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Wednesday 27 July 2022

Garnier Body Superfood Body Cream / Body Butter Review

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One of the most wonderful things about my job is that I get to try so many beauty brands. There really are so many amazing products on the market and I love nothing more than falling in love with products and seeing what's really worth the money. Now, I'm a complete sucker for a luxury beauty product, however, what really excites me is when a brand or beauty product from the high street blows me away, I LOVE finding a great value for money product, something you can literally add to your online grocery store basket and it not break the bank. The beauty industry is so vibrant and alive and I think that’s one of the things I love about it the most - there is something for everyone, new scientific research means the latest technologies are always translating in to new products not to mention the yummy textures, smells and benefits to my wellbeing as a result of using great products day in and day out! Today I am reviewing the brand new Garnier Body Superfood Body Cream and Body Butter collection. You're going to want to stick around for this review if you're looking for a body moisturiser to take you from summer through to winter. 

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My first Garnier love was the Garnier Summer Body, an absolute go-to when it comes to moisturising the body on holiday but with a gorgeous hint of fake tan. I then discovered {only recently actually} the Garnier Ultimate Blends hair masks and honestly, these are game changers in terms of scent, texture and how divine they make your hair feel at a great price too. It seems Garnier just keep getting better and better, innovating month after month and every launch seems to hit the spot. 

Self proclaimed beaut queen I am, there are still some beauty protocols I need to practice more consistently and using all over body cream is one of them. My Mum is an avid body cream user and says she cannot go a day without full body moisturising. She has been using The Body Shop body butters since she was pregnant with me. I on the other hand associate using body creams with warmer days and get in to a good routine at this time of year but then slowly taper off as the weather gets cooler. I need to feel warm when I am moisturising otherwise I feel damp. 

Having just received the most beautiful range of Garnier Body Superfood Nourishing Body Creams I am promising myself that I am going to get in to much more consistent habits around smothering my body from head to toe after showering and I think the new Garnier Superfood Body range might just be the perfect body butters to help with that task. 

As mentioned, Garnier are one of my long term hero brands, always providing great staples and affordable prices, I particularly like the Garnier Ambre Solaire Over Make Up SPF spray, perfect for my handbag and also to spray on my scalp without making my hair greasy! 

So let's talk about the four 380ml tubs of the Garnier Body Superfood 48h Nourishing Body Creams. The packaging is colourful and fun and on a practical note it is recyclable. The entire range is also cruelty free and uses a vegan formula which only makes me love the brand more. The new Garnier Body Butter range includes the following:

Garnier Body Superfood 48h Moisturising Cream - Aloe Vera + Magnesium for Normal to Dry Skin
Garnier Body Superfood 48h Hydrating Gel - Cream - Watermelon + Hyaluronic Acid for Normal Skin
Garnier Body Superfood 48h Nourishing Cream - Avocado + Omega 6 for Dry Skin
Garnier Body Superfood 48h Repairing Butter - Cocoa + Ceramide - Very Dry Skin

Each of these yummy pots of body goodness are formulated for different skin types and are enriched with different ingredients to nourish, protect, repair and soothe. I absolutely LOVE that Garnier use these superfoods within their ranges, not only do they look playful, they smell delicious and the added benefits are incredible. I think it's great to see that in the range they have something for every skin type, or, something you can switch between depending on how your skin feels: the repairing butter which is rich and delicious for those super dry skin days, the nourishing cream when you feel like a pamper, a gel when you've been in the heat or the cream when you just want to hydrate from top to toe.

So far I have tried the Garnier Body Superfood 48h Aloe Vera + Magnesium which is light, non-sticky and has a lovely delicate fragrance. This cream absorbs easily and feels very refreshing. I'd say this one feels amazing for after a long day in the sun, soothing, calming and also great after a workout as it almost calms the skin. 

For deeper moisturising I have also tried the Garnier Body Superfood 48h Repairing Butter with Cocoa + Ceramides for very dry skin. This butter is much richer but still I am glad to say completely non-sticky. It absorbs fast and feels as if it is deeply moisturising. From a fragrance point of view this is absolutely delicious and reminds me of summer holidays on the beach and by the sea when I was a child because we always used to use a cocoa butter fragranced after sun as that was mum’s favourite. I shared this with my Mum and it's also her favourite from the range, it does remind me of The Body Shop cocoa butters but with the added benefits of ceramides to encourage long lasting softness and firmness. My skin feels amazing when applying this. 

Garnier have really come up with a very effective product range here with beautiful packaging and at a great price point. I’m also super impressed by the large size of the tubs making it extra good value at around £9.00. You really are getting a premium feeling body cream and body butter experience here from Garnier, with great added benefits / science, without the premium price tag. Shop the Garnier Body Superfood collection. 
Lots of love, Em x
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