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Tuesday 21 March 2023


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Hello! hello! 
How are we all doing? If you follow me on Instagram @emshelx then you'll know that I've recently been on a ski trip to Chamonix. Gosh! I loved it. I remember feeling a bit hesitant as I'd recently done North American skiing before and didn't think anything would be able to top that but Chamonix blew me away. It was truly, one of the best holidays I've had. While I was away I got so many DM's asking me what I packed in my ski trip suitcase and so what better way than to do a whole blog post about what to pack for a ski trip. This is all about the ski trip essentials you will need for 2023. If you are wondering how to dress for skiing or what to wear for a ski trip, I have got you covered. I'll be covering everything you need to take into consideration when choosing what to pack for your skiing trip and, if it's your first ski trip this should help you know what to pack for your first ski trip too. It's hard to know what to pack for a ski trip without going overboard so hopefully I've included enough ski suitcase tips and tricks in here so you can maximise space and making sure you're bringing with you everything you may need. 

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Ski Outfit Essentials 

Ski Jacket, Trousers and All-In-Ones

For my ski trip this year, I stuck to Perfect Moment for most of my ski gear and they were phenomenal. They kept me so warm and their mobility was brilliant. I never felt like the Michelin man which is a plus! Because I want to actually be able to move when skiing. I know all in ones can be annoying when you need to go to the bathroom but i recommend all in one snow suits so highly after this trip, I've never been comfier or warmer. If you are skiing in Easter and wondering, what do I wear for a ski trip in April? The above ski suit was great and I really didn't need an extra jacket over the top. Shop my Perfect Moment Ski Suit here

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I also want to highlight Sweaty Betty as they're also great for ski gear! Before I treated myself to some new kit this year, I swore by my Sweaty Betty ski gear for years. 

Shop this Sweaty Betty Ski Jacket here

Shop these Sweaty Betty Ski Trousers here

Shop the above here

Ski Thermals & Underlayers

The thermals that I have always sworn by are Sweaty Betty thermals / base layers - shop here. I love them because they're actually fashionable too rather than just being plain, which is what you normally find! 
This season they've brought out such cool patterns and so I grabbed myself a few.  I have had my Sweaty Betty base layers for years, if it is like -30, you can double up on them but they're still useful even in England, I will wear them for dog walks or around the house. They are SO stretchy and comfortable. An absolute must every day underneath my ski suit. If you are wondering what to wear on a ski trip in March, I wore 1x pair of Sweaty Betty base layers with my ski suit over the top, and then a jumper on top of my thermals. I was so warm skiing in Chamonix. 

I used to live in Canada where conditions were genuinely -30 some days, I wore Helly Hansen thermals and base layers back then. They lasted me for years and again, kept me incredibly warm. 

Shop the Sweaty Betty thermal top here and the leggings here

Shop the Sweaty Betty thermal top here and leggings here

I also need to mention Marks and Spencers as a much cheaper alternative - here. Sometimes it can be hard to find them in stock, but they do a great job of keeping you warm on the slopes! 

Shop the Marks and Spencer thermal top here and leggings here

Over my thermals I always like to wear a light knit, just for added warmth and also style! I think it looks great if you're wondering what to wear for apres skiing. There are so many stylish ones out there so I've shared my favourites below. 

Shop the H&M 'Alps' pullover here

Shop the Perfect Moment 'Ski' pullover here and here with 50% off! 
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Shop the Free People 'Ski' jumper here

Where To Buy Ski Gear

I always rent ski gear - like helmet, ski's, poles and boots. In Europe you can rent all this through Intersport which should be located in your resort. I'm thinking next year though that I'm going to invest in a good helmet for next year. I also really want to invest in a good pair of ski boots as I've heard they're game changing! Apparently your skiing changes dramatically (for the better!) when you have your own boots. That being said both of these you need to go into some Ski stores and have them personally fitted to you. I know with some boots they can even mold them to your feet so they are completely bespoke to you. Helmets you must get fitted in store as they can ensure it's the correct size, therefore ensuring that it is the best option for your safety. If you are going to ski every year, rather than paying £150 per trip to rent a helmet ski boots and skis, you could just get your own comfortable ones and eventually it will work out better priced but remember you then have to get it on the plane, pay for extra baggage etc etc so it does depend how much skiing you are going to do in your lifetime. My boyfriend has his own ski boots and skis and will not ski without them! 

Which Shoes Should I Pack For A Ski Trip?

This year was the first time that I tried out Moon Boots and they are amazing. So worth the hype. I asked for many people, will I actually wear my Moon Boots? They are hands down the comfiest shoes I own, I felt like I was walking on a cloud the whole time! They had great grip so stopped me from slipping, they kept me warm, comfy, stopped snow from getting into my ankles and kept me elevated above the slushy surfaces in the village. And of course they kept my feet permanently dry when I was walking around the village. I actually have the ones I wore available for rent on ByRotation - here they are. They're a size 6 but as they're so big, they class them as 'between sizes' so you can probably fit a size 5-7 in them. I wore my Moon Boots on a ski trip in the morning when walking around the village then changed into them for apres and even wore them to dinner in Chamonix. 
I also have to do a shout out to Ugg boots here of course - although you can't get them wet I found myself wearing mine constantly around our Chalet that we rented. Just as an added extra layer of warmth for your feet on dry days and for apres they are great too. 

