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Monday, 5 December 2016

Small Things I Did To Lose Weight & Tone Up - What Is Barrecore?

Hello hello! I realise I haven't done a fitness post in a few weeks (more coming your way this month, don't you worry) so today I wanted to talk about the little things I have been doing recently that have helped me to tone up, as well as a few new products I've been loving wellness wise. I'm a sucker for well-being and that's totally okay because I think putting our health and well-being first is so important. Let's discuss the little things I've been doing recently to tone up and stay in shape. I'm also including a pretty amazing new antiperspirant I've discovered and an amazing little kit from Neom to boost your workouts on these low energy/chilly Winter days!
sweaty betty backless top

DIET - Obviously, as well as working out, diet is incredibly important too. Have you ever heard the phrase 'abs are made in the kitchen'? Well, it's kind of true. If I eat well and have a few weeks away from exercising, I don't actually see many bad changes in my body because my food is good. I've actually been injured recently (I've pulled the back of my knee and the pain will not go away) so I've been focusing on a good diet and swimming. When I say diet, I just mean: what you eat on a daily basis, you guys know by now I do not condone diets and really don't believe in them. If you read my blog post all about how I think clean eating can be dangerous, you'll know that I'm all about the 80/20 rule. Never deprive yourself because then you'll just crave more naughty things. You can read my top fitness tips here but it's simple really, I believe in eating better (not less) and moving more. 

My top tips to keep your diet on point:

- Keep Your Cupboards Well Stocked - When you;re hungry, you'll grab whatevers available so make sure your cupboards are stocked full of good snacks. You can read about my favourite snacks here. My cupboards tend to be stocked with bananas, apples, rice cakes, Pop Chips and Nakd bars for when I need a quick, healthy snack.  

- Always Have A Big Bottle Of Water With You - I carry a huge bottle of water with me wherever I go. If you drink it before you eat, you'll make sure you're actually hungry and not just thirsty. 

- Always Have A Healthy Snack On You - If you're on the go a lot like I am, you'll often find yourself out and about without any healthy snacks. Unfortunately, petrol stations and many supermarkets still don't have healthy snacks to just grab (most I've found recently are labelled as healthy but they're full of added sugars), so I make sure I have a healthy bar or bite in my bag everywhere I go, so when hunger strikes, I stay away from the sausage rolls and pizza slices. 

- Watch Out For Sugar - A very simple way to keep your diet on point is to simply look at the sugar on the ingredients. If there's a lot of added sugar, it isn't good for you. I'm always shocked at how much added sugar is in certain smoothies, cereal bars and more so just be careful. If you watch your sugars, you can actually enjoy sugary food on your 'cheat days'.  Don't beat yourself up though, it's totally okay to eat well 80% of the time and have some pizza the other 20%. It's all about balance and moderation. 

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MIXING UP YOUR WORKOUTS - I'm sure most of you know from seeing my Snapchat and Instagrams that I finally joined Barrecore recently. I started with a 30 day membership which has sadly run out now, but I will definitely be back. When I lived in Canada, I did Barrecore on a daily basis, 4x a week absolute minimum and I was definitely at my fittest. Barrecore is intense, isometric movements that make you shake. The shaking feels horrible but it helps to tone the body in places you didn't even know existed. We're talking juicy bums, gorgeous abs and toned, long legs. I love it because you don't feel as sweaty afterwards as I would with a spin class, it means I can get on with your day. They just opened one in Victoria Quarter, Leeds above Sweaty Betty and you can use your pass all around London too. It's definitely worth persevering with it, you see results after 4 sessions and I felt so toned when I was going. I recently discovered Perspirex Original which is perfect for intensive exercise days. It's clinically proven to control excessive sweat and odour for up to 5 days and honestly, it actually works. The strange thing is, but once you get used to it, it's fine, you have to apply it at night before going to bed (a small amount, 2 strokes up and 2 strokes down) and never on damaged or irritated skin, it must be on completely dry and unbroken skin. You then have your beauty sleep, wash it off in the morning with soap and water, you don't even need to re-aply it as it lasts after a shower. I know, it's a weird thing to get used to but I promise you're protected.  There's no skin irritation too and I feel confident running straight from Barrecore to my meetings when I'm in a rush. Obviously you can also apply a regular scented deodorant and perfume over if you fancy as it doesn't affect the efficiency of Perspirex! It's £8.49 at Boots if you fancy trying it!

Leggings, online here. 

MY NEW GYM ROUTINE - I get bored really easily when it comes to the gym so actually, this injury has probably come at a good time, it's forced me to try different exercises. As most of you know, I go to David Lloyd gym, it's the best gym I've ever come across because it's more of a gorgeous country club, rather than a dark, gym. It's beautiful in every way and the equipment is the best around. I love it because on days when I'm injured like this month, I've been able to swim. The pool is absolutely amazing and it's forced me to try a different kind of HIIT out, swimming HIIT! I forgot how tiring swimming is and always feel great afterwards. I've been trying to do Barre 3x a week when I have meetings in the city and then I'll do my HIIT or swimming at David Lloyd on their curved treadmills. The antiperspirant works incredible well with HIIT too, meaning I can go for longer as I don't feel as sweaty. When I do HIIT with a long top on, I'm really not as effective. 

FIND YOUR WORKOUT PARTNER - I mean this in two ways, firstly, it's so important to find someone who will work out and eat well with you, it's so much easier when your loved ones, friends or partner is doing the same because then you can spur each other on to work out and eat well. If you don't have that, fear not, there are loads of people online doing the exact same as you, so Instagram actually acts as a really good motivational tool for me to get me off my butt. You really do have to have a strong mind to get up off your bum in Winter and work out, but you never regret a work out, the hardest part is getting there and doing it in the first place. But also, find the tools that are going to help you work out, whether that's new trainers, new gym kit or, like I mentioned earlier, my trusty Perspirex Original, I feel a lot more confident when I have it on. I've made the accidental mistake before of going to the gym without antiperspirant on and I had to leave, straight away. When I'm armed with a good work out buddy, a good gym kit and a trusty, strong antiperspirant, there's no stopping me. 

NEOM - Lastly, I wanted to give NEOM some love. Last but certainly not least that is! You may remember them from my Christmas gift guides, as one of my ultimate wellness brands and that's why they aid me in my workouts and journey to wellbeing. Ultimately, I eat well and work out because of the positive benefits it has not just physically on my body, but inside too. I feel happier, I feel more relaxed and I feel more confident. For me, working out and eating well is about what it does to my insides and my mind, the outside is just a reflection of my inner happiness and confidence from working out. Neom's gorgeous workout set in collaboration with Sweaty Betty is the ultimate workout partner. It includes a natural energy boost hand balm - perfect to give you the little kick you need to get out of the house on these chilly nights. Next? Their post-work out calm, perfect to ensure you wind down this Winter after working out! Finally? Their perfect sleep spray.  To ensure you get enough sleep, which is such a big factor of wellbeing. Sleep is so important!  I absolutely love their sleep spray so this is a perfect product for me. I absolutely adore Neom and SweatyBetty so this is the ultimate kit for anyone working out this Winter! 

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*Big thanks to Sweaty Betty and Neom for letting me use their kit. I worked with Perspirex on this post but as always it's 100% my honest opinion. 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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