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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Top Handbag Essentials And Gucci Swing Bag Review

So today I wanted to give you a little update on my top handbag essentials. I am often called Mary Poppins because I cram so much stuff into my handbag (all necessary of course) so today, I wanted to show you what's made it into my daily handbag at the moment.  I'm also writing this post because a few people have asked for a review of the Gucci Swing Bag. I bought the Gucci Swing about two weeks ago and I'm head over heels in love. I feel so sad to have replaced my Burberry but this is now my kind of 'every day handbag'. I change what's in my bag every week really but I wanted to show you my handbag essentials at the moment. Let's go!
Giorgio Armani's Si Eau Du Parfum
Perfume - Giorgio Armani Si - I always have a fragrance in my bag, I feel so much more confident when I've spritzed it on me throughout the day. Sadly, my mini-handbag sized Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamom has finished (boo!!!) so instead, Si has taken it's place. Giorgio Armani's Si Eau Du Parfum is the perfect fragrance for darker nights and colder days. Si is sultry, sexy and so beautiful. It's soft but still sensual. It's such a beautifully grown-up scent and it lasts really well too. It's an absolute pleasure to wear, I love the fruitiness mixed with musky tones. I wish you could smell through blogs. You guys have to go and smell this. You can get it online here. 

 Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick - Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy I feel lost without a lip colour or lipgloss in my make up bag. Sadly, throughout the day, lipstick is always the thing that seems to glide off my face so I always make sure I have a back up. I'm actually ridiculously impressed with Giorgio Armani's Rouge Ecstasy, particularly for Winter. It has great staying power and the colour is just perfect. I think Giorgio Armani is a seriously underrated make up brand. Online here . 

deliciously ella energy ballSnacks - Deliciously Ella Energy BallsIf you've read any of my blog posts about my favourite easy healthy snacks you'll know that one of my biggest tips to keep fit and healthy when you're busy and always on the move is to always carry a healthy bar. Every day I always have either a Nakd bar in my bag or the new Deliciously Ella Energy Balls (I'm going to write the recipe for these up soon!) but they taste absolutely delicious and I don't mind paying the extra bit of money for them because they are 100% natural. You know you're filling up on something healthy. The other day I picked up a cereal bar in the supermarket and was shocked at how much refined sugar was in it so I now only eat fully natural bars as snacks. 

neal's yard peppermint and lime deodorantDeodorant - Neal's Yard Peppermint And Lime Deodorant I always have either a spray deodorant in my bag or a roll on just incase. This is usually because I'm so busy rushing around and I get worried that I'll start to smell throughout the day. More recently, this amazing natural deodorant from Neal's Yard has found it's way into my life and I need endless supplies. It's a paraben free, natural and aluminium free deodorant and £1.00 from every sale goes towards Breast Cancer Haven too. 

Kiehls cactus flower and tibetan ginseng hydrating mistFacial Hydrator - Kiehl's Cactus Flower and Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist - If you guys have read any of my blog posts about the top Kiehl's skincare products you'll know that they are one of my absolute favourite and most trusted brands when it comes to skincare and particularly natural skincare. This has featured on my social channels and blog more than enough times and it's still firmly in my handbag. I spritz it over my face daily to keep myself hydrated and glowing throughout the day. You can get it online here.

EOS lip balmLip balm - EOS Balm - I'm obsessed with lip balms and in the bag at the moment? This baby by EOS. EOS lip balms are so easy to just throw in your bag and they keep the lips hydrated, particularly through these chilly months. They sell so many of them here on ASOS. 

marc jacobs blusher

marc jacobs air blusherCompact Case - I always have a compact case in my bag, it doubles up as a mirror. This time round, I've been using Marc Jacobs Air blusher. Not only is the mirror great, but the product is great too. A gorgeous little versatile product. This doubles up as two colours and can be customised depending on what look you're going for. It gives a beautifully natural glow. It is so soft and a genuine pleasure to apply. Online here. 

handbag essentials flatlayThe essentials in my handbag include my car keys (I drive a MINI), my Aspinal purse (I need a new one now as it's sadly gotten battered over the past year!) and lastly, obviously, my phone. They do gorgeous marble phone cases online here and here. 

Hair Brush - Last but certainly not least, a hair brush comes everywhere with me. I love the Denman Tangle Tamer, it works really well with thick, frizzy hair. You guys know just how obsessed I am with my hair care, particularly after hair extensions ruined my hair so I'm always on the hunt for the best hair products for looking after the hair! 

Last, onto the bag this is all stored in. My new, Gucci swing bag. The only problem now? I'm pretty much desperate for the matching swing purse.  You can still grab the bag online on the Gucci site here. I don't mind that it isn't the newest Gucci to come out because handbags change every month anyway and as far as I'm concerned, a good bag is for life.

gucci swing bag

gucci swing

gucci swing bag in black

gucci bag review

real gucci bag
The only thing I don't like about it is how thin the straps are. I spoke to the sales assistant though and she assured me that it would still be fine. So far so good, I've crammed it full of things (including my laptop, ridiculously heavy camera and more) and it seems fine. The leather is grained so it should last a lot better too. I love the understated logo, it's simple but it's still luxurious. For me, it's the perfect size, it's like a large shopper so I can comfortably fit my laptop in it width ways which makes me feel safe that it's protected. It sadly doesn't have a zip so I guess anyone could put their hands in and grab my stuff out which is why I always carry it to the front of me. It can get very heavy so when it is on my shoulder, I make sure there are no valuables in it.

styling a gucci bag

You can see me styling it up properly on my new Autumn wardrobe essentials post too. I absolutely adore designer things but I am all about styling them in the right way, for example, I tend to go for expensive shoes, jackets and bags and then the rest of my my look could be high-street, I think it's a great way to have a happy medium.

Boots online here and similar here / top /

So there we have it, a quick little look at my new Gucci bag and some of my handbag essentials.

Let me know in the comments what's always in your handbag? What are your handbag essentials? Do you have ant designer bags?

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Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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