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Friday 8 September 2023


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Hi everyone! 
Today, I have a review for you all of my very much loved Saint Laurent Sunset Bag. I purchased this bag around 5 months ago meaning I've had ample time to test it out and work out whether it's worth purchasing or not. If you were wondering whether the YSL Sunset bag is worth it, the answer to that is it most certainly is! I've been a very loyal lover of Saint Laurent for a while - I myself have got the Saint Laurent Le 5 a 7, Saint Laurent Toy LouLou and now my Saint Laurent Sunset has made an excellent addition to my collection. 
If you're thinking about purchasing the YSL Saint Laurent Sunset, then keep on reading for a full review of the Sunset bag! 

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Why Buy the Saint Laurent Sunset Bag?

So the question is - why should you buy the Saint Laurent Sunset Bag? Well. Firstly to me, it's a classic. I love the shape of the bag and the understated design. With no garish pattern, the Saint Laurent Sunset is super easy to style with any outfit and can transform any look from day to night. Super versatile, I love how its design is sleek with just the 'YSL' logo on the front in gold hardware. 
It includes a gold chain which can be made long or short regarding on whether you want to wear it as a shoulder bag or crossbody. The strap also includes a leather shoulder pad at the top which is SO important because we are not here for chain strap marks thank you very much! Comfort is key. 
Like I always say when purchasing designer goods they have to be timeless and I believe that the Sunset absolutely is. You could easily see this bag 10 years ago or 10 years in the future. It truly will last a lifetime if you take care of it! 

Which Saint Laurent Sunset Bags are available?

The Saint Laurent Sunset Bag was introduced in 2016 meaning we've had it available for almost 10 years! There are three sizes of the Saint Laurent Sunset. The most popular being the medium Saint Laurent Sunset (this is the one that I have). Since the release of the medium, Saint Laurent have also released the Saint Laurent Sunset Chain Wallet, the Saint Laurent Sunset in Large and also the Saint Laurent Sunset Top Handle.

The medium comes in the most colours - you have all the staple colours you would expect (beige, black & white) but they also have released the bag in a Dark Chocolate colour which is just gorgeous and perfect for this upcoming Autumn/Winter season! The bag comes in either smooth leather or crocodile embossed leather. I personally love both. Hardware wise they offer both gold and silver hardware. 
The Saint Laurent Sunset Chain Wallet comes in either white or black. It also offers both the smooth leather & also crocodile embossed option, however please be aware the crocodile embossed is only comes with the gold hardware. The silver hardware is available for the smooth leather bags. 
The Large Saint Laurent Sunset only comes in the colour black, with smooth leather & crocodile embossed leather available. The hardware available is either gold or black - there is no silver hardware available for the large YSL sunset. 
The Saint Laurent Sunset Top Handle comes up slightly larger than the medium but slightly smaller than the large, so it falls in the middle. These bags all have a top handle which makes the handbag appear more business like and also gives another styling element. It's available in black and white, smooth leather with gold or silver hardware. 

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How durable is the Saint Laurent Sunset Bag? 

If you have followed me for a while, you will know that I actually ended up purchasing this bag twice. The first time I purchased this bag, I brought home with me, super excited to start getting it out and about and I realised it had a dent in it! When paying so much for a handbag, this to me was just not acceptable and so I sent the bag back. I purchased it in Saint Laurent Harrods and they were nothing but kind and professional when I sent the bag back. 
It took me a couple of moths before I purchased it again (after thoroughly inspecting it this time!) and I have to say my second bag has fared MUCH better. 
I haven't noticed much wear and tear at all - normally it's always the corners that tend to get a bit dirty (especially if you're a lover of neutral bags, like me!) but they have managed to withstand almost 5 months of use. 
The leather is smooth leather and so unfortunately I do have a couple of scratches. But that is just what happens when you purchase a smooth leather bag. You need to be aware that scratches are just a part of the package, regardless of how careful you are. 
What is worth remembering is that all bags are delicate. As long as you take care of them then you shouldn't have any issues. 

Is the Saint Laurent Sunset Bag heavy?

It's heavier than both of my other Saint Laurent bags (Toy LouLou & Le 5 a 7) but this is due to the extra hardware that the Sunset has. Whereas the Toy LouLou and Le 5 a 7 both have a leather strap/handle the Sunset does have a chain strap which is relatively weighty. However, I wouldn't say it is too heavy. It helps that the top of the chain has a leather section so it won't dig into your shoulder as much as it would if it were just a chain. 
It also depends what you're putting in it! I normally carry around with me my phone, lipgloss, keys and a vlogging camera. With all those inside I can comfortably carry it around all day and not feel weighted down. 

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Are Saint Laurent Bags a good investment? 

It depends what you class as an investment... Saint Laurent bags are not like Hermes or Chanel where you buy one and then just by doing that you can sell it on for 10% more than you bought it. Those brands on are another level when it comes to resell. 
In most cases, your Saint Laurent bag will devalue the more you use it. Unless you have purchased it in a limited edition colour way, print or the actual bag design isn't made anymore (and it was particularly popular!), then it's quite unlikely you will see a return on investment. 
But that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad investment. 
When buying designer bags, I always view it as a piece that I can use time and time again without having to worry about it falling to pieces. Saint Laurent quality is one of the best out there and I can guarantee, with care, your bag will still be looking brand new within years to come. Think of it like this - instead of buying a cheaper bag and having it last you around a year, then having to purchase another one, this is one that will last you for much much longer. 
It may seem like a big sum of money to part with at the time, but it will actually end up saving you some in the future. 

If you're wondering how to protect your designer bags from stains, I recommend spraying with this leather protector spray. 

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Where to buy my Saint Laurent Sunset Bag? 

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Conclusion: The Saint Laurent Sunset is a great bag! Remember, Saint Laurent bags hold their value too so it's good to know when purchasing that as long as you look after your bag, there will be good resale value. Whether it's your intro into designer bags or you're merely just looking to add to your collection there is no way you can go wrong. The Sunset is versatile, roomy, stylish and classic that it can carry you throughout all the seasons and all the years. 
I hope you enjoyed my review of my new baby... If you want to see more fashion content from me then please come check me out on Instagram (@emshelx) or for a funnier side of me then I'm having a laugh over on TikTok (@emshelx)
Until next time...
Lots of love, Em x

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