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Saturday 27 January 2024

Stanley Cup Review - Stanley Insulated Cup Review & Where To Get A Stanley Cup - Why Are Stanley Cups So Popular?

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In a never ending bid to consume enough water each day, last year I treated myself to a Stanley Quencher Thermos Cup. I didn't think it was a big deal until I saw all the TikToks mocking the huge receptacles that we are now carrying to stay hydrated which made me honestly looool.  More interestingly though, I then saw the TikTok in which a girl's car set on fire and she told the world that astonishingly the only thing that wasn't destroyed in the car fire was her beloved Stanley cup and not only was it fully intact but it also still contained unmelted ice!  I was so elated by the response from the family owners of Stanley to her TikTok. They thanked the girl (having first checked she was okay of course) for the publicity and also replaced her car for her.  All of this has led me to believe that this is one very special cup that deserves a blog post all of its own. I never thought I'd be writing a blog post about a cup but it's 2024, anything is possible and today I wanted to write a review of the Stanley cup. Maybe you are wondering if Stanley cups are worth the money, maybe you're wondering why people are so obsessed with Stanley cups or maybe you're just wondering where you can buy a Stanley cup. You may have also seen the news headlines about Stanley cups apparently containing lead and maybe you're wondering if Stanley cups are safe to drink from. My Stanley cup review should hopefully help you so strap in. 

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Stanley is a brand renowned for its heritage in producing durable and reliable outdoor gear, with a legacy dating back to 1913.  William Stanley Junior was an inventor who accidentally stumbled on the use of stainless steel as an unbreakable drinks receptacle and it all went from there.  The Stanley Insulated Cup is just one of the many quality products that reflect the brand's commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovation.  

So, the Stanley Insulated Cup  also known as  The Stanley Thermos {but to Gen Z it's just known as the Stanley or, MY Stanley} has become a staple for outdoor enthusiasts, coffee aficionados (if you wanna get really deep there is even a Stanley Classic Stay Hot French Press just for coffee) and everyday folk alike.  I take mine on car journeys, to the gym and literally anywhere that I will need to hydrate.  

This iconic vessel has actually been around for years but has suddenly gained so much popularity (possibly due to the emphasis being placed on staying hydrated) so I intend to delve in to the possible questions you may have before buying. 

Why is the Stanley Insulated Cup so good?
The hallmark of this little gem is the double-wall vacuum insulation which effectively maintains temperatures whether than be hot or cold.  Coupled with the high quality stainless steel the cup is solid and rust proof.  I'm sure you're probably wondering why Stanley cups are so expensive but hopefully this helps, they truly are made to last forever and are made with the best materials. 

Stanley Quencher H2.O 1.2Ltr

Can the Stanley Insulated Cup be used for both hot and cold beverages? 
Absolutely and in my experience it's perfect for both. 

How long does the Stanley Insulated Cup keep drinks hot or cold? 
This cup is designed to maintain the temperature of your beverages for an extended period.  On average, it can keep drinks hot for up to 4-6 hours and cold for around 12 hours making it great for people on the go.

Can I put the Stanley Insulated Cup in the dishwasher? 
While the stainless steel construction of the cup is dishwasher safe, the manufacturers recommend to hand wash it.  This will ensure longevity of the insulation and overall performance. Use of abrasive cleaners of bleach are not recommend, just hot soapy water to keep it clean and bacteria free.

Is the Stanley Insulated Cup leak proof? 
Yes, the cup is designed to be leak-proof when properly sealed.  The lid features a reliable mechanism that prevents spills, making it an ideal for on the go activities.  The lid does have to be properly closed for this to be leak proof.

What sizes does the Stanley Insulated Cup come in?  
Stanley offers a range of sizes to suit different preferences.  The insulated cup is available in various capacities, from a compact 0.25ltr for a quick drink to larger sizes ideal for a day's worth of hydration (I bought the 1.2ltr version to pack it all in).  Not only do Stanley make drinks cups too but they also make cups that keep food hot and cold see here: Stanley Food Thermos Cup

Stanley Thermos Food Cup

How durable is the Stanley Insulated Cup
With it's stainless steel construction this cup is super durable and can easily withstand the rigours of outdoor activities making it a reliable companion for any activity. If you saw the video on Tiktok about the girls car setting on fire, you will know the Stanley cup survived a car fire, still intact with ice cubes inside it, I'd say that's pretty durable. 

Are there different Stanley Thermos Cup Designs? 
Yes, Stanley offer a variety of thermos cups, insulated food cups and other containers.  Mine is the Stanley Quencher H2.O Flowstate 1.2 ltr tumbler  It has a textured coated surface and a handle plus straw. The cups come in different designs, sizes, weights and features.  Some have handles while others feature a simpler grip design without a slippery surface so gripping is easier than with some other similar cups.  Lid designs differ to accommodate various functions such as an easy pouring, sipping through an upright straw (mine) or sealing with a concealed straw for better transportation.  
The Aerolight Transit Mug Stanley

Does the Stanley Insulated Cup have a lid that takes a straw? 
Yes, my Stanley Quencher cup comes with a lid designed to take an upright straw and a spare Stanley Quencher H2.O tumbler straw is available so that you can always keep the fresh and ready to reuse.  When you need even better transportability such as when going hiking etc the ones with concealed straws are brilliant too, or there are versions with completely water tight lids than can be opened and sipped from - some that offer chilled functionality and some that offer both cold and hot functionality, there really is a whole range to choose from depending on your needs.

Does The Stanley Cup Contain Lead? You may have seen some things over the week about people saying Stanley cups contain lead. I read a statement from the company who have confirmed their products are safe to drink from. I saw a statement to The Independent where a Stanley spokesperson said that lead is used in the manufacturing process of Stanley cups. However, they emphasised that the product needs to become damaged to expose the lead. It looks like there is nothing to worry about regarding lead in your Stanley cups - phew. 

Where To Buy The Stanley Cup?
I know I know, Stanley cups are always sold out and it is so annoying. If you're wondering where you can buy the Stanley cup actually in stock, because they sell out a lot then here is a list of places where you can buy the Stanley cup, online and in stock right now:

Can I get a dupe of The Stanley Cup?
I mean yes you can in terms of it will look like The Stanley cup but remember, it isn't an original Stanley cup so the quality might not be the same. If you're looking for a cheaper version of the Stanley cup just based on aesthetics alone, then you can get a Stanley dupe here  and here. 
Stanley Classic Iceflow Flipstraw Tumbler

So there you have it, Stanley are a wonderful family company with over a century of experience and create products that stand the test of time. Cost per use of a Stanley is pretty much free, it may seem like a big outlay but you are paying something that stands the test of time and works for both hot and cold drinks or even soups. Shop the Full Stanley Collection.  I've got to say the large cup that I own has been the most perfect solution to my hydration goals, it definitely helps me drink more water so if you are wondering how to drink more water, having a Stanley to monitor your water intake is a great idea so cheers to staying refreshed and well prepared for any adventure! hehe :)

Lots of love, Em x
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