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Friday 2 February 2024


Hey guys, I hope you're all well!  Today I'm taking you into a world of timeless sophistication with a Saint Laurent classic, the Saint Laurent Cassandre Envelope Chain Wallet (also known as the Saint Laurent WOC / YSL WOC - basically the Saint Laurent Wallet On Chain).  If you already read my blog it will be no surprise to know that I adore Saint Laurent bags and today I'm going to tell you all about this little beauty so get ready for my review of the Saint Laurent Cassandre Envelope bag review! 

I currently own and adore the following YSL bags / purses:  YSL Hobo bag,  YSL Toy Loulou bag,  YSL Sunset Bag,  YSL Sunset Satchel bag and a beautiful YSL purse YSL Cassandre Matelasse Zipped Card Case.  Each are very special to me for different reasons.   The envelope chain wallet is equally special for a different reason .....  it belongs to my mum!

Being a very practical thinker, my Mum has never been a huge purchaser of handbags and tends to buy one and use it until it wears out.  She has a lovely designer staple from Gucci which she has owned for years and is similar to this one:  Gucci Medium Shoulder Bag.

Now we  have a family dog she wants to keep her hands free so opts for a cross-body bag most of the time and of course she doesn't want to carry a large or bulky bag.  The cross-body she currently uses has seen better days and my brother and I thought it was about time she had something a little more stylish for her doggy outings to restaurants!  After all, she deserves the best so we bought her the beautiful  Saint Laurent Cassandre Envelope Chain Wallet this Christmas and gosh she loves it.  In fact, I may have unleashed another Saint Laurent lover! Open this for my review of the YSL Cassandre envelope bag. 

In my opinion, the Saint Laurent Cassandre Envelope Chain Wallet is a truly gorgeous bag and effortlessly combines practicality with a touch of luxury. While the YSL Cassandre bag is described as a chained wallet, it is actually a small bag capable of carrying more than just money as a traditional wallet would. I'm sure my mum will have this for years to come.  The following are the questions you may have if you are considering buying one for yourself or a loved one.
What Style is the YSL Cassandre Chained Wallet?

The YSL Cassandre bag is a stylish rectangular small chain bag with Cassandre embellishment and iconic chevron quilting.  It's a simple and elegant design and the chevrons add a little bit of something different to this luxury leather wallet.  It features 2 compartments which is very handy, one of the compartments is zipped and the other is open with a fairly roomy middle section which will nicely accommodate your phone.  There are six credit card slots and a larger slot for receipts etc. 

The strap on the YSL wallet on chain is not only reinforced but it has a padded leather part that sits on the shoulder.  Mum would never buy a bag with a full chain strap as she does not like the metal touch on her shoulder and clothing.  This was one of my key considerations before buying and she absolutely loves the padded shoulder strap.  Finally of course the wallet sports the iconic gold-toned brass iconic YSL monogram, front and centre making it a real stand out piece. 

You can watch my review of the Saint Laurent Cassandre Envelope chain wallet: 

Saint Laurent Cassandre Envelope Chain Wallet

The white YSL chained wallet with gold coated brass wear

Is the Saint Laurent Cassandre Envelope Chain wallet versatile?

In terms of size, this isn't a bag you would take if you wanted to carry a whole host of make up for example but do you need to carry that much stuff most of the time anyway?  

As far as versatility goes, Mum has found it's suitable for most occasions for her and it will look good no matter what the occasion.   Dress it down with jeans and a nice jumper for a warming pub lunch or equally take it to a luxury restaurant dressed in your finest - it is timeless, sophisticated and versatile.  

Adding to that versatility is the fact that the bag can be worn / used in a surprising number of different ways.  The strap can be removed so that it can be carried as a purse / clutch.  It can also be wrapped doubly to give a shorter shoulder strap for a little touch of elegance, carried on the longer strap over the shoulder or, as my mum likes to wear it, carried cross-body. 

Saint laurent Cassandre Envelope Chain Wallet

What Material is the YSL Cassandre bag made from?

The YSL bag we bought for Mum is made from grain de poudre leather and the super high quality craftsmanship is evident throughout this bag.  It is also available in metalled leather, patent leather, smooth leather and crocodile. The chain is made from reinforced gold-toned brass and feels robust (other colours come with silverware too so that's great news for silver lovers).  This bag will be treated with respect by my mum because she takes great care of things but equally it is of strong construction and will not easily be damaged.  Some of the edges are quite sharp so could get scuffed but the texture is strong and feels protective.

