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Wednesday 20 September 2023


Shop the Elemis Advent Calendar here

Ad affiliate throughout - Hi everyone - I have another review of a beauty advent calendar for you! 
Elemis are one of my favourite brands ever and I am so pleased to say their advent calendar for this year includes so many of their cult products. 

If you're interested in learning all about the Elemis Advent Calendar for 2023 then please keep reading. 

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An Overview of the Elemis Advent Calendar for 2023

I cannot speak more highly of Elemis, they have been one of my favourite brands for the longest time and I'm so excited to be able to share everything I know about the advent calendar that they have released for this year. Elemis are truly one of the best British skincare brands so to be reviewing their Christmas advent calendar always gets me excited. 
So - what can we expect from the Elemis advent calendar? 25 days of skincare goodies just itching to be opened! And don't worry, there is of course a cleansing balm available. Read my Elemis Cleansing Balm Review.

The Elemis advent calendar includes a variety of products from 3 of their ranges - Pro Collagen Range, Superfood Range and the Dynamic Resurfacing Range. Plus there are many other products to also try out too! It's a clever way of being able to work out which range of Elemis suits your skin type the best. 
As always, beauty advent calendars are extremely popular year after year, with the Elemis advent calendar being no exception. So if this is going to be gifted to a loved one or yourself then make sure you pick to up as soon as possible! The sooner it gets to Christmas the more likely this is going to sell out.

Shop the Elemis 2023 Advent Calendar here

How much is the Elemis Advent Calendar? 

This year the Elemis beauty advent calendar is £189. It is on the pricey side but in comparison to the  Space NK Advent Calendar  it's slightly less (Space NK is £235). 
With that in mind all the products included in the calendar total to £551! So you are getting an enormous discount by purchasing the Elemis advent calendar and for skincare lovers, this one is obviously for you.

The packaging of the Elemis 2023 Advent Calendar

What beautiful packaging this year. Elemis have styled their 2023 advent calendar for the year on a classic red London postbox. It stands tall and you open it up to reveal all the exciting compartments behind - all numbered. 
It's Christmassy - but not too much. I've noticed brands have gone less Christmassy this year, but I actually quite like that! I love that this really signifies British skincare with the British postbox and 1st class, for 1st class skincare which of course, Elemis have been delivering for years.

Shop the Elemis Advent Calendar here

How does the Elemis 2023 Advent Calendar compare to other brands? 

One thing to remember is that it is purely based on skincare. You won't be getting any makeup products within this advent calendar - but that doesn't mean it's less better than advent calendars out there! If you are someone who LOVES Elemis or loves skincare, this is of course, perfect for you.
Elemis are such an incredible brand with the most amazing products this is a wonderful advent calendar to purchase. I truly don't think there is one bad product you'll be getting. All Elemis items are such high quality and I haven't ever come across one I dislike.

Plus if you are a lover of the Elemis brand it gives you a great opportunity to try other products that you may not have had the chance too yet {or stock up on old favourites / cult classics!}. I did spot the brand new Elemis exfoliator in there so they've not held back on letting you try the new stuff and the classics. I always feel, there are so many incredible brands out there it's hard to stay loyal to one. Which isn't the worst thing because it's wonderful to see so many brands producing such amazing products, however it could also mean you miss out on some of their less popular products which may also be great! Sticking to one brand allows you to see the whole spectrum of what they're producing and not just the couple of holy grail products that you already know you (and the rest of the world!) love. 

What is in the Elemis 2023 Advent Calendar? 

Finally! The question that we have all been waiting for. What is included in the Elemis 2023 Skincare Advent calendar? If you are wondering what the contents of the Elemis advent calendar are, then look no further. The below photo includes all the products that will be included in your Elemis advent calendar and I've gone through a few of my favourites. 

Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm - Just one of the best skincare products to ever exist! There is nothing I can say that will do this product justice, but all I know is you just need to try it. I've not used a product that melts makeup off so perfectly and smells so glorious! I feel like I've just had the best facial ever at spa. 

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream - Keeping in the theme of the Pro Collagen range, but the Elemis Marine Cream is such a wonderful product. It's super hydrating and cooling on the skin so is great for those whose skin is on the sensitive side. 

 Elemis Superfood Midnight Facial - Facial in a bottle? I'm here for it! This is dreamy. Every time I wake up after using this my skin looks glowy and perfect! I absolutely LOVE this product, my Nanna loved it too.

Shop the Elemis Advent Calendar here

I just love the run up to Christmas and being a beauty lover, I love seeing all the different advent calendars the brands bring out! This year I'm just blown away by everything all brands are releasing and Elemis have done an incredible job of releasing a wonderful calendar, including some holy grail products and designing it in the cutest design. 

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Until next time...

Lots of love, Em x

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