have time to make my own homemade healthy bars, I will grab a Deliciously Ella bar. I have been buying these since launch and am such a big fan. The Cacao and Almond ones are my favourite, I buy them online here in bulk. They work out so well priced and I always have one in my bag incase I get peckish! They're more like oat based bars so perfect if you don't want to always have something chocolatey or protein based. A really good breakfast bar too but again, naturally sweetened. 

My Breakfast Box - If you want to support an independent brand, I love My Breakfast Box and so happy I found them. You can get a breakfast subscription box and it's no refined sugar etc, meaning you always have healthy yummy breakfast to snack on! 

Eat Real - I buy a lot of the brand called Eat Real as I find their crisps are SO yummy and nice and natural too. They're generally made using chickpeas but they don't add any 'nasties' in so you know you are putting goodness into your body. They taste so so good so I always ensure our house is stocked full of bags of these. 

Rice Cakes - I am obsessed with salt and vinegar rice cakes, either by themselves OR topped with peanut butter (this PB is my fave) or cottage cheese. To be honest, I eat cottage cheese by itself out of the tub, I am literally obsessed with it... or I will butter some Jacobs crackers and pop cottage cheese and chutney on there too! I also love yoghurt covered rice cakes, Itsu do the best ones! I honestly buy them in bulk! 

So there we have it guys, I really hope this helps you, these are the things that are always stacked high in my house, ready to grab! 

Lots of love, Em x
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