Shop Moon Boots here and you can get my exact Moon Boots here
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Shop the Uggs Mini here and here

Apres Ski Outfits - What To Wear For Apres Ski

Apres! The best part of skiing! There's nothing more fun than sitting in a busy outdoor terrace with the most dramatic backdrop, having a drink and a laugh with friends, knowing you survived a day on the slopes. Most of the time I would find myself having a drink right off the slopes, still in my ski gear along with everyone else. But on a few occasions, Matt and I would head back to the room and then head out again in the village in search of the nearest Chocolat Chaud with Grand Marnier... (oh yes, thank me later). With that in mind my go to outfit would be Lululemon Align Leggings - Uggs or my Moon Boots and a nice thick heavy jumper. I've linked a few options below so you can look stylish but also keep warm! And remember - you still need those thermals underneath! You want to feel comfortable, warm but you can look stylish for apres too. My go to is definitely comfort with a hint of 'ski chic' for apres. 

Shop my cute heart jumper here and my ear muffs here 

Shop this 'Ski' jumper here

Shop this Rossignol beanie here

Shop this Gucci scarf here (we know how much I love mine!)

Canada Goose

I recently got myself a Canada Goose jacket - just in time for this trip! But it really was such a lifesaver. 
Canada Goose are now part of the RSP meaning that the down used in their jackets is responsibly sourced. Their coats have a lifetime warranty and they're suitable for temperatures down to -30c. I did ski in mine once or twice, but mostly I wore it while walking around the village and it was perfect! It always kept me so warm and because it was long it kept my legs warm also. It's so important when it's cold to wear a long coat because by keeping your bum warm, it really does make such a difference. I love how I can wear my Canada Goose casually with leggings underneath on the morning coffee walks but the belted effect actually means it looks gorgeous clenched in for apres ski. I found it was really comfortable to ski in too {and so warm} even though it isn't meant to be a ski jacket. Functional and gorgeous. I really can't recommend it enough! I've linked lots of places that sell my Canada Goose coat here.

Shop my Canada Goose coat here

Ski Trip Skincare Essentials

Shop the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream here 

Do not forget about beauty products when skiing! Skincare is SO essential while we're skiing. Not only is does the cold dry your skin out but you are also at risk of getting sunburn when skiing. The way the sunlight reflects on the snow means you're getting double the intensity of the suns rays so you have to make sure you are protecting your skin all the time. Expect to see many people with panda eyes on a ski trip from wearing goggles and no SPF!

I made sure to take with me my La Roche Posay SPF 50 Hydrating Suncream and I also picked up handful of them at the French Drugstore - as we know they are elite! I always use this when I'm skiing and I love the high SPF Factor. I didn't get sunburnt once! Not even a little redness. 
Another must that I always take with me is my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. I know, I literally mention this in every single blog post but it is my holy grail and has been for years. I can't fault it and it keeps my skin so hydrated all the time. I use it on my cuticles, my split ends, my lips, dermatitis on my eye lids, my eye brows, super dry skin, sun burn - honestly, everything, everywhere! Prince Harry used it for frost bite! It's also worth having a lip balm with you also, preferably one with SPF. We can't forget our lips need protection too! I took my Elizabeth Arden SPF 15 Lip Balm Stick with me and applied it regularly throughout the day. As someone who's lips can get really dry at the slightest change in atmosphere, this did a good job of keeping them moisturised and fresh looking. Plus it's small so very easy to put into the one of your many pockets in your ski jacket! A moisturiser I swear by when skiing is the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream - it is literally designed for cold weather and arctic conditions but feels so lightweight on the skin. 

Shop a similar Ski Suit here

I also make sure to pack fac emasks with me while I'm off on a ski trip, just for that added layer of mositurisation. I've recently been loving the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask and Origins Drink Up Hydrating Mask. Both are literally designed to rehydrate you skin after a flight and as we all know our skin gets the most dry ever on a plane. 

In addition I packed a couple of the Dr Jart Hylauronic Acid Sheet Masks - they may not be the most attractive, but gosh do they make my face feel so soft! I swear by sheet masks. Matt also loves these so he of course stole one... 

If you're staying in a hotel then they should provide a little body cream for you along with the other toiletry essentials you normally get. But if you're in a rented chalet like Matt and I this may be something you need to bring yourself. I don't normally moisturise my body every single day, but it goes through the motions when skiing! So I packed my Kiehls Creme De Corps Moisturiser and it was such a treat lathering this on after a long day on the slopes. We all need some relaxation when we've been working out for essentially 6 hours! 

That is all I have for you! I hope this guide helps you know what to pack for a ski trip if you have an upcoming Ski Trip! The weather is definitely getting warmer but don't forget it's still pretty cold up in the mountains. I was checking the weather before Matt and I went out every day and ended up packing for all scenarios. 

I've definitely got myself the skiing bug and since coming home have been looking at trying to get in one more trip before the season closes... Wish me luck! If you want to see everything I got up too while skiing then hop on over to my Instagram @emshelx and my TikTok also @emshelx where I was documenting my trip! I really hope this helps you with knowing what to pack for a ski trip!
I'll see you all next time ! 

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