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Wednesday 16 August 2023


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Ugg boots are back and they're actually in stock! It's that time of year where I start to slowly look into my Autumn / Winter wardrobe and what better staple piece to do a review on... than Ugg boots. Call them what you wish, Uggs, Ugg boots - they're back for AW.
Yes, I am an Ugg lover. I have 3 pairs of Ugg boots and I have no shame. 
But the question is - Are Ugg boots worth it? Are Ugg boots still cool in 2023? Will people still be wearing Uggs in 2023? and mainly, where has in stock Ugg boots! 

My answer is yes, most definitely! So with that in mind I have done a full review/Q&A on all things Uggs so you can understand what to expect and decide whether you want to purchase a pair or not (spoiler: you will!)

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Which are the best Ugg Boots to buy? 

In terms of popularity there are three types of Uggs that people are reaching for currently. These are the Ugg Ultra Mini's, The Mini || Boot and the Tasman Slippers. It really depends on how you're going to wear them to know which one is the best for you! 
For me, I Uggs in a practical sense rather than a fashion one and for that I  personally love the Ugg Mini || Boot. They're brilliant for dog walking in the Winter and help keep your ankles so warm! 
If you're looking for more of a fashion perspective then the Ugg Ultra Mini's or the Tasman Slippers are what all the fashion girlies are wearing. In terms of warmth, they're not the best but they do look really cool! 

Watch my Ugg boot styling and review video below:

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Where can I buy Uggs? 

The best advice I can give you is buy your Ugg boots right now! When it comes to the colder months they sell out so quickly and it's almost impossible to get your hands on them. Whether it's the ultra mini Uggs, the Classic Mini's or the Tasman Slippers (these are the three most popular) the places I have listed below have Uggs in stock. Last year by September Ugg boots were pretty much sold out all year.

Ugg Ultra Minis
Matches Fashion - here
Ugg Store - here
Harvey Nichols - here
Urban Outfitters - here
Schuh - here
Office - here

Ugg Classic Mini || Boot
Ugg Store - here
John Lewis - here
Matches Fashion - here
Schuh - here
Urban Outfitters - here

Ugg Tasman Slippers
Matches Fashion - here
John Lewis - here
Urban Outfitters - here
Ugg Store - here
Schuh - here
Office - here

Ugg Boots sizing - do I need to size up or down in Ugg Boots?

It would make sense in thinking that you may need to size up in Ugg Boots, judging by the sheer amount of wool they have on the inside but I'm here to tell you that is not the case! I take my normal size (a 5) and they fit perfectly fine. 
Remember, Uggs aren't meant to be worn with socks. Due to the nature of the wool on the inside, the fibres play an important role in stabilising your body temperature. Therefore don't worry about getting sweaty feet! They should always feel exactly as normal. 

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Can I wear Ugg Boots in the rain? / how do I protect my Ugg boots from the rain?

This is the main question I've been asked over on Instagram whenever I post about my Uggs... Do I wear them in the rain? The answer is I try not too, but sometimes I do get caught. Especially as during the Winter in the U.K. it rains. A lot. 
You're really not supposed to wear Uggs in the rain. The water can stain the outside, making the colour appear darker. It also doesn't feel the comfiest. They're not waterproof so therefore when they get wet... They get soggy. Not the best feeling for your tootsies! I've also noticed that they do tend to stretch slightly after they have gotten wet. It hasn't made a huge difference to how I wear them, but they do feel a slight bit bigger. 
If you are concerned about your Uggs getting wet then I do recommend getting a protectant spray. Ugg do offer their own care kit, which includes a protectant spray, a cleaner and conditioner and a shoe renew alongside a brush. 
If you are wondering how to protect Ugg boots, I use at home the LiquiProof spray which you can pick up on Amazon! I've started spraying my Uggs with this every time I leave the house just for that extra added protection. 

How to style Ugg Boots? 

Ok, I have to admit I am not one of those fashion girlies who can make Uggs look effortlessly cool. That's just not me! I wear Uggs for comfort and comfort only. 
Therefore I normally only wear my Uggs with leggings - those obviously being my holy grail Lululemon align leggings and a hoodie, whether that's Adanola or Anine Bing. 

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That's a wrap! I hope that I managed to answer all of your questions when it comes to Ugg Boots. 
For me, they are one of the best shoes I own and I can guarantee that you won't regret getting yourself a pair. Even if it's just for the comfort option I don't own anything as comfy as them! 
Please don't forget to come and say hey to me over on Instagram - @emshelx or on TikTok @emshelx. 
Until next time...

Lots of love, Em x

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