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Wednesday 23 August 2023


Ad affiliate throughout - Shop my Reformation Tagliatelle Linen Dress here

Hello guys, hope you're all doing well! 

As you all know I love Reformation dresses and I have just seen that they have launched their summer sale. Honestly what could be better than a Reformation sale?! I have to say, I did sleep on the Reformation sale and spotted that most of the things I wanted sold out over night so please, if you do want something, grab it now. 
I wanted to put together a small post for you, showing you all the best things to buy in the Reformation sale and also, if you wondered whether or not Reformation dresses are worth it, plus of course, we will talk about Reformation sizing and fit of Reformation dresses. 
If you want to see my selection of the best pieces in the Reformation sale then please keep reading. 

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Shop the Reformation Genesis Silk Dress on sale here

How gorgeous is this?! Slinky and beautiful I love the silk that Reformation use. It's such high quality and always fits my body so well. The Bardot neckline of this dress is so gorgeous and I absolutely love the print! 


Shop the Reformation Evianna Linen Dress on sale here

If you follow me over on Instagram (@emshelx) then you'll know that this is one of my favourite prints that Reformation do. Such a classic blue, you can't go wrong! I particularly love the sleeves of this dress, just so so pretty! 

Shop the Reformation Davila Linen Dress on sale here

Great news! They also do it in a midi style. I don't know which one I prefer? The shorter one is so cute for a little day dress but the midi is just perfect to style up and make it a bit more smarter.


Shop the Reformation Nadira dress on sale here

Another classic blue Reformation print - this dress is just perfect for a day at the races! Can you imagine wearing this with a gorgeous hat and some super comfy wedges? Perfect! 


Shop the Reformation Twilight Dress on sale here

Any soon to be brides out there?! This is the one for you. Whether it's for a Rehearsal Dinner or as a second Wedding Dress then this is such an amazing option and what's better - it's on sale!! Even if you're not a bride to be you can truly never go wrong with a white dress and this is as classic as it gets. 

Shop the Reformation Casette Silk Dress here

Another beautiful number that could be perfect for a bridal dress! There's something so elegant about a silky dress and this is the most stunning ivory colour. I could easily see myself wearing this to my rehearsal dinner, it's just so so stunning. 


Shop the Reformation Poppies Dress on sale here

I have this dress - although I have it in the colour Fabrizia (shop here). I have to say it's one of my favourites and I get so so many compliments when I wear it! I went to Ibiza earlier in the year and wore it then and it just felt like the most perfect holiday dress, I couldn't have wanted anything better. 

Shop my Reformation Tagliatelle Linen Dress here

There we have it! I hope that you guys loved everything I picked out. 
One of the questions I get asked the most is whether Reformation dresses are worth the money? I have done a previous blog post on this - Is Reformation Worth It? - but again I have to say yes, absolutely! Not only is the quality absolutely amazing but they are really hot on their carbon footprint. Their sustainability ethos is one of the best I've heard. I have been wearing their dresses religiously all Summer. 

What is the sizing like in Reformation dresses? 

If you are wondering what size to buy in a Reformation dress or wondering what the sizing of Reformation dresses, I'd suggest reading my Reformation Dress Review but I order a UK size 6 in Reformation dresses. I am between a size UK 6 and 8, I have a wide back but Reformation dresses are great as they have a stretchy back, making them perfect for my wider back problems as I usually have to size up to a UK 8 in dresses for my broad shoulders / back. 

I really can't recommend Reformation enough so if you were ever thinking of ordering from there, take my word for it and do it and now is the time. Why not treat yourself with some of my top Reformation sale best picks? If you were wondering what to buy in the Reformation sale, this is it. 
Until next time everyone! 

Lots of love, Em x

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