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Thursday 16 March 2023


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Hello all! Hoping you are well. I've been receiving tonnes of DM's recently about the best outfits to wear while flying and I think I can very much help you with this... Seeing as I spend most of my time in the comfiest clothes. Whether its an Anine Bing Sweater or a pair of Gymshark leggings, I have perfected cosy-core and the best outfits to wear on a flight. So keep on reading ahead for all of your long haul travel essentials if you are wondering what to wear on a flight, here are the best airport outfits! Bookmark this for the best airport outfit ideas.

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Ideas of what to wear in the airport/on a flight: 

Oversized Sweater with Leggings or Cycling Shorts - Ok, comfort is key when you are flying and there is nothing comfier than an oversized hoodie with leggings. This is my go to airport outfit and it never fails me. I'm always the comfiest I can be and also non restricted! So moving about is easy - which is great when you're running to your gate because you've spent too much time shopping (like me!)
Adanola is always my go to for oversized sweaters. I'm a huge fan of their classic grey hoodie but also have recently been loving all their new in sweaters! Particularly this dark olive sweatshirt which I have just ordered for myself... Love the colour! 

In terms of leggings you just can't find anything better than the Lululemon Align Leggings. I tried them out last year for the first time and haven't found anything as comfy and versatile since. They also offer a cycling shorts version so if you want to do those instead of full leggings they have you covered. Equally as comfy! I always fly in leggings! Comfort is key. 

Designer Sweater - I'm all about laid back luxury. I know nowadays people choose comfort over looking fabulous on a plane anyday (as do I!) but I love how people used to dress to the nines to take a flight. Although I'm definitely not going to be dressing up, I do still like to feel a little bit boujis. I love this Saint Laurent sweater - comfy and fancy! I also have a lot to say for the Ralph Lauren knitted jumpers - they're so soft and so comfy. I love this one & it's on sale too! 

Shop the on sale Ralph Lauren Bear Jumper here

Jumpsuits - People love an airport jumpsuit! I can see why - if you can find a comfy one, then they're so easy. Just chuck one on first thing in the morning and you're ready in 5 minutes. Perfect! I have one from Zara which I've had for years and it was my go to for travelling for so long... But I bought it around 6 years ago so unfortunately they don't make it anymore! However I did find this Sweaty Betty one on sale for you... here. Looks pretty comfy to me! 

YSL Toy LouLou Bag - A lot of people like to bring quite a big bag with them on the plane but I'm the opposite. I don't like having to carry something large around the airport, I want easiness always. So I'm always going for my YSL Toy LouLou. It fits all the essentials I need - phone, passport, sunglasses and headphones. 
I'm not one for reading so I don't need to bring a book with me - I'd much rather getting settled in and turn on a film for the duration of the flight. 
I've had this bag for 3 years now and it's still my most used and favourite bag I've bought. I can't recommend it enough! Here are some links of the best places you can pick it up: 

Shop the Sweaty Betty Jumpsuit on sale here

In general, I like to be prepared for eventualities in an airport. I could find myself having to sleep over is my flight is cancelled... I could also find myself sprinting to catch it! So therefore I want to make sure that what I'm wearing is going to allow me to be the comfy, warm and versatile. 
There are so many athleisure brands out there know so luckily we have a huge option of outfit ideas! 
I've included a few more of my favourites that I've spotted currently below. 

The most gorgeous White Company Sweater & Joggers

Extra-Comfy Extras

It's not just clothing that is essential for a comforting flight/airport experience. I also want to make sure that all my extras are going to make my time easier! I've linked below a few essentials that I always make sure I have with me when I'm flying. Like a pair of cashmere socks, travel organiser and a hat. Always a great idea to cover up our bed hair after a long flight.

As much as I love brining my Saint Laurent Toy LouLou with me too, I understand some of you out there may want something a bit larger so I've also linked some great options for flight bags. 

I think that's all I have for you! I hope I've included everything possible to make your flight outfit and journey a little bit easier. I really hope this has helped if you are looking for what to wear on a flight, hopefully this blog post with airport outfit ideas has been useful. I have lots of wonderful trips planned this year and so if you want to keep up with where I'm jetting off to please pop in and see me over on my Instagram - @emshelx and also on my TikTok - @emshelx where I'll be updating in real time! 

I hope you also have some lovely trips booked this year and I'll see you in the next post. 

Lots of love, Em x

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