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Friday 29 September 2023


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I'm back with another 2023 beauty advent calendar review. For today we have Espa's 2023 Advent Calendar! I loveee Espa, they are one of my go to brands if I want to make my house feel like a spa. All of their scents are so luxurious and I always feel amazing when I've used one of their products! 
And to make it even more exciting I do have an Espa discount code for you... So if you are tempted after reading this review make sure to use the code EMSHELDON to save money on Espa. 
Ok, let's get into it! 

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Shop the Espa Beauty Advent Calendar here

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The Espa Advent Calendar Overview 

Espa is all about wellness, beauty and a spa like experience. So if you're looking for all of those things from an advent calendar you've come to the right place! 
The Espa advent calendar includes all of the best beauty pieces from Espa. From the Positivity Pulse Point Oil to Muscle Rescue Balm {personal favourite} they have you completely covered. To get into the festive spirit they've also included some festive themed pieces too! Such as a their Winter Spiced Ceramic Ornament, which is only available in the calendar. 

For me, this is one of my favourite advent calendars I have had so far. I really love that Espa have included all the cult favourites but also tailored it to Christmas too! 

How much is the Espa Advent Calendar?

This year the Espa Beauty Advent Calendar is retailing at £175 which is tied with The White Company as the least expensive advent calendar I have reviewed so far. I honestly think this is such a good price vs some others but it depends what you want. Seeing as you'll be receiving 25 of Espa's most loved products, with a fair few being full sized, you really can't argue with the price. 
Especially as advent calendars this year are the most expensive they've ever been I appreciate that Espa have kept theirs to a reasonable price. 
I do also have an Espa promo code which can discount it even more! So make sure to include EMSHELDON in your order for money off the Espa Advent Calendar. 

Shop the Espa Advent Calendar here

The packing of the Espa Advent Calendar

Much like their own packaging, the Espa Advent calendar packaging is sleek, clean and chic. It comes in a large white box with the Espa logo on front in gold that acts as the clasp. When opened it reveals all the little cupboards with the products inside. It looks so impressive when it's opened! It also has a little shelf on the top so you can put your products here, if you need too. 

What is included in the Espa Advent Calendar for 2023? 

My favourite section! There is so many goodies included in the Espa Advent Calendar, please see all the photos below to have a peek! 
As always I have also put below some of my personal favourite products that you can find in the advent calendar this year. 

Muscle Rescue Balm - I really really love this stuff and I always use it If I have pushed myself particularly hard in the gym. For me, there's nothing worse than being sore the day after and I find this really helps keep that soreness at bay! 

Fortifying Bath and Body Oil - Espa's bath and body oils are my all time favourite they smell SO good. Every single range is amazing, but I really do love the fortifying range. 

Active Nutrients Isotonic Hydration Mask -  I love having as many facemarks as I can on hand but I really do rate the Active Nutrients one from Espa. Especially during the winter months this is perfect when I need that extra kick of hydration! 

Shop the Espa Isotonic Hydration Mask here

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Espa 2023 Beauty Advent Calendar! I really can't speak more highly of Espa and I really hope you decide to pick one of these up - for yourself or for someone else! This would be the perfect gift, if you're looking for beauty advent calendars I hope you found this useful. 
Don't forget to use Espa promo code EMSHELDON for money off of your Espa Advent Calendar. 
If you have purchased the advent calendar or think you may then come tell me over on Instagram (@emshelx) I'd love to hear from you. I'm always posting loads on TikTok so make sure to check me out on there too (@emshelx). 
Until next time... 

Lots of love, Em x

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