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Thursday 6 July 2023


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Hello everyone! Long time no speak, speaking of Summer... I wanted to do a post on the best sandals to buy in Summer 2023. Over on my Instagram (@emshelx) I've been inundated with requests to do a best summer sandals blog post. You all seem to love my Hermes dupe pair from H&M so I've compiled a list together with all of the top sandals that I have spotted recently! From high to high street I have you all covered. If you're wondering what sandals to buy this summer then keep on reading. 

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High Street 

My favourite type of sandal and what seems to be everyones type of sandals these day is the easygoing neutral slide. Since Hermes bought out their Oran sandal this type of shoe has skyrocketed in popularity spawning hundreds of dupes and you best believe I have found a big selection of them for you to try. 
The easiest shoe to wear, to style and to pack (they're slim so can slide them in anyway!) these are the ultimate summer sandal for 2023. 

They're a classic for a reason... Shop the Birkenstock Arizona's here

If you're anything like me and obsessed with The Row then shop this amazing Mango dupes here

Shop these gorgeous & Other Stores sandals here

Buy my H&M white sandals here
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This Summer I have been wearing this white pair from H&M almost everyday. They're so comfy and go with so many of my outfits. They're also an incredible price at only £12.99! I highly recommend picking up a pair of these - they are by far my most worn shoe of the year. 

Buy my Accessorise brown sandals here and Dune here
Buy similar here or here or here 

Last Summer, it was these brown sandals from Dune. Again, I wore them all Summer to the point where I need to take them to be resoled because I've worn it down so much. But when I say I wore them everyday - I really did! They went on all of my holidays with me, they were the shoes I threw on the go to the shops. And now they're on sale! So it would be a shame not to get them wouldn't it... You can get an identical version from Accessorize this year.

High End 

Ok, I don't think we can mention High end sandals without talking about the Hermes Orans. Yes, they're gorgeous and yes I've heard they are incredibly comfy but whew they are expensive! Hence why I've been stocking up on dupes for the last three years. 
However if you are lusting after a pair of Orans then I have done my duty and found some on the resell market for you for a little bit of a discounted price. 

Shop the Hermes Oran Sandals via Vestiare in size 39 here
Shop the Hermes Oran Sandals via Vestiaire in size 41 here

If you don't want to be spending over £600 on a pair of sandals but would still like a high end piece in your wardrobe then I've listed below all my favourite alternatives! 

Shop the Gucci 'GG' Cutout Monogram sandals here

Shop the Valentino 'Vlogo' sandals in white here

Shop the Dragon Diffusion Big Ring sandals here

Absolutely love these... Shop the Staud Raffia Sandals here

Shop the Tory Burch Double T Sport Leather Sandals here

Statement Sandals

I love a statement sandal! I feel they're as much as an essential as a neutral shade are. For me, I'm always drawn to metallics. Whether it's a gold or a silver they instantly elevate an outfit but are still easygoing enough to just slip on. 
I found some lovely statement sandals all listed below - a mixture of high end or high street but all equally gorgeous and a little bit of fun! 

Shop the H&M Gold Sandals here

Shop the Saint Laurent Tribute Sandals in Silver here

Shop the Dune Metallic Sandals here & the Accessorize dupe here

Shop the Port and Paire Metallic Sandals here

Shop the Gucci Platform 'GG' Logo Sandals here

That's a wrap! 
I hope that my selections above are exactly what you had in mind when you were looking for your Summer sandals. 
There are so many different options out there, but the ones I've chosen I hope are the most timeless and the most suitable for summer 2023! 
Don't forget to come and say hi over my instagram - @emshelx. I always love hearing from everyone! 
I also am an avid TikTok poster so if you want to see more of my funny side then make sure to follow me on there also - @emshelx
Hopefully I see you next week with the next blog post! 

Lots of love, Em x
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