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Sunday 14 January 2024

ADANOLA LEGGINGS REVIEW - Adanola Sizing And Adanola Ultimate Leggings Review

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Hey Guys, with so much competition in the market place for good gym kit, buying the right leggings can be a bit of a mine-field.  If  you're on the hunt for a new pair of leggings and looking for some that suit both sport and comfort, then look no further than Adanola. I wanted to write a review of Adanola leggings as I get so many questions about them, so if you are thinking of buying Adanola leggings, I hope this might help you.

As activewear continues to evolve Adanola leggings are stand outs in providing both functionality and fashion, we love something that's got both style and substance and in this blog post I'll take a closer look at what makes Adanola a must have in your wardrobe and answer questions about style and Adanola sizing etc. If you're wondering which Adanola leggings are the best to buy, look no further. Click read more for my Adanola leggings review. 

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Which are the best Adanola leggings to buy? 
As far as actually wearing Adanola leggings goes, these are my absolute favourites: Ultimate Leggings . The Ultimate leggings from Adanola in my opinion are by far the best Adanola leggings. I have them in Pine Green and also Olive, and they're so versatile.  I wear them for Reformer Pilates but am equally comfortable when wearing them during my yoga classes or just for a casual walk in the park followed by coffee at my favourite cafe.  I would say, the Adanola Ultimate Leggings do show sweat through, so they're definitely better for walks and pilates vs hot sweaty classes. If you buy the black ones though, they'll be fine for sweatier classes but I personally like to wear the coloured ones.

Adanola Ultimate Leggings

Are Adanola Leggings Comfortable? Adanola leggings are probably the most comfortable leggings I have ever owned {and of course, lululemon Align leggings but they are more expensive}.  They are buttery soft to the touch and look super smooth and the high waist adds to the overall comfort. When I wear Adanola leggings I don't even know I am wearing them. 

What is the style of Adanola Leggings? These leggings are available in regular or tall fit and come with a high waist which really accentuates your body and no front seam meaning that camel toe is a thing of the past.  I personally get the regular length Adanola leggings, I am around 5ft2/3. 

Can Adanola Leggings be worn outside the gym? Adanola's design process focuses on creating leggings that are not only functional in a gym environment but that can also look stylish.  Their contouring seams and excellent fit make them equally wearable outside of the gym with a chunky knit as inside the gym with one of their sports bras. This is athleisure at its best. Personally, I prefer to wear my Adanola leggings for reformer pilates or walks. 

Are Adanola Leggings well made? Made from quality materials (no matter how many squats you do in these leggings they will never be see through), and 4 way technology to provide a blend of stretch, breathability, sweat wicking and durability, these leggings not only provide exceptional comfort but are also long lasting. I wash my leggings obviously after every workout and they are still perfect, years on. 

What is the sizing of Adanola leggings like? From size XS to XXL the brand ensure that everyone can find the perfect fit, promoting inclusivity and making their leggings accessible to a wide range of body types. I personally wear size S in Adanola leggings and I am a UK 6-8, I wear a 2-4 in lululemon leggings, I personally size up in leggings as I bloat really badly which causes even a soft band to hurt my stomach, I could personally go for size XS or S but just preference I went for a size S and find them fine, there isn't much in it so I would say get your usual size in Adanola leggings. 

Do Adanola leggings wash well? Always follow washing instructions and you will not be disappointed.  I wash mine over and over on 30 degrees and I have experienced no loss of quality and no shrinkage. A lot of people message me to say their Adanola jumpers shrunk, mine never have so sadly I can't comment! The leggings are great though. 

Are Adanola leggings expensive?  Available in numerous colours and starting at £39.99 the price of Adanola leggings is competitive and actually, for the quality and design, very hard to beat. If you are looking for a dupe of Adanola leggings, or just generally leggings that are a little cheaper then I'd suggest grabbing these Amazon leggings. Most people say they are a lululemon align legging dupe. 

Here is a summary of what I think is really great about Adanola leggings: 

- They fit true to size and beautifully contour to your body
- They have a diverse range of sizes to suit all body types
- The material is buttery soft but thick enough not to be see through
- No camel toe
- Completely wearable both in and outside of the gym
- Not splattered with branding everywhere, very subtle branding
- Great range of colours 
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In summary, Adanola is not just a gym brand it's a lifestyle brand, perfect for athleisure. Adanola leggings are super soft, flattering and so comfortable. The face of sportswear has changed to something more tailored towards health, comfort and style and Adanola I'm loving the pleasure of wearing not just the leggings but all the clothing. I'm a lulu girl when it comes to soft leggings and truly, Adanola are a great cheaper alternative too. People love the brand Adanola in general, so if you're wanting to buy into an on trend brand, then Adanola is something we are truly seeing everyone wearing right now.

Lots of love, Em x
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