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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The Best Ski Kit, What To Wear For A Ski Trip And Top Ski Tips For Beginners

apres ski what to wear
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Whilst I'm sat in the mountains (this fresh mountain air was much needed, oh and it's very fresh indeed), I thought I'd write a blog post about a few things I've learnt so far when it comes to skiing after my fist few days here. I've been putting going skiing off for a long time. Having a brother and a boyfriend who are both very experienced in skiing only makes it even more difficult. I'm a very active person (I'm sure you all know that by now if you read my fitness section) but skiing is just something I've never had the time to do. I guess I've always put it off. I'm always a little bit sad I'm not from a family who threw me onto skis as soon as I could walk, but hey, here I am, the awkward 22 year old having lessons and you know what? It's really not as bad as I thought. So here are some pointers if you're scared like me, or, if you're just wondering what to wear. My biggest fear was what do people wear for a ski trip and for apres ski?! I've got you covered so obviously we will be talking about what I've been wearing this trip. 
sweaty betty base layers thermals

All age ranges learn ski - Don't fear because all age ranges learn to ski. I was worried I'd be learning with loads of 5 year olds but I was with one 30+ year old guy. If you can,  try learn out of season, it means the ski schools are empty and you pretty much get one to one lessons. You pay almost triple for these. I was going to get private lessons so have been very lucky here. I've been doing 4 hours per day and feel great for it after day 3. I can't believe how much I progressed and how quickly, I do feel proud as I told pretty much everyone I wouldn't be able to do it. I've gone from a bambi on ice to feeling extremely confident with long, steep hills by myself with just 12 hours of lessons.

topshop sno
Wear whatever you want but just keep warm - I was so worried about what to wear and asked pretty much everyone and anyone, what do I wear to ski in? As long as you've got goggles, a hat or a fur headband, a warm ski coat, base layers/thermals and some ski trousers, you'll be fine. I rented all my equipment whilst out here (ski boots and skits), it does cost quite a lot though. For apres-ski (after skiing) the same thing goes apart from I brought my trusty Ugg boots for the evening (haven't worn them in ages and finally got them out here as it's so cold). I've been taking sunglasses in my pockets though and on this trip, I've gone for this pair by Cutler and Gross. I stumbled across them in Leeds and they're seriously beautiful.  They're offering complimentary eye exams throughout January 2017 with the purchase of frames which is always a bonus. My ski coat is actually from Topshop Sno. The boys laughed at me so much when I bought this in my recent huge Topshop haul but it was affordable, it's so comfortable and warm and I think it looks really nice too. I didn't want to be wearing unflattering things on the slopes and just fell in love with this. They do it in black too, shop Topshop Sno ski range here.  I also have a jacket from The North Face and thermals from Helly Hansen - another two really good brands for ski wear. 

My outfit: Thermals / Coat / Sunglasses / Uggs / Fur headband - currently only £14 in the sale!

Kids will be better than you - Expect to see 3 year olds whizzing past you. Remember having no fear when you were a kid? Well that coupled with the fact that out here, kids are probably taught to ski before they ride a bike. I use it as my drive to tell myself: if they can do it, I can too! 

Breathe - I found learning pretty easy but on day 3, I was getting stressed. When Matt's brother told me to just breathe and enjoy it, I found it way better. Sometimes you've got to take a step back. 

The days are short - I was shocked by how short the days are at skiing. I'd do my lessons 10-3 and by 3, most people have stopped skiing and have headed to the bars. I thought I'd miss out by doing my lessons alone on a morning but it's been fun with the instructor and I've been catching up with my friends at 3, who have stopped skiing by that time anyway. 

All age ranges ski - Just like all age ranges learn, you'll find all age ranges ski too. That's something that made me realise I can do it. You'll see 3 year olds to 80 year olds and everything in between. Granted, they've all probably been skiing for a few years but if they can do it, you can too! 

topshop ski jacket
Don't worry if you're going with a group with mixed abilities - I've put skiing off for so long because everyone is at a different level to me so I was nervous I'd be alone. I promise you it's okay. So many people go in mixed groups with some almost pro skiers down to complete beginners. 

trendy fashionable ski kit
You'll wish you started sooner - I promise. I'm so glad I got that kick to do it and I'll definitely be heading back! Practice makes perfect. I'll be back in 2017 on the slopes. But for now, time to go grab another Baileys hot chocolate and make the most of the rest of the trip. 

Have you ever skied? Do you like skiing?

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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