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Monday 8 January 2024

Best Items To Buy From The White Company - Top Buys The White Company

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Hey Guys, Happy New Year and I hope you've had the best time. Sale season is here at The White Company, if you were wondering what to buy at The White Company, my ultimate list of the top items from The White Company is here.
As the winter chills commence, and given how wet and wild this year’s winter is, there has never been a more exciting time to transform your living space and make it a lovely toasty and cozy haven. I'm sure you know by now just know much I love The White Company, if you're looking for a review of The White Company or wondering what to buy from The White Company, you're in the right place. The White Company sale is currently on, so now is the best time to get discounted items from The White Company.

I know many people don’t like the thought of winter months but for me they conjure up visions of coziness and gosh I just adore homeware and clothing from The White Company to provide the snug and luxurious feel that is so needed during the chillier and dark months.

This year is no exception, The White Company offer a carefully curated selection of winter essentials that effortlessly blend style with comfort and I absolutely love the way that this flows through their entire range. Their luxury home goods, premium bedding and high quality furnishings are comparable with the best of the best and all with that unique White Company feel - you know the one.

If you love The White Company as much as me then I hope you enjoy reading my review of the best items from The White Company below as I share my very favourite winter picks from their range, these are the best items to buy from The White Company.

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The White Company Cotton Classic Pyjama set

The White Company Sleepwear & Nightwear: let's get the basics right first! You cannot beat pyjamas from The White Company. When I can make the time, there's nothing I love more than having a warm bath, choosing something I love to watch on TV (I am currently hooked on Fool Me Once on Netflix with the adorable Michelle Keegan) while adorning myself in a set of cosy and sophisticated pyjamas from The White Company. I’ve now had several pyjama sets from The White Company and honestly, they never disappoint. Using soft and breathable fabrics like cotton and modal they are super soft and versatile.

I have previously had the Cotton Classic Pyjama set and last year I received some brushed cotton ones as a Christmas gift, these were so soft and warm and while they don't sell the exact ones this year there are some lovely navy blue ones here: Organic Brushed Cotton Starry Night Pyjama set . Fitting with The White Company’s overall aesthetic their pyjamas are simple, neutral and elegant. With a lot of different options including button up sets, relaxed jersey styles, nightshirts or shorts sets, there is something for everyone and if pyjamas aren’t for you but you still love to dress down, I would highly recommend their soft and beautiful loungewear pieces. For example this Snuggle Fit Hoodie looks soooo comfy and you can get the matching Snuggle Knit Cuffed Joggers too.

I've always been a robe lover and my brother bought my Mum one from The White Company last Christmas and I don't think I have ever felt anything so soft. It's beautiful and once she has put it on she never wants to take it off. It's called The White Company Snuggle Robe . Equally as soft and beautiful is the long one I have (their robes come in a mixture of lengths to suit everyone) which is called the Unisex Ribbed Hydrocotton Robe. I have to say, I think this is the best dressing gown on the planet, it is so soft. If you are wondering which dressing gown should I buy from The White Company? go with the Hydrocotton. Their robes come in so many different styles and they offer a range of high-quality, materials including very soft and plush fabrics like cotton, fleece or a mixture of blends to provide coziness that is off the richter scale!

A question I always have when buying any type of clothing is does it wash well? If you're wondering do The White Company items wash well, I can confirm that all of the pyjamas I have from The White Company wash very well and last for years. The jersey ones like all jersey can lose their shape over time but with that exception everything is long lasting and worth the outlay. I do always find that partially using the dryer helps retain the fluffiness on robes and anything else that is fluffy but please do always read the washing instructions. I'd recommend using drying balls when washing items from The White Company for extra fluff.

Although on initially looking at the price tag The White Company generally may seem expensive, for the quality and style I think things are very good value so keep that in mind when purchasing and as always, look to buy The White Company when there's a discount like today. However, if you are looking to purchase something for slightly less I have also found the ASOS Design Faux Fur mini robe which looks super snuggly. Alternatively if you are looking for an amazing robe or dressing gown but something luxurious that isn't from The White Company I can highly recommend the quality and style of the robes from Soho Home for comparable White Company luxury. I absolutely LOVE the Soho House dressing gowns.

