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Friday, 16 December 2016

Best Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

top last minute christmas gifts
Christmas is getting really close now and I recently ran a poll to see how many people have finished their Christmas shopping, actually, there are still many people who haven't even started. Today, I wanted to give you a last minute Christmas gift guide (and probably my last Christmas gift guide this year too haha, scroll past them if you're sick of them!). This is a guide for those of us have run out of time, or like to leave Christmas shopping until last minute. Everything on here is from sites that will get the products to you before Christmas too, so do not fear. Em, the Christmas fairy is here! I'm also giving you some top tips to make any present look epic, as recently I was taught how to gift wrap with Victoria Gate shopping centre in Leeds. Let's do this!

Adore jewellery - Jewellery makes a beautiful present, no matter how last minute, it's still precious and beautiful. I love ADORE, a new brand I've discovered from the Swarovski group. It offers curated, contemporary fashion jewellery for modern women. It's chic but also sophisticated. It's reasonably priced for such luxe materials.You can see some of my products below but I was so impressed when I saw them. They're truly stunning pieces. These would make beautiful Christmas presents because they're so precious. I think jewellery is great because it's a real keepsake. Shop their pieces online here and my pieces here -> Soft square necklace / beaded cord bracelet / skinny stone bangle / stone ring (my personal favourite) / gold cross ring / star beaded necklace 

Pure Zen Yoga - As January approaches, more and more of us will be continuing to exercise. Pure Zen have the quickest delivery (and it's free with Amazon Prime). You may remember these from my trip to Sri Lanka and the Maldives but their yoga towels are the best I've come across. They're microfibre meaning they dry really quickly and are easy to wash. I use mine as a towel over my yoga matt when doing hot yoga but I've also used it as a beach towel. I just couldn't turn down these beautiful patterns. Shop them online here. 

jo malone orange bitters

charlotte tilbury magic cream
Armani the holiday palette

BEAUTY - Obviously very close to my heart, beauty. You can easily pick up a last minute beauty gift. Places like Selfridges , Harvey Nichols and John Lewis (the new one in Victoria Gate, Leeds is incredible) make this easy or obviously you can run into a shop. My top picks? Anything from the Jo Malone Christmas range, the products are fantastic and possibly their best yet. You cannot go wrong with Jo. Obviously Neom, their store in Victoria Gate is also exceptional. Anything from Armani, their new palettes have blown me away (look at their Holiday palette above!!!) and I cannot get enough of their Si perfume. Traditional favourite perfumes like Flowerbomb, an absolute hero in my household at Christmas. Their Christmas editions are always so special and I've never come across anyone who doesn't love Flowerbomb. YSL because come on, who doesn't want a beautiful YSL palette or lipstick under the tree? To you, it may seem like a lipstick but to a beauty lover, a YSL lipstick under the tree, no matter how small, is very thoughtful. You can't beat Charlotte Tilbury either, the queen of Christmas gifts. From small trinkets to large hampers bursting full of her top products. There's a reason why pretty much everyone from celebrities to models rave about her products. If you're not sure what to go for, always go Tilbury! 

ASOS - ASOS is just a hero site when it comes to last minute Christmas gifts, with their free next day delivery options (if you've got Premier delivery). You have no excuse not to get someone a great present when ASOS exists. Whether it's a shopping voucher , a pair of trainers, cosy pyjamas, these hilariously cute slippers or even a last minute beauty gift set (they sell Benefit gift sets, ThisWorks and more!) Their gift section is pretty extensive, check it out here and shop my favourites below and don't forget, they have something for every price range too. 

Books - You can make a book really thoughtful and personal to someone, whether it's an NYC guide because you know they love to travel or a cookbook because you know they like cooking. I'd highly recommend Eat Beautiful, Pretty Honest, The Book Of Happiness, The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A Fuck. Shop a great range of funny books online here. 

Comical Gifts - You can't go wrong with comical gifts, such as an inflatable pizza slice, the 'dick mug', red shot glasses, beer free hands kit. 

Food - You can't go wrong with a make your own hamper. I always think hampers make amazing gifts; grab a box, stuff it with straw or tissue paper and them head to your local supermarket. Go to the organic section, the healthy section or the naughty treat section (it depends what kind of hamper you're making, you could mimic a dessert hamper, a wine and cheese hamper or a heathly hamper - get creative!) This is a fool-proof present!

Alcohol - Alcohol gets a bad rep as a last minute present, but if someone bought me Moet, I'd be the happiest person ever. As long as you buy a nice (it doesn't have to be expensive) bottle of something, and wrap it well, it looks more thoughtful. The Wrapper Snapper grabbed us a bottle of Moet each from Victoria Gate in Leeds to show us just how easy it is, with good wrapping, to make a last minute bottle of something look really expensive and special. See?! 

Flowers - A great last minute gift, I always recommend buying flowers from the supermarket. For around £20.00 you can get the biggest, most beautiful bouquet. Nothing is better than receiving flowers and it's a really easy, last minute gift to grab.  

maggs london rose gold print

Personalised Gifts - Personalised gifts are great and you can make them online or at home. Whether it's a home-baked cake, homemade chocolate truffles in a beautiful jar, things like these what I love about you vouchers, home-made jams, or a beautiful Moonpig card covered with personal photos. I'm a sucker for a personalised gift. I absolutely love photobooks and personalised cards. I don't think you can go wrong with a magazine subscription or a Birchbox subscription too. I always recommend a Birchbox subscription as a last minute Christmas gift. Every month, the receiver gets a box brimming full of beauty treats, this means it's a gift that keeps on giving every month!  I also love Hannah Maggs beautiful prints from MaggsLondon, a truly special Christmas gift. The gold embossing is truly incredible an affordable but really special present. You can see it on the image above. It would look perfect framed or just by itself. 

desiano prints

PRINTS - I recently got some incredible prints from Desenio. They do the most amazing posters online. I don't think you can go wrong with a really special art print and these art prints are amazing. You can go for something special image wise, something arty or get a funny phrase. For me, I chose my friends inspirational quotes. The website is the most affordable I've found for prints and you can get the most insane frames too. I'm so obsessed and have filled bags up for my friends with these this year.  EMSHELX25 gets you 25% discount between 13-15th December too! 

Top Christmas wrapping tips! 

As mentioned, I was lucky enough to take the gifts I'd bought from Victoria Gate in Leeds recently to the Wrapper Snapper to learn the art of gift wrapping. One thing it really taught me? It doesn't actually have to be an expensive gift to make someones day. With some special gift wrapping, you can make anything look thoughtful and special. It truly is the thought that counts. I know I'll be recreating the parcels above, but you can buy the accessories for the presents from places such as Wilkinson's and The Range and the presents look so perfect! Don't forget to pop into your local centre, such as the incredible Victoria Gate in Leeds this Christmas, of course I picked up all the Neom and Tommy Hilfiger. 

Have you finished Christmas shopping? Do you like the sound of any of these?

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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