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Thursday, 15 December 2016

My Top Pre-Christmas Party Workout Moves At Home

tommy hilfiger gym kit
Hello hello hello! So I haven't done any workout videos in a while and today, wanted to try something a little bit different. So many people have asked me to do more Snapchat and Instagram workouts but today, I wanted to do a blog workout! You also have a big come to the gym with me video going live on my YouTube this weekend too! As I always say, I'm not an expert, I'm just someone who has huge a passion for health and fitness and I've always worked out. So today, I wanted to show you my top easy moves you can do anywhere this Winter. I personally find it so difficult to muster up the energy and motivation to work out when it's cold and damp outside, so I'm hoping these will help you! There's no excuse, you can do them whilst you're sat watching the TV! I think the key to not feeling too bad after Christmas is to keep on it, little and often. So hopefully this small home work out will help you. I hope you enjoy!
libratone one style

If you read my top motivational tips to work out, you'll know I said how important I think it is to have an amazing soundtrack. Soundtrack ready, and my new speaker out of the box, with the touch of a button, we're ready to play some songs via Bluetooth. 

libratone one style speaker

This finally gave me the chance to wear my new Tommy Hilfiger gym kit, take my Pure Zen yoga towel (my favourite light-weight towel for drying off and working out with) for a spin and of course, try out my new ONE Style bluetooth speaker. I wanted to give this a little test because it makes the perfect Christmas gift, it's light-weight, portable and waterproof too. It means you can easy work out anywhere and everywhere to that amazing music. When I'm ready to give up, music always makes me want to power through so this really is an essential for me. Now, for the workouts! PS. You should always speak to an expert first to check your form as I don't want anyone getting injured! You can watch my YouTube videos featuring me actually doing some of these moves but as I say, I do not claim to be an expert so always speak to one first.

glute bridge raises
MOVE 1 - Bridge Raises - One of my favourite moves for toning the glutes, bridge raises!  My good friend Carly swears by these for toning the bum area and I love them too. I do them in the gym with a weight on top but when at home, I just do the move for longer. With one leg in the air I pulse up and down for one minute on each leg, making sure I'm squeezing my bum the whole time. This really burns.

the plank
MOVE 2 - THE PLANK - Ah the good old plank, but it's a great strengthening move. I was once told to be so strong and tight when doing the plank, as if someone is going to hit you in the side and you wont even move. I've always been told to keep my bum down too whilst doing it and squeeze everything in. I hold this for 2 minutes. 

MOVE 3 - PLANK VARIATIONS - There are so many plank variations you can do, including mountain climbers or my favourite, a plank on a ball! Grab something squishy at home and watch how much it hurts your abs when you have to try balance whilst doing the plank! 

MOVE 4 - SQUATS - I find squatting around the house is great, particularly if you have a wall. Holding a squat against a wall gives you that burn in your legs. If you've got the room, try some squat variations such as squat jumps to get the heart beat going! Make sure you speak to a professional first to make sure your stance is correct. 

plie squat
MOVE 5 - SQUAT VARIATIONS - There are so many different variations from the normal squat, I love plie squats where I pulse down and gently up but not right to the top. I like to play Beyonce whilst squatting, she makes me power through the pain (good pain though!). You can always use Libratone's Spotify playlist if you are looking for one!  

When at home, I try to do circuits so I'd do each move for one minute and then repeat four times. Music on, world off! 

You can buy the speaker online here / Gym bra online here / Gym leggings online here  and here - similar here too. 

Are you working out this December? Do you work out at home or at the gym?

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*A big thanks to Libratone for working with me and giving me this amazing speaker, as always, my 100% honest opinion. I was so excited to finally get this live!

 Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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