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Thursday 21 September 2023


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Another day, another advent calendar review. Today I have The White Company's Advent Calendar for 2023 to review for you. I love The White Company, they're by far by one of my favourite wholesome brands and I was so excited when I got their advent calendar for 2023 to see all the goodies they've included inside. If you're planning on purchasing The White Company advent calendar for 2023 for yourself or a loved one then keep on reading to see my thoughts. Don't forget to read The Best Items To Buy From The White Company incase you are wondering what to buy from The White Company! 

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The White Company 2023 Advent Calendar Overview

The White Company have so many faucets to their brand and one that I am particularly fond of is their beauty range! This year their advent calendar focuses on all of the goodies they have. From Candles to Lip Masks it includes a vast selection of some of their most coveted pieces. 
You can expect to open 25 little boxes throughout the month of December with every little bit of skincare you can dream of behind the doors! 
It goes without saying that advent calendars end up selling out every year. So if you want to purchase this for yourself or a loved one I would make sure to do it quickly before it goes! 

How much is The White Company Advent Calendar? 

 The White Company Advent Calendar for this year is retailing at £175, which is the least expensive advent calendar I have reviewed so far. Their total contents are worth £273 which means you're getting a saving of £98. That's almost half price!

The packaging of The White Company Advent Calendar

This is the first advent calendar I've received this year that actually has a Christmas theme. But in classical White Company fashion it is very subdued and classic. 
The box is white... Of course. Emblazoned on the front is a green Christmas wreath. A small piece of silk is your handle to open up the doors where inside you'll find a variety of boxes adorned with silver numbers dictating which day you're on. 
Classic, simple & oh so White Company. 

How does The White Company Calendar compare to other advent calendars for 2023? 

First and foremost The White Company is an interiors brand, so therefore their beauty range isn't going to include particular products - like hyaluronic acid or night creams. But the products they do produce are for those days when you want to feel extra special - like you've just stepped out of a spa! They all smell so divine and leave you feeling rejuvenated and glorious. 
It's a great advent calendar to gift someone because their products are so universal for all. Every little compartment that can be opened has a product that would suit everyone. 
Plus it's worth noting that The White Company advent calendar for 2023 is coming out on the lesser expensive side of advent calendars for this year. So you don't need to spending a fortune but are still able to gift something that feels super luxurious. 

What is included in The White Company Advent Calendar? 

Oooh so many goodies! I've posted a photo below of all the pieces that you'll be receiving if you purchase The White Company advent calendar and like my previous blog posts reviewing advent calendars (Elemis & SpaceNK) I have listed a few of my favourites that I was so happy to receive. 

Shop The White Company Advent Calendar here 

Shop The White Company Advent Calendar here

Shop The White Company Tuberose & Cashmere Candle here

Shop The White Company Winter Candle here - if you buy one thing from The White Company this year, make sure it's this.

Tuberose and Cashmere Candle and Winter Candle - My two favourite scents from The White Company. Tuberose and Cashmere smells so sophisticated and classy, I love lighting just after my house has been cleaned and it gives it the most gorgeous scent. Winter is a candle I always rave about and you best believe I will have multiple of these lit in my house over those cold months! Winter isn't Winter to me without my Winter White Company Candle so I'm so glad they included this! It's a classic. 

Lime & Bay Body Wash - Quite similar to Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin this is a gorgeous sophisticated, citrusy scent. I find the lasting power of this on my skin is so good. I can still smell it hours after use! I like to pair it with the body lotion also to make it that much more powerful. 

Spa Restore Muscle Gel - Have only used this a couple of times but I really noticed a different in how sore my muscles weren't the next day. As someone who works out almost everyday I need to have some sort of muscle recovery with me always and this seems to be doing a really good job. Plus it has the White Company 'Spa' scent which does exactly what it says on the tin. It smells like a spa! 

Shop the White Company Advent Calendar here 

I hope you enjoyed my review of The White Company Advent Calendar for 2023! It's helped me discover some new favourites, like the Oakmoss room spray and Fir room spray, as well as get me super excited for Winter with their candles. As one of my favourite brands I'm so pleased to report how happy I was with this for 2023. If you're interested I have also reviewed the 2023 advent calendar for Space NK and also Elemis. So make sure to check those out too! 

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Until next time...

Lots of love, Em x
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