What size is the YSL Cassandre bag?

The YSL Cassandre envelope is a small rectangular wallet style bag.  It is nice and slim and sleek without being wafer thin. It is compact but not ridiculously petite.  Had it been one of the designer handbags that nothing would fit in Mum would not have been happy as she is a practical person, not just wearing bags for fashion.  Equally she only wants to carry necessities so this bag is the ideal size for her needs.  I'm sure you are wondering if the YSL Cassandre bag fits an iphone in? The answer is yes, yes it does. An iphone absolutely fits inside the YSL Cassandre chain wallet bag. When she wore it just last week she comfortably carried her iPhone, credit cards, car keys and some lipstick.  There was room for a couple more small items and the bag closed comfortably.  Here are the exact dimensions of the YSL envelope bag in case they are useful 19 x 12.5 x 3.5 CM / 7.5 x 5 x 1.4 inches.

Saint Laurent Cassandre Envelope Chain Wallet

Does the YSL Cassandre bag come in different colour options?

The Saint Laurent Cassandre bag comes in a range of colour options including the beige one we bought mum, a black one and a white option and now numerous bolder options.  Depending on colour chosen there is an option to have gold toned brass or silver wear.  I struggled between black and the one I eventually chose but ultimately I made the right choice because this one goes with everything mum wears and most importantly Mum loves it.  
Saint Laurent Cassandre Envelope Chain Wallet

A Cassandre leather wallet on chain with silver wear

Saint Laurent Cassandre Envelope Chain Wallet

You can wear the Cassandre Wallet as a clutch?

How much is the Saint Laurent Cassandre?

As with most bags, prices for the YSL Cassandre bag vary depending on the material used for the main body.  The one we bought mum was under £1000 which for a stylish, timeless and practical designer bag is actually a very good price. 

What fastening is used on the YSL Cassandre bag?

The Saint Laurent Cassandre has a snap closure and mum did say that ideally it would have had a magnetic fastening because one thing she is really bothered about is the ease of being able to close her bags.  She has confirmed that despite it being a snap closure it does close easily and can be opened without disruption to the tip of the envelope by sliding a finger down the side of the envelope. 

How do I care for the YSL Cassandre bag?

Tips to prolong the life of this bag are similar to others and of course start with making sure it is stored in its dustbag and out of sunlight.  Also, regular wiping with a soft cloth is recommended as is using a leather cleaner or conditioner to protect it. Something that I am guilty of but mum will never do is overfilling the bag - please never do this if you want it to stay in great condition (note to self).   Keep it away from make up stains, water and oil based products too.  Just generally treat it with so much love and you won't go wrong. Although mum will wear this cross body so will not need to take it off herself when dining, one thing I have noticed she does with other bags is use a Handbag Hook and this Aspinal one is great.  My mum will never put any of her handbags on the floor and equally from a security point of view she does not like hanging them on chairs so the handbag hook is the perfect solution. 

Can I buy a pre-loved YSL bag? 

I'm about to embark on writing a blog post about pre-loved accessories so I will bring you more information as it is an area I have a growing interest in.  What I do know is that large retailers are really moving in to this market and while I didn't find the exact bag this Saint Laurent Small Loulou Pre-owned quilted bag is super nice. 

Where can I buy the Saint Laurent Cassandre Envelope Chain Wallet?

There is not shortage of the YSL Cassandre envelope chain wallet is available from including all major department stores such as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Harrods etc.  It can also be bought online here for some of the best deals: 

Harrods (for a more expensive lambskin version) Cassandre Envelope Chain Wallet Lambskin

I do hope you've enjoyed this post. In conclusion, if you were wondering which YSL Envelope bag to buy, the Saint Laurent Cassandre envelope chain wallet is elegant, robust and functional and perfect for the times when you only need to take a few items out with you. The YSL Envelope bag has a sleek design, meticulous craftsmanship and iconic YSL logo make it a stand out accessory whether paired with formal or casual clothing and my mum loves hers. The YSL Cassandre envelope bag is a must have for day and night and will stand the test of time, I love the versatilely of this bag. 

Lots of love, Em x

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