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Saturday, 3 December 2016

How To Spread Goodness This Christmas And Give Back

Hey guys, so today it's a post all about spreading goodness. I'm totally upping my blogging game at the moment, that means, blogging a lot more frequently and I hope you're enjoying. I don't know anyone who doesn't feel great when they're giving back which is why actually, I have been giving back a lot recently. Every month I give bags of things to charity but for the last few Christmases I've been giving lots of things away to a local children's home, it means the children get Christmas presents. Anything that doesn't go to them is then raffled off to raise money for Easter eggs etc. I get such a great feeling when I give back and that's why I'm a little bit in love with this campaign. FeelGood drinks invited me to host my own little party in my house (or online) to celebrate spreading goodness and I've decided to turn this into a post about how I'm going to be spread goodness this Christmas and give you some tips too. I wanted to talk to you about a few ways you can give back this Christmas and spread some goodness in ways you didn't even think of. Remember, a little something may mean nothing to you but it may mean everything to someone else. 


Before I start with my top tips to spread goodness this Christmas, let's talk about what was in my amazing hamper to get the party started and to spread those feel good vibes. I was given lots of Feel Good drinks (I'll be using these as healthier options during the party season as I always find it difficult to find good mixers for drinks), they're basically delicious waters infused with fruit juice and I absolutely love the bubbly version for party time. I was also given a cocktail making kit, bunting, balloons and pretty much every little thing you can think of to make my day. I'm a sucker for fairy lights, cocktails and balloons. Talk about brighten my day. I know these recipes will be coming into use this Christmas! 

Mug, online here, here  and here. 
Armed with my delicious drinks and cocktail recipes, I think I'm ready for the party season because whilst giving back is important, don't forget to have some downtime yourself too! I know I'll be treating myself and my family with these delicious cocktails this year so thank you Feel Good drinks for this lovely hamper

My Top Tips for Giving Back And Spreading Goodness This Christmas: (try it, you'll feel really great!)

Buy presents that give back - Whether you're going to pop into your local, independent store to buy your Christmas cards and boxes, or grab something from companies that give back, every little helps. Companies like TheSoapCo are great, with all profits going back into the business to help the people who work for them. TheBodyShop always have great initiatives at Christmas time too and are well worth checking out if you'd like your money to go to great causes. There's also Clarins who are really great at giving back, they partner with FEED to help fight hunger around the world. 

Do something nice for a stranger - Whether it's the man you walk past on the street every day who begs for money, understanding how difficult it is to work in retail at this time of year and having a laugh with the sales assistant or, giving to charity. I definitely find giving to charity at any time of the year, but this time in particular makes me feel great. In Canada, we found a charity and gave them lots of our old blankets and pillows to help the homeless. I also saw in London the other day there's a charity and they collect old coats from people. The Co-op are also doing a reverse advent, where you put something you no longer want into a box every day of advent and then give it to someone at the end of December. I also used to always do shoebox giveaways, where I'd fill a shoebox with tins of food and necessities and send them off to people. Do some research, little things can really help. Christmas is a great time for many but also, a really sad time for many too. I think it's so important to give this Christmas. Even a smile can really make someones day. 

Cherish to your loved ones - Christmas isn't just about giving (although I definitely prefer giving presents than receiving them!), it's about spending time with your loved ones, so this Christmas, spread some goodness by giving your time to your loved ones and let them know just how loved they are.

How will you be spreading goodness this Christmas? Do you like the idea of this?

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*I worked with Come Round & FeelGood but this is 100% my opinion and an amazing campaign. 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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