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Monday 21 November 2022

What To Buy In The GymShark Black Friday Sale - GymShark Best Things To Buy

Ad affiliate throughout - The GymShark Black Friday sale has launched and I know it's not Black Friday today but hey, Black Friday sales are dropping earlier and earlier in an attempt to win your custom! In true GymShark sale, there are some epic discounts {I've seen lots at 60%!} so I thought I'd do a quick little review of my absolute top things to buy from Gymshark if you're stuck and need some inspiration. I am surprised anything is left in stock so be quick. Here's my list of the best things to buy from the GymShark sale this Black Friday. 

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How Is Gymshark leggings sizing? How Do Gymshark leggings fit? In Gymshark I wear both size XS and S but have decided I prefer size S, just a lot more room to pull them right up to my waist and when I bloat, even the softest of bands hurt my stomach - I find it hurts less when it's size S. 

Are GymShark leggings sweat proof? I personally find Gymshark leggings great for HIIT and spin but as with all leggings, go for darker colours if you want to do crazy sweaty HIIT and you're bothered about sweat! Don't go for the butter soft, light coloured shorts and leggings. If you go for the lighter colours, no matter where you buy from, your leggings will show sweat because that's just basic science unless they are SUPER thick {then you'll sweat more anyway!} Go for black if you want more sweat proof and squat proof leggings. 

Do GymShark leggings last long? I have renovated my kitchen since taking some of the photos below meaning I have had these leggings for over two years. I wear my leggings into the ground: for long walks, hard workouts and honestly the quality always stays for me.

GymShark vs Adanola leggings? which are best? I LOVE Adanola Ultimate Leggings right now and wear a size S, they're butter soft and just hug the body beautifully however, I find they're SO beautiful for day to day wear and I would definitely sweat majorly in them during a workout purely because of the colour I chose. If you go for black, you would be fine in workouts but I went for pine green and they're perfect for walks and yoga / pilates. They are such gorgeous, luxury comfy leggings which hug the body beautifully and sculpt the legs, perfect for day to day wear / yoga / pilates but they are butter soft and in my opinion Adanola Ultimate leggings in lighter colours are better for day to day vs the worlds sweatiest workouts. I actually wear mine to meetings under lovely jumpers a lot and get so many compliments on them. 

My top items to buy from Gymshark:

GymSharkSeamless Range This is my ultimate favourite range from GymShark. The seamless range is by far my favourite GymShark range as it is SO comfy. I find these are GymShark's best leggings - I love the colour ways (the red ones are so flattering) - they come in variations so you've got these seamless ones, as they're black you can get away with wearing them day to day too and out and about. If you want to buy one thing from GymShark buy the seamless leggings in black: comfortable, versatile, high waisted and great for days at home, walks or super intense workouts. I love anything versatile - perfect for doing the housework, going on a walk AND working out. They also hug the body like a second skin which I love. I think these are probably the most flattering leggings I have ever worn! I just find they are so comfy, hug my body so nicely and are so comfortable around my waist too. Yes, they are squat-proof! 

GymShark Whitney Range - My second favourite GymShark collection (closely followed by the Seamless range) - I literally gasped when this got released, the gorgeous khaki colour?! yes please, SO soft to touch and so comfortable on the skin... so flattering on the body, like a second skin literally - taking you from yoga to pilates to houseworks to daily walks. The Whitney range is made using soft and subtle fabric but equally as comfortable and flattering as the seamless range, plus, amazing colour ways. I feel like these are really squatproof too as they're that little bit thicker but colour dependent, I wouldn't do a crazy HIIT in them unless the colour was really dark. I have some gorgeous baby blue shorts from the collection and they got VERY sweaty on the bum. I haven't seen much of this on sale this year, but the Whitney leggings are on sale - I have the green ones and love. These are butter soft and I'd say much more like the Adanola Leggings in terms of butter soft and good for walks / yoga vs crazy HIIT workouts. 

Gymshark Training Leggings - These are 50% off and I wear them to my Blaze HIIT classes at David Lloyd a lot! Absolutely amazing for strength training, runs and super sweaty workouts. They pull me in and are just epic. 

Green Whitney leggings on sale


Ombre crop top - I LOVE their crop tops for matching workout sets, again if it isn't black it will show sweat as they're quite tight {but comfortable} so I wear these for low impact workouts 

Loose fit shorts - The sale price on these is great and they're SO good for super super hot workouts. I'd wear these abroad for running. When I'm abroad these are my dream shorts.

£14 training shorts - If you prefer tighter fit, these also look gorgeous with a baggy jumper over for a sports luxe look... or these cycling shorts are amazing too. 

Training Leggings - Great for sweaty workouts and 50% off 

Zip Pull Over - I love a good quality pull over for outdoor workouts or walking to the gym. This one is gorgeous. 

Whitney Joggers - I wore these to the airport and they were SO comfy. Get the matching pull over too.


If you need Christmas presents for him, I bought my boyfriend these shorts in the Gymshark sale and these joggers. He also got this windbreaker jacket and this training top - it was £7!!!


Sweaty Betty - I love Sweaty Betty and especially now that I've picked up skiing their thermals are absolutely perfect for those wintery escapes! Snap up anything because they're offering 25% off everything - here

Nike - Another sportswear brand I swear by, Nike are offering 25% off full price for members only - here. So make sure you sign up!

Adanola Leggings - Wait for me to announce it! They have very low stock levels anyway so I'd suggest buying now! 

Lots of love, Em x

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