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Wednesday 21 June 2023


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Hello all! How are we doing? Today I have a great one for you, it's time for a Reformation dress review post. I'm sure you've been tempted by Reformation dresses as much as I have and I have done my due diligence and ordered many dresses to try so I can review them and let you all know whether Reformation dresses are worth it (spoiler... they are!) If you're wondering why Reformation dresses are so popular, well they have a cult celebrity following too and just hug the body perfectly but we'll get into that shortly. 

If you're asking yourself, should I buy a Reformation dress then this Reformation dress review blog post for you. I go all into Reformation dress sizing, Reformation quality and Reformation longevity. I also touch on Reformation's sustainability ethos and how important it is to keep that in mind while you are shopping. All you need to do is just keep reading and have your questions answered! 

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Reformation Quality

Since getting older I have started to notice the quality of all my clothing a lot more than when I was younger and honestly it makes the biggest difference as to whether I'm going to purchase something or not. I know which materials work best with my body, which materials are going to last me the longest and which materials feel the best on my skin. So I'm really picky when it comes to clothing nowadays. 
With Reformation, I find their quality to be very very good. All their linen is thick, but breathable. Their viscose falls beautifully on the body and their silk is heavenly and drapes wonderfully. 

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Do Reformation Dresses Go On Sale? 
I have seen some items on sale but a lot of Reformation dresses are made in limited quantities, so when they're gone, they're gone. I did spot a limited Black Friday Reformation sale last year here

Reformation Longevity

Because of the high quality materials being used, your Reformation items are going to last you a long time. But I think it goes without saying that you need to take care of them correctly. A lot of the dresses are dry clean only, so make sure you have a trusted dry cleaners to take care of your items. I have also hand washed one of mine and it worked a dream, but I made sure the water was cold and no fabric softener. Just good old detergent! I did have to Google how to wash a Reformation dress as it had fake tan on it and needed a good clean, I found washing a Reformation dress on a cold wash, on a low temperature {almost like a silk mode} did also work when washing my dress. 
Aside from that, then they should be lasting you a really long time and therefore, cost per wear should be good with these dresses because they should be in your wardrobe forever and because Reformation are dedicated to helping the environment, they've made sure that their garments longevity is a deciding factor when buying. No fast fashion here! 

Reformation Sizing

What I love about Reformation is they cater to everybody. Literally everyBODY because we are all different! They have their standard range, a petite range and also an extended sizes range. Their smallest size starts at a 4 (in the petite range) and their largest size is a 28 (in their extended range). 
I normally take a size UK 6 in their standard range, I am usually a size 6-8 as I have a wide back so often have to size up in dresses but the best thing about Reformation? They have stretchy backs so my advice would be to size down in them if you are between sizes as they can come up quite large... this also is depending on the fabric. A lot of their garments aren't stretchy so if you're in between sizes - size down as there's not going to be a lot of stretch. 

Length wise, I have a petite friend who still finds the dresses to be a little bit long in the petite range unless she is wearing heels. They state that they're for those 5'3 and under but just make sure you try beforehand. I am size 5ft2/3 and I actually just wear their regular size dresses.

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Reformation & Sustainability

One of the reasons why I love Reformation so much is that their sustainability ethos is something they're incredibly passionate about and truthfully at the core of the brand itself. I know I first heard about Reformation because people were discussing that they were leading the charge in terms of sustainability in fashion. 

As a company Reformation are 100% Carbon Neutral which truthfully all clothing companies should be striving for and achieving these days. They use their own version of a scale - the RefScale which tracks how much wastage they are producing by creating a piece of clothing. If you're interested they list this information on every single product page on their website so the buyer is able to know exactly what has been produced when making that piece of clothing. 

They also said out their 'Sustainability Report' which they label to be basically the same as a quarterly earnings report but replacing profits with sustainability. 
This is a brand that's really trying their best when it comes to being better for the planet and I admire that they put as much effort into that as they do within their whole business. If a brand is aware of their impact to our planet and making a conscious effort to minimise this, then I'm always going to be supportive of them. 

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There we have it! My thorough guide to Reformation and whether it's worth it. I hope that I have touched on all subjects - these are the ones that I'm asked the most over on my Instagram (@emshelx) but equally if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to drop me a message on there. I'm always happy to respond! 

Watch my YouTube try on haul of Reformation dresses below:

Equally I also have TikTok where we all have lots of fun - @emshelx, so if you want a good laugh then make sure to check me out on there, where you can see my silly side! 

As always, thank you for reading and I'll see you on the next post. 

Lots of love, Em x
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