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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Daytime Handbag Essentials & Aspinal Mayfair Mock-Croc Leather Bag Review

grey faux fur guess jacketAfter the amazing response to my Gucci swing bag review post, I thought I'd introduce you to a new designer handbag today. My Aspinal Mayfair Mock-Croc leather bag. This gorgeous little cutie has followed me everywhere recently, it's my first ever grey bag. I decided to go for less of a traditional colour (I stick to blacks when it comes to bags) and something a little smaller. It's compact, beautiful and a true classic. I wanted to show you what's been in this bag recently, some serious essentials and new daytime favourites so get ready! 
handbag essentials
 Aspinal Mayfair Mock-Croc leather bag.
 Aspinal Mayfair Mock-Croc leather bag
choker cream jumper

Bag, online here / Hair, blow dry by Paul Edmonds Salon / Jeans, online here / Coat, online here. 

 Aspinal Mayfair Mock-Croc bagAs you can see, it's really easy to wear, either over the shoulder, as a cross body bag or the removable strap means it can just be carried around easily. It's larger than a clutch but wouldn't fit my camera or make up bag in, so it really is more for day time essentials or a lovely dinner date. It makes a nice change because I forever carry the heaviest bags around with me. If you were going to use this as an oversized clutch, it would be the classiest one to exist. I find it makes any outfit look classy and because of the colour, it's perfect for winter. I always joke and say I don't need to go to the gym because I carry so many weights around in my bag on a daily basis!

sudio headphones

Sudio Headphones - First up, beautiful, trusty, rose gold headphones! An absolute essential. If I don't need them for the gym, I need them for the train and if I don't need them for the train, I need them when I'm walking. Basically, headphones are essential for me and I couldn't resist these beautiful rose gold ones. I went for them not only because they're rose gold, but because they're so light weight and wireless too! When I'm rushing around for trains, all my wires get tangled and I love that these are completely wireless. Sudio is based in Stockholm (somewhere I've always wanted to visit) and these particular ones are wireless. The quality is amazing, studio quality in fact. These are the lightest wireless pair of earphones at the moment, they only weigh 14 grams! Perfect for travel. They also have an 8+ hour battery life and come with 4 pairs of ear buds for the perfect fit. I usually ruin white things in my bag with my make up but these comes with a rose gold clip and a gorgeous leather pouch so that isn't gonna happen here! I absolutely love getting these out and using them, they're  a pleasure to use. They'd also make a great Christmas present. You can use EMSHEL15 as a promo and discount code to get 15% off everything on the Sudio site if you fancy treating yourself. I can't recommend these headphones enough. Shop them online here. 

armani lipstick shade 101
Armani Lipstick in Shade 101 - I feel weird if I don't have a lipstick in my bag and this is my absolute favourite at the moment, you can tell because I've basically ruined the look of it! It's very well used but it's my favourite. It's very Kylie Jenner lips. It looks beautiful on because it's the creamiest, most hydrating nude. As with everything from Armani, it's a yes from me. Online here. 

burberry body
Burberry Body - My fragrance of choice at the moment in my bag is Burberry Body. I've always loved the sexiness of Burberry smells. They really remind me of my time at University. I always find it crazy that a scent can bring back a moment in your life in an instant. If not, you'll usually find a Jo Malone hanging around in my handbag, my absolute favourite brand. Online here. 

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara - I love reapplying a coat of mascara over the top of my mascara at the end of the day if I'm going somewhere, I find it instantly awakens my eyes and gives me more of an evening look. Another product which is totally overused, as you can tell by the case. It's genuinely amazing though, for the longest, darkest lashes. My one issue with this is that it does transfer beneath the eyes so just keep an eye on it! I still wear it though because it gives me the biggest, best lashes ever. Online here. 

Essentials - Obviously my essentials, oyster card, hair bobbles that don't snag my hair (these ones are the best!) and boring, but I always have my contact lenses in my bag! I have a phobia that they may fall out and I wont be able to see anything!

Illamasqua Lipstick - Another lipstick, but this Illamasqua nude lipstick is always in my bag. It's another Kylie Jenner style lipstick, nude and it glides on so easy. It stays on all day and my lips feel so hydrated. Illamasqua do the best lip colours. This one is perfect for throwing in my bag as it's like a two in one hydrator and bold colour without the dryness of a lipstick. Online here. 

mac mineralise powder
Powder - I always have my trusty MAC Mineralise skin finish powder in my bag with my Bare Minerals bronzing brush, just incase I get shiny! As you can see, totally overused! 

YSL - Lastly, I promise this is the last lipstick! As you can see, I'm a lipstick girl and I'm not over exaggerating with how many are in my bag. If I don't have a YSL lipgloss in my bag, it'll be their iridescent lipstick, just to put over my lipsticks to give me a nice glow! I adore everything to do with YSL, their products look beautiful in my bag and in my bedroom. Online here. 

Phew so there we have it, my new bag, my gorgeous new headphones (you need them on your Christmas list) and you now know I genuinely have way too many lipsticks. My bag would be half the weight if I could just choose one, but I can't!

What's truly in your bag? Let me know! Do you have any designer bags?

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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