The White Company Luxury Cashmere & Cotton Throws: I love to drape a luxury throw over my sofa or bed at this time of year, they both look beautiful and are guaranteed to provide warmth. The White Company offer a range of cashmere throws in a range of subtle / neutral tones and amongst my favourites are The Pure Cashmere Throw as it's super simple and elegant and elevates any bed set up. When I'm snuggling on the sofa I also love the Super Soft Faux Fur Throw. On the other hand, to add texture and style the Lyra Throw in 100% cotton is my go to. Aswell as being a lovely addition to my soft furnishings I have to admit that I use the super soft and cashmere throws to keep my heating bills down while watching TV because when wrapped in one I am super warm! Life hack.

The White Company Hot Water Bottles: Continuing on the theme of keeping warm and cosy on the sofa with the TV you must try one of The White Company luxury hot water bottles! Nobody would know just how excited I can get about a hot water bottle but I think you will agree that The White Company's hot water bottles are just adorable. They do a fully range each using luxury covers in The White Company's signature neutral shades. My mum bought a super long version for a family member this Christmas and it's gorgeous, just take a look at the Super Soft Faux Fur Long Hot Water Bottle. You may have seen some on my instagram stories @emshelx recently and a personal fave of mine in right here, it's the super soft fur hot water bottle - how utterly fluffy. As you can see, there is a theme for me - super soft all the way. The price is great for this hot water bottle and would be one of my top items to buy from The White Company.
Super soft fur hot water bottle

The White Company Luxury Scented Candles: Okay, here I am chilling in my sumptuous pyjamas with my cashmere wrap and fluffy hot water bottle watching my favourite girl crush on Netflix. I truly believe that what ever space you are in the atmosphere needs to be right and one thing that really helps with that cosy, elegant relaxing space is having some beautiful candles scattered around. The White Company make some beautiful winter-fragranced candles to set the mood. If you are wondering what the best candle is to buy from The White Company then I utterly adore the Winter Botanical Candle which infuses my home with warming cinnamon and another personal favourite is The White Company Amber Luxury Double Wicked Candle with it's warm and sensual amber fragrance. There are a number of best selling candles from The White Company but Winter always has my heart. This truly sets the tone for me and I like to dot a few around my evening space, switch down the lights, make some dark hot chocolate and smores and enjoy a cosy evening.

The White Company Luxury Bed Linen - Lying in sumptuous pyjamas under a lovely wrap consuming hot chocolate and smores while watching TV is tiring work and it will soon be time for bed. The White Company are almost famous for their crisp white bed linen setting the mood for a beautiful serene bedroom retreat. I often have things buzzing around in my head at bedtime and jumping in to fresh crisp sheets just makes the opportunity for sleep that little bit better. If you want to recreate a hotel bed at home, buying The White Company bed linen is a sure way to recreate that hotel comfort in the comfort of your own home. You might be wondering which bed linen is the best from The White Company but truly, they are all amazing. The pure white linens make your sleeping space tranquil particularly when paired with a beautiful throw for extra comfort. Choose from cotton, Egyptian cotton, cotton and sateen and silk. The Highbury Bed Linen Collection is one that I personally drool over as it reminds me of a beautiful hotel style of bedding. I also have the Kara Hemp fine striped bed linen in a mixture of hemp and linen and I adore its easy look. It's also really comfortable on the skin.

The White Company Towels: 8 years ago my mum introduced me to The White Company’s luxurious towel collection when she renovated her bathroom. She is only this year replacing those towels. To say they have been beautiful, practical and serviceable is an understatement. I think The White Company is one of the very best for quality, comfort, softness and design. Made of premium materials and absolutely perfect for absorbency I will buy these over and over again. Their bathmats are fabulous too - so big and serviceable and can be easily washed. I personally think the best towels from The White Company are the Classic Hydrocotton Towels, classic white aesthetic range which is a timeless classic and co-ordinates easily with any d├ęcor. If you would rather not have white, there are other neutral shades too which are just as lovely. If you are looking for other top ranking, best towels from The White Company then the Classic Double Border Towels as they are so luxurious. As with any towel range there is a range of sizes to suit all your needs and I absolutely love their attention to detail with their well finished edges and well designed borders. Having a White Company towel in your bathroom will definitely give your bathing area a sophisticated touch. Here are the towels my mum got, they're from The White Company's Luxury Egyptian Cotton range.

The White Company Gifts and Accessories: As you can see, I could treat myself all day to cosy things from The White Company and I also like to spread the love with gifts from there. If you are wondering what gift should I buy someone from The White Company? There are so many elegant and high-quality home and lifestyle products that I could write a post on these alone. From candles and fragrances, diffusers, room sprays to toiletries and bath accessories, tableware, dining accessories and clothing accessories - The White Company truly do offer a great range. I adore the toasty Stripe Cashmere Bedsocks and a hand and nail gift set such as the Pomegranate Hand and Nail Gift Set is always a winner and very friendly on the pocket too. Diffusers always go down well with my family and this Fresh Grapefruit Diffuser is beautiful.

To me, the White Company is a place I can buy most of my gifts and always enjoy seeing the delight on the recipient's face. Do note by the way that I have referenced cashmere a lot in this blog post and it can be quite pricey and isn't for everyone. If it isn't for you then The White Company do a lot of mixed or alternative fibre accessories which are equally beautiful. For example their Mixed Heart Hat and Wrist Warmer Gift Set is really pretty as is the Alpaca Blend Hood. This type of gift (whether a gift to yourself or others) will easily elevate any winter fashion wardrobe while providing practical comfort and with a range of neutral tones are versatile for pairing with your winter outfits.
White Company Skincare And Bodycare: Personally I adore the candle range from The White Company but they also do skin and body care too, meaning you can indulge in the best scents from The White company from top to toe. Winter is an ideal time to practice a great self-care routine and in keeping with their entire product range, The White Company offer skincare products to emphasise a clean and simple aesthetic with a focus on high quality ingredients. I don't know if you share my dread of sore and cracked lips at this time of year but I always a good lip solution. The Seychelles Intensive Lip Mask hits the spot (I share it with my boyfriend who suffers too). Whenever I use a lip mask I always compare to my all time favourite Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick which in my view is the very best on the market. The White Company lip mask comes a very close second!
I love a warm bath at this time of year and within their skincare range The White Company sell some absolutely amazing bath oils. Again they have a beautiful aestetic and gosh they really work. My current favourite it the Spa Restore Luxury Bath Oil . Finally I am not the best at nourishing my body with body cream but I do try at this time of year a Spa Restore Luxury Hand and Body Cream smell delicious.
The White Company jumpers: As mentioned at the outset of this blog post, I am embracing Winter and The White Company jumpers with their timeless elegance and comfort tick all the boxes for me. Their jumpers are crafted from premium materials often using cashmere, merino wool or a blend of luxury mixed fibres. Often a little on the pricey side but always living up to the ‘you get what you pay for mantra’ they are soft, warm and durable so something which, if cared for properly, will give you pay back for years to come (please always follow washing instructions). If you are trying to decide the best items to buy from The White Company, a piece of their clothing collection will be a wardrobe staple.
Staying true to the brand’s aesthetic, The White Company’s jumper collection includes classic colours and neutrals which will easily integrate with your wardrobe. Every time I visit a White Company store or search on line I am drawn to not just the neutral colours (of which I am a real fan) but also the balance they seem to be able to effortlessly strike between classic designs, quality and versatile styling options.

The White Company's USP to me is their consistent combination of understated yet elegant design and that runs through their entire product range including their jumpers. Of course, their range is diverse too – I love a roll neck but there are crewnecks, V-necks, oversized styles and even layering options. Here are some of my faves this season: Chunky Roll Neck Jumper with Wool and the Cashmere Side Split V-Necked Jumper. Again, if The White Company is not the place you would look for jumpers, John Lewis offer a great selection of cashmere jumpers and beyond check here as do Reiss. Look out for the great sales that are on at this time of year as there are some really good deals to be had on jumpers.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and feel I need to stop myself now because I could talk endlessly about The White Company. When I think of The White Company I think of timeless designs, elegance, comfort and quality all wrapped up in their beautiful neutral palette. Everything I've mentioned follows those principles and there is consistent throughout their range no matter what the season. Don't forget to shop The White Company sale!

Lots of love, Em x

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