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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Top Work Out Tips This New Year & The Best Nike Gym Kit

If you read my recent post featuring some of my favourite home workouts, you’ll probably remember me saying that the best way to beat the post-Christmas slump/sluggish feeling, is to keep on it throughout the month. Whether you’re walking around your village, taking the stairs over the escalator and I guess, just moving a little bit more. Today, I wanted to keep those positive work out vibes up and take you to my local David Lloyd (my favourite gym) to show off this incredible Nike kit. Alongside it, I’ll be giving you some quick fire easy tips to stay fit this Winter. Let's go for a work out and show you what I wear. PS. This is my favourite outfit, ever, let's just say, I'm totally embracing the Christmas/New Year sparkles and I think you'll appreciate it. 

First up, the outfit. I couldn’t turn down this incredible black and gold set. Something about it stood out to me. It’s fierce, it’s fun but also, (even if I say so myself!) I think it looks great. Nike products seem to sculpt the body really well, they make me feel powerful, confident and ready to go. I always say, first and foremost when you’re trying to get into fitness or trying to get some fitness inspiration, get some nice kit! I think new, nice kit and the right kit, is so important. I have sworn by Nike leggings for as long as I can remember. They hold my body in the right places and work with me when I’m moving. They keep me dry, comfortable and allow me to have the best workouts. Once I’ve invested in new kit, I feel like I have to work out. I guess that’s another reason I wanted some new, fierce kit to get me feeling ready for the new year.

The top? My favourite thing about crop tops or sports bras is everyone wears them differently. Whether you’re going to throw a slouchy jumpy over the top for an ‘apres gym’ style look, wear it by itself for an intense work out (I have to wear it by itself for HIIT!) or, throw a slouchy vest over the top. It’s totally up to you. Don't be scared of crop tops, you can use this to hold you in, under a top. The best thing about all Nike products is that you can wear them to pop to the shop, you can wear them for coffee… they’re completely on trend as well as being technically some of the best out there. Don't forget to read my blog post on body confidence. 

Shop the crop top online here / Shop the long sleeved matching jumper online here (a must have for Winter!) 

The trainers - Good trainers are a complete investment and if you get good ones, they’ll last you for years. One day I’ll invite you all to check out my sports trainer collection and you’ll see, 80% of it is Nike. I’ve been brought up on the brand and was so excited to try the new Metcon 2 Women’s Training Shoe. These are basically built for everything, they’re designed for high-intensity training and help you lift, run, jump and climb ropes with their incredibly low and stable heel. They have a flexible forefoot and high-density rubber too. I went for a vibrant colour because I personally adore bright trainers. But I think my second pair of these (yes, I want to invest in another pair!) will be the plain black and white ones (shop them online here). I think these are perfect for any occasion, as well as working out actually. I’ve had issues before with my ankles from not wearing the right trainers and in fitness, it’s something you really shouldn’t cut corners with. I always recommend Nike to anyone when it comes to trainers. They’ve lasted me through years of smashing the treadmill hard through HIIT and hammering the spinning bike! I once forgot my Nikes and had to train with non-sport trainers, it’s safe to say, it completely impacted just how well I worked out.

Shop my new Nike trainers online here.

I honestly couldn't love a kit more. This is the perfect last minute Christmas treat too and they're shipping until the 23rd December so get your orders in here. Now we’ve talked about the starting point of a work out, the beautiful kit. I wanted to give you a few top tips to keeping fit:

Drink more water - It is so cliche and everyone says it, but I promise, it works. I’m the worst at sticking to this, but once you do it, you’ll see differences in everything. It helps to stop me feeling bloated, it fixes my skin and it pushes toxins out of my body.

Try new things - I really think trying new work outs is so important. My body seems to tire and get bored of doing the same work out every time, which is why I try to constantly mix it up. There’s nothing worse than losing motivation for fitness. Even a new playlist can help. Try some new things out, you never know, you may love them. You can watch my fitness videos online here.

Get the right soundtrack - Never underestimate just how important the right soundtrack is. If you’re listening to feel good music, I promise you’ll work out harder. Certain songs slow me down and certain songs build me up. It’s all about finding what works for you. I personally love chart music and Beyonce when working out.

Find a good work out partner - I always find having someone to push me really helps. Whether that’s someone you follow on Instagram for inspiration or your best friend, if you stick to a healthy eating and good exercise plan with someone else, you’re more likely to stick at it.

Don’t hate exercise - Lastly, don’t hate exercise. It’s an incredibly powerful thing that benefits your mind and body. Why wouldn’t you love something that makes you feel and look fabulous after?

I honestly work out for my mind, the aesthetic benefits are just an absolute bonus. Send me any top work out tips below and let me know if you have a new work out strategy for the new year.

Do you like new gym kit? Do you lounge around in it? Do you feel like it makes you work out better?

*I collaborated with Nike on this blog post and couldn't be happier to share it with you!